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4*. BREAD is the Basis of the Family Diet «* ? 

See that it is "BERMALIN E," 








____., — Easily Digested** » 

read $ 

Established 1880. 

Price Two Shilling's. 

T» Non-Subscribers, 3s. 


CIk Countp and Us Burghs. 

JL » 3 & - 1»33. 




71 Montague Street, Rothesay. 


Everything that is Best in Footwear. 

Land and Country Hoots a Speciality. 

Repairs o.i the Premises. 
Call and See Us. 

•?# ^|.|.|.|.|.|.44|.44|.44f'444'44^444^444l' < l- i t4 k 


GLENBURN Hotel Hydro 

Fully Licensed. 


Fitted up '* 

with all the latest;; 


Best Centre for 

Sttamer Excuisions 

on the C lyde. 

Climate Mild and Equable. Sheltered from East Winds. 
Exceptionally Fine Bedrooms. Electric Light, Elevator, etc. 
Sea Water, Turkish, Russian and other Baths. 
18- Hole Golf Course. | Telephone Nob. 314, S15. 

Prospectuses on application to the Manageress. 

DUNBLtNK Hotel-Hydro 

Fully Licensed 


Situated in ope of 
the Heathiest Marts of 


600 Fe t 
above Sea Level. 

Pure Air. 

(j ravel Soil 

Seasonal Orchestra. 
Local 18- II ole 

Oulf Course 
Electric I ight, e>c. 

Lawn Tennis 
and Croquet. 

BATHS — Natiheiru, Russian Turkish, etc. Massage Titatment. 
Mutor Garage CO Cars. 22 Lock-Ups. 
L/^gS^rest Hotel- Hydro tj Gleneaghs Golf Course. 
Telephone 161 (two lines). 
Prospectuses on application to Manageress. 
i i \ -^ "" c 




The Glasgow Warehouse, 

& The Royal Corner - 

Drapery Warehouse, 



Reliable Goods at Popular Prices 

from*5s*lld up. We hold a Magnificent Stock of Ladies' 
Neck Wear, Gloves, Corsets, Underclothing, Furs, Skirts, Bags 
Umbrellas, Ladies' Showerproof C< a f s, 7'6, 10''6, 1211, 18/11, great,' 
value. Ladies' Coals and Coat Frocks all up-to-Date and the pick 
of value. 

Real Shetland Hand-Knitt Fair Jsle Junipers, Cardigans and 

Shawls at Keen Prices- 
Gent's Ready-to- Wear Tweed Su ; ts at 27s 6d, 37s 61, 39s 6d' 

and 45s. Men's Tweed Troupers, all sizes, 4s lid. 6s lid, 7s lid, 

8s lld„ 10s 6d, 12s 6d. Our Famous GENT'S TWEED SUITS to 

Measure at £2 19s 6d to £5 5s, are unbeatable. 

The Crlas-ow "Warehouse is the House for Millinery: 

don't forget to see our Selection and the Value we offer. 

The Leading House for Boys' and Men's SHOWERPROOF and 

A Great Variety of HATS, CAPS, SCARES, BRACES 

Our NAPERY DEPARTMENT is the Talk of the Town for 
Value in Bankets, Towels, Quilts, Table-Cloths, Sheets, Flannel 
ettes, Floor-Cloths, Hearth-Rugs and Bedding. 

The Famous (Herring Bone) BLEACHED COTTON SHEETS 
Large Size, at 8s 6d a pair. Splendid Bleached Twill Cotton 
Pillow Cases at ll£d each. Bolsters to match, Is 6^d each. 

Your visit will be esteemed at the above Warehouses, where you will find we are 
Giving the Value. 



O-ir hearts to despond ncy we never wi'l •nihniil, 
For we've uye been providet for and mi will *e yet. 
There aie isolated Scots too. whofeel ina«ti-jh' h place as did the pris- 
oners in the Residency before the relief of Lucknow during the Indian 
mutiny :- 

Far awa tae Bonnie Scotland, 

Thin let us humbly, thankfully, 

Has my spirit ta en its flight, 

iltiwn uii iiur Kiirea and pray 

An I saw my mither spiimiu' 

For those who came through bluid an' fire 

In our Highland hanie at night. 

T*i rescue us this day; 

I *■« w the kye abrowsing. 

Tli tt He may o i»r them pnn>ad His Bhi«ld, 

My faither at the plough. 

stretch forth His hand and save 

And the grand old hills aboou them a'. 

Bold Haveluek and his Highlanders, 

Wad I could see them now. 

The bravest i>' the brave. 

C4 Outside St Andrew's Societies, convivial meetings among ^cotsarenot '•: 

rare. At one of these, in the Col mies, a Paisley gentleman happened J ' 

J* to be raised to the chair when one of '■ us" dropped in. The company § 

Q was mixed, but the following story created much amusement. Tn . 

^ appreciate it in the printed page, the reader mu-t imagine himself at a :,_: 

2 harmonious meeting where creature comforts a re unstinted. ■- 

t- A stranger who visited Scotland was struck with the number of poets in M 

O Paisley. He was at a convivial meeting in the old town on one occasion, and ~ " 

^y was burning to express his admiration. He craved permission to propose a ~Z 

toast, which was prompdy ana cheerfully granted. The stranger was polite, "-> 

a observant, sympathetic, learned, eloquent, and he made a brilliant speech, ~ 

r™ which was in unison with the mind ofthe meeting. He was too much of the • — 

5 g ntleman to indulge in fulsome flattery, and every one was convinced that ^_ 

q he was revealing the thoughts of his inmo-t soul when he said that not only 3 

qj had Paisley produced more poets to the square inch than any place fin earth, £„, 

but the very children in their cradles cried in metre The speech was a great 

n_, success, but when the hero of the moment confidently asked the company to rL 

O assume the perpendicular, and join him in drinking, with Highland honou s — 

(the stranger had been observant, and wished to bestow the highest honours .2 

gp he knew of on his toast), to " The Poets of Paisley !" (?) The effect astonished -£ 

ca the enamoured vis'to-. Not a mother's son of themmoved a hair ! Why? " 

£s That's exactly what nonplissed the bewildered stranger. He couldn't under- ID 

stand it. ¥ou might think the auditors did not understand the adventurer's _^ 

jg En hsh . (A laugh.) What a Paisley man can't understand is not worth - 

— troubling about, and the admirable speech just delivered was not only under- H 

,~ stood and thoroughly appreciated, but was indelibly impressed on the mem- .40 

u ories of all who were privileged to hear it. Perhaps the proposer was not /] 

q^ sufficiently appreciative? Not a flaw : no one thought he had s:dd too much, its 

j/2 or come short in any particular. A cynic might insinuate that the company 

had been already drinking not wisely but too well, and however willing they 5 

might be to rise, they couldn't put a foot below them (?) Roars of laughter.) o 
That wasn't the reason, either. It's a libel on the keen-sighted ora'or to' 
hint such a thing : besides, who ever heard of a Paisley mm who was not as. 
nimble on his pins as he is clear in the head. (" Hear, hear," and applause.) 
Cyni-sare hard to convi ice, and lest any one might have a ling -ring sus- 
picion that the whisky was g"od, I can only dienel it by saying that a dance 
was to follow, which was beUer. (Laughter and applause.) The company 





as as highly respectable as the one I am now addressing, and the proposer 
of the appreciated toast was as much mystified, as you are why It was not duly 

honoured. The fact was; he had spoken the truth so eloquently that he had ■ 

convinced evei y one present that he whs a born poet, and each was too modest [5 
to rise and drink to his own health. (Roars of laughter and applause.) 

The writer visited many temples in his peregrinations in foreign lands, g 

and when r jturning thanks for a welcome to a banqueting hall of a i^ 

^ mystic fraternity, expressed his belief that he was the only Scot pres- "*■* 

O ent. The effect was magical. The " mim" meeting was instantly vocal -g 

so with the Doric, and his subsequent introduction to the members of that d 

jS foreign lodge, drew from him the declaration that he feared they would fri 
" prnve themielves more Scotch than he was. In another, and moer 

M foreign society, their music was set to the tunes of " Scots wha hae " ,2' 

~o and "Auld Lang Syne." Further from civilization, we heard coloured « 
jq people singing in their native tongue to the Gaelic tune known among 

< lowlanders as the " Nut-Brown Maid." C 

hJ Kvery one abroad is not prosperous, or a star at a social gathering. ° 

£ Some, in silence and obscurity, can find comfort (as many do at home) in ^ 

2 •■ Poverties Lament," by William Leyton Ridpath : — '-G 

02 " Much better to have me," quoth Povertie, _ 

.. "Than either Sin or Shame." £3 

£p The Scots are welcome colonists because of their intention to make •£ 

Q the new land they strike their home rather than return to the land of "££ 

q their nativity after making their pile ; many return, after long years, for o 

rn a trip, and weary to come back to the land of their adoption ; but very S 

many — the big majority — rear families and form connections which bind *2 

O them to the new land beyond the seas, and while many (perhaps every >P' 

., one) of these may be anxious to visit their native land, they can only do " 

60 so in thought, and sip solace from the song : — ""^ 

p There's a hope for every woe There's a track upon the deep, E 

And a balm for every pain, And a path upon the sea, -^ 

rf But the first joys of our heart But the weary ne'er return "J| 

Never come back again. To their ain countrie. jj 

_S Most of our wandering kith and kin find a last resting-place abroad, S" 

"3 and " The Soldier's Grave," by James Fraser, suits their case : — "£ 

p ( Then farewed, ye valleys and fresh blooming bowers M 

jy2 Of childhood, the once happy dwelling ; j-> 

No more in your haunts shall I chase the gay hours, ?j 

For death at my bosom is kneeling. tCS 

It is not only our soldier lads who. at duty's call, go forth to meet s-i 

death in a foreign land, and have songs sung in memory of their brave j* 
(lends. Voluntary emigrants go, and lay their minds to have to cheat 
Scotland of their banes. They become possessed of estates, to which 
they give Scottish names. A Scot is not afraid to die, at home or abroad 
— not even to write his own requiem. The following is by Robert Louis 
Stevenson, tlvs poet and novelist, who was drawn to Samoa for health's- 


~™ J© Js& 

Is aye Welcome Abroad. 

Samples, interleaved in Pamphlets, or wraped 
in Newspapers, can be sent and delivered to 
any Address within the Postal Union, at a 
Penny per four ounces. 

Remember Friends ayonl the Seas. 

They're faur, faur awa' but their herts are kind and true, 
The auld lioose at hame is ever in their view • 
The Bonnie Scottish heather and the hill taps clad wi' snaw — 
Their hcrts are aye in Scotland tho' they're faur, faur avci. 

Published Annually Price, Two Shillings 

Tostage, 3d. 

(Non-Subscribers, 3/, post. 3d). 

The Bute County 


Fop 1932-3 3. 

U S E ¥ U L 











Applicable only within the United Kingdom, 

€^ K 31 I] R J* JC 



Chief Offices - 

General Buildings, Perth, Scotland. 
General Buildings, Aldwych, London, W.C. 

F. Norie-Miller, J. P., Director and General Manager, 

To whom Notice of Claims under the following conditions must be 

sent within seven days of Accident. 

nnrn TWO HUNDRED and FIFTY POUNDS will be paid 
oOZuU by the above Corporation to the legal per- 
sonal representatives of any person who is killed by an 
accident causing material damage to the passenger 
train or steamer connecting with the Mainland, or 
tramway car or public omnibus (excluding char-a- 
bancs) in Buteshire, in which the deceased, was 
travelling as a ticket bearing or paying passengers 
or who shall have been fatally injured thereby, 
should death result within one calendar month 
after such accident, Provided that the person 
so killed or injured had upon his or her person (or had 
leitat home) this coupon, with his or her usual signa- 
ture, written prior to the aecident, in the space pro- 
vided below, which, together with the giving of notice 
within 7 days to the above Corporation is the essence 
of this conn-act. 

This Insurance only applies to persons over 14 and under 65 years 
of age, is subject to the conditions stated above and contained in the 
General Accident Fire and Life Assurance Corporation Act, 1907, does 
not extend to cover death caused by or resulting from war or invasion, 
and holds good from 1st August, 1932 to 31st July, 1933. 
No person can recover under more than one coupon Ticket in respect of the 
same risk. 

-3 O 

p .M 


This Coupon mint not he cut out, but left intact in the 1932-1933 issue of tho 

BUTE COUNTY DIRECTORY, as that, being dated, forme the only evidence 

of its currency. 





WE have managed to produce another issue of our 
Town and County Directory for Buteshire 

The early numbers contained the Officials and House- 
holders or Buteshire only. The Anniversaries and Traders 
were absorbed from the West Coast Almanac, issued at 
the New Year, and embracing districts outside Buteshire 
— the phenominal success of which in Mid Argyll, led to 
the establishment of the printing office in Lochgilphead. 

Rothesay is the most attractive and best known. We 
would like to see its spirit of enterprise spreading among 
the other districts in the county. They have each and all 
something to be proud of. These cannot be properly 
appreciated until better known. In the present issue we 
continue the four distinct parts : viz.. (1) Anniversaries, 
(2) Officials, (3) Householders and (4) Traders. 

This Directory is not only at hand for reference at all 
times throughout the whole county, but it is also ready for 
reference in the public libraries of Scotland, England, Ire- 
land and Wales, and also in numerous business houses and 
agencies in busy centres ; besides this, we send copies to 
the passenger steamers communicating with the islands of 
Buteshire, and these are hung up in their cabins. 

The Public Libraries as a rule do not subscribe to 
other than the few large National Directories. The more 
numerous and detailed District Directories would cost too 
much. For years we have sent, complimentarily, copies of 
ours — which are much appreciated ; and we are prepared 
to increase this mumber by forwarding other free copies 
to any Libraries to be named by customers giving orders 
to the value of £1. 

As our Advertising friends appreciate the continued 
distribution of their announcements facing the ordinary 
ireading matter, we will, on receipt of orders early, keep 
permanent this decided advantage. 

We again give list of Householders but do not aspire 
to compete with the official Voters' Roll— for which the 
public are assessed, and can be got in 'whole or in parts. 

Our best thanks are again accorded to those who have 
in any way helped us in this compilation. It takes long 
and careful vigilance to ascertain and give effect to the 
continual changes. 

HIGGIE ife CO., Printers and Publishers 
Rothesay, August, 1932. 

P.S. — Will the many persons who consult the Bute County Directory 
in the Libraries, Reading Rooms, Banks, Offices, Shops, etc., through- 
out the County and beyond it, free of charge, please remember that they 
are indebted for this privilege to the patronage of our Subscribers and 
Ad\ ertisers. 

Part I. 


Population - 

Valuation - 
Agricultural Statistics 
Fishery Statistics - 

Part II-Offlcials. 

Parish and Buitriii of Rothesay 
Parish of North Bute - 
Parish of Kingarth 

Parish of Kilbride . 
Parish of Kilmory 

Burgh of Millport. 

Part III— Householders. 

Rothesay .... 
North Bute - 
Kingarth ■ 










Part IV- 


North Bute 







Postal Information - CI, G6, 



Calendar— Anniversaries, etc. 



llFri (2) Steamboat boycott of Millport [three days], 190 6. 

2 Sat (8) Wm C Harvey, Printer-Publisher, Lochgilphead, d 1927 

3 Sun Debut of the Royal Rothesay Silver Band on Esplanade, 1 92 
4Mons([>) Ex-provost Robert Craig Miller, Rothesay, died 1926 
oTue Silver Wedding of Prov. and Mrs McMillan, Rothesay, .1918 
6, Wed King married, 1893. Marquis of Bute married, 1 905 

7 Thur A. ex. R Peacock, plumber, (Major Teiries), Roth, died 1930 

8 Fri Lieut Jas Cunningham, Rothesay, killed at the Front. 1916 

9 Sat T S Lockhart, Coatbridge, apptd Gas Manager, Roth., 1929 

10 Sun !j. M. Mathieson appointed Sheriff Clerk, Buteshire, 1931. 

11 Mons (10-11-12) King George V visited Rothesay, 1920. 
12TuesEx-Prov. M'lntosh apptd. Clerk, Bute Insurance Co., 1923. 

13 Wed (12) David Arnot apptd. County Cleik of Buteshire, 1923 

14 Thur Inauguration of Albert Memorial Fountain, Rothesay, 1864. 

15 Fri iRev John M'Alpine, Roslin (native of Rothesay, died), 1922. 

16 Sat Death of Councillor William Black, Rothesay, 1921 

17 Sun Death of ex-provost James A Walker, at Glasgow, 1931 
18Mon King George V, visited Edinburgh (Butemen honrd.), 1911 
19|Tues (18) Rev. T. Nelson Allen, late of Rothesay, died 1931. 

20 Wed R C Garden Fete, Convent Grounds, Rothesay, 1923. 

21 Thur; Rev John R.Scoular, Cupar-Fife, died 1915. 

22 Fri Rev John Saunders, Kingarth, inducted. 1879. 

23 Sun International Advertising Convention visited the Clyde, 1924 

24 Sat jDr Andrew J. Hall, Rothesay, died, 1916. 

25 Mon 3000 American- Scottish Clansman welcomed Hame, 1928 
26'Tues Pirnmiil Ferryboat foundered : the 30 passengers saved, 1923 

27 Wed (29) Sir James Lamont, Knockdhu, died, J 913. 

28 Thur 29) Freedom of Rothesay to Prof. Sir Wm. Macewen, '22. 

29 Fri 30) Rev J D Ramsay inducted to Rothesay Free Ch., 1918. 
30, Sat Sheriff Anderson. Dumfries, to Renfrew and Bute, li»l7 

31 Sun I8r Interacia Esperanto Kongreso opened, Edinburgo, 1926. 


Glasgow Corporation Public Libraries.* 

Commercial Library Glasgow. 
Many thanks for the latest issue of your very well compiled Directory of Bute 
■County. This, as in previous years, will be very useful here. The Commercial Library 
is proving increasingly useful to the business men of Glasgow, and every Directory we 
liave is used, — W Jko Phillips, Librarian in charge, 



Remember, when enjoying your Holidays, to 


and send it to friends abroad to gladen their hearts, and sell for the benefit 
of benevolent institutions. Quite a deal of srood is thus done. 



Calendar— Anniversaries, ete. 

liMon House of Lords decided in favour of Remainant Frees, 1904 
2|Tues 1250 Scottish-Americans welcomed Hame on holiday 1926 
3jWed Rev J M E Ross.Editor, British Weekly, died in Italy, 1925 
4ThuriEarl of Dumfries born at Mount Stuart, 1907. 

5 Fri Rev Hug!; Davidson inducted into West Church, 1925 

6 Sat Charter granted to Lodge Rothesay St John, No.(29C) 292 
7JSun A. W. Herbert appointed County Clerk, 1909. 

8,Mon 'Scots Coronation Stone taken to England, 1296. 
9 pi" James Burnet Lawson, j p, Rothesay, died, 1930 
lOiWe d Rev Frank Saunders bd, killed in action, 1918. 

11 Thin - John Morrison, Master of Works, Rothesay, died 1926. 

12 Fri John Murdoch, Centenarian, Tighnabruaich, died 1930. 

13 Sat Sir William Maxwell, Ardbeg, knighted, 1919. 

14 Sun Rothesay Electric Tramways Inspected by Bd of Trade, 1902. ^ 
15Mon (14)Sergt, Dune. Ferguson, killed at the Front, 1916. 
16Tues,Lat<; King's first visit to Rothesay, 1847. 

17 Wed. (16) Rothesay Esplanade Russell Band Stand opened, 187;> 

18 Thur Rothesay Town Council purchased fire engine, 1913. 

19 Fri Rothesay Electric Tramways opened for traffic, 1902. 

20 Sat Agricultural Society's Free Gift Sale at Roth. Castle,19l7 

21 Sun James A M'Leish, secy, Bute. Benevolent Society, died 1929 

22 Mod Presbyterianism established in Scotland, 1567. 

23 Tucs Visit of Foreign Esperantists to Rothesay, 1907. 

24 Wed Steamer " Comet " launched at Port-Glasgow, 1812. 

25 Thur (24) George Innes, Pawnbroker, Rothesay, died, 1913, 

26 Fri Sheriff Wilson introduced to Rothesay Sheriff Court, 1912 

27 Sat (28) Opening of Railwaymen's Oonv. Home at Ascog, 1924. 

28 Sun Private Gavin Fleming, H.L. I., killed at the Front, 1916. 

29 Mon [Memorial Stone of Bridgend New U.F. Church laid, 1908 
SOTues Death of Adam D Macbeth, Writer, Rothesay. 1917. 

31 Wed Opening and Dedication of new St Andrew's Ch. Roth.. 1925. 

The new edition of the BUTE COUNTY DIRECTORY, published by Messrs- 
Higgie & Co., Rothesay, maintains the reputation of the publication as a comprehen- 
sive record of activities and information of interest to the county. The Direcctory 
comprises county and burghal information, lists of public officials and society office- 
bearers, agricultural and fishery statistics, and householders and traders. The calen- 
dar, with anniversaries for each date, is in reality a compact history of the county. — 
Record and Mail, Glasgow. 

This useful handbook of useful local information is again issued - - - - 
It is quite indispensible for those carrying on business in or outwith the' county, 
— /Internal). 



Shorthand, Type- Writing*, 

and Esperanto Classes, 

Session, from October till March. ProspecSuses on application. 

Calendar -Anniversaries, ete. 




Thur Princess Louise and Marquis of Lome visited Rothesay, 1 874 

Fri (1) Sanitary Congress at Rothesay, 1922. 

Sat Kreedom of Rotlisy. to A. B. Stewart and Thos. Russell, 1 875 

Sllll Sir Jn Reid gave Erskine House for Soldiers' Hospital, 1 '.' 1 6 

Mon Ex-Bailie Aitchison, Rothesay, died, 1908. 

Tues'Sergt. T. Hamilton killed at the Front, 1916. 

Wed Co-Uperative Society formed in Rothesay 1V»18. 

Thur Rev Chas Malheson, ma. inducted. Chapelhill UF. Ch.,'22 

Fri ex-Bailie Muir won Scottish Bakers' Champion Cup, 1909. 

Sat (9) Chapelhill Free Gaelic Church. Rothesay, opened, 180u. 

Sun Sergt. Donald M*Intyre awarded Military Medal, 1916. 

Rothesay public street lighting by Electricity, 1899. 

James Heaton, Spirit Merchant, Rothesay, died 1924 

Ex-Provost Sharp, j.p,, d.l.. died 1914. 
ThurjWaverley Picture House, Rothesay, opened 1926. 
Fri [Rothesay War Memorial unveiled, 1922. 
Sat jJolm Cruickshanks, Plumber, died, 1907. 
Sun League'of Mercy Fete at Mountstuart. 1926 
Mon Corp. Robert C. Miller, Canada, killed at the Front, 1916. 
Tues James Robertson, Green an Mill, died 1927 
Wed Rev Charles Matheson, called to Aberdeen, 1925. 
Thur Ex-Provost Brown, Rothesay, died, 1878 
Fri Sir John Lindsay, Town Clerk, Glasgow, died 1927 
Sat jWm. Tytler appointed Agent, Royal Bank. Roth, 1906 
Sun Opening of "Lady Margaret " Hospital, Millport. 1900. 
Mor. Rev Dr Alex. Robertson. Nagpur. died at Rothesay, 1920. 
Tues Rev Samuel Crabb, Ardbeg Baptist Church, died 1919. 
Wed Freedom of Rothesay to first Barber, I7C4. 
Thur Use of Iron Harrow Pins enacted in Bute, 1720. 
Fri Prince Leopold visited Rothesay, 1876. 

1(30) Bailie John Slaven, Rothesay, die.l 1924 

As far as we can see, the information about Millport and C umbrae is quite coro 
rect and thoroughly reliable, so we may take it for granted that the rest of the matter 
is the same. The book, which runs into 144 pp., should be extremely useful and con- 
venient for the residents of the county of islands, as well as to visitors, especially thos- 
who have business dealings with the inhabitants. — Largs and Millport News 

This useful publication is again to hand. The publishers have been so enter- 
prising as regards its compilation that the Directory is now an absolute necessity t« 
business people who have dealings with the picturesque County of Bute. It should be 
noted that the Directory also contains a useful almanac. — Ardrossan Herald, 




Established as tlie Rothesay School of Shorthand in 1872. 
Classes re-Open at the Beginning of this Month for Two Quarter's Instruction in 

Shorthand, Typewriting, Esperanto and Buisness Methods. 

Prospectuses on Application. Georgk Higgiic, Principal. 


1 332. 

1 Sat 








































2 2 


2 i 








t t 










Calendar— Anniversaries, etc. 

Ministerial Jubilee of itev J M Dickie, bi>, New Roth., 19;:6 
Sir Thomas Lipton died, 1931. 

(2) Colin Wilson nurseryman, Rothesay, died, 1922. 

(3) Jewish New Year begins. (3) Battle of Largs, 1263. 

(4) Lord Niuian Stuart killed in action in France, 1915. 

(5) Lord Bute intimated gift of Museum-Library, Roth., '25 
Arch Lamont, ,t p. Port Baunatyne, died, 1921. 

John G. Dodds, joiner, Rothesay, died, 1931 
Stipt. Robertson app:d. Of. Constable of Buteshire, 1925 
Freedom of Roth, to G R. Stephenson of Glen Caladh,1869. 
Grain Store, High Street, ^Rothesay, burned, 1922. 
Roth. Branch An Comunn Gaidhealach formed, 1906. 
•lames Dobbie. florist, of Dobbie & Co., Rothesay, died 1905 
Dugald Vl'Alister, Accountant, (Glasgow, died 1930 

No life can be dreary when work is delight.— Havergal 
(17) John Gibson, butcher, died, 1909. 
Win 1' Dickie, J p, Farmer, Bannatyne Mains, died 1921. 
ex-Provost Rowatt, Millport 'died 1928 
Sudden death of Councillor D. I. Morris, Rothesay, 1911. 
Q. M. Ser-rt. Neil LeitcU died through War shock, 1919. 
. ev. J. Fkron Little, inducted Kingartli Churches, 1931 
(21) Andrew Dodds, joiner, Rothesay died ti 1903. 
Ordination and Induction of Rev Wm. Galbraith, Rotii., 1 888. 
Malcolm Weir, Rothesay's Oldest Merchant died 1925 
James VI styled King of James I Great Britain, 1664. 
J C Limb inducted U F Church, Lamlash, 1922. 
itev Wm Gardiner inducted in Craigmore U K Church, 1926 
Duncan M'Nicol, Cabman-Poet. Rothesay, died, 1926. 
Freedom of Rothesay to Marquis of Lome, 1 874. 
Opening of Rothesay New Gas Works 18119 
Prince George visited Rothesay. 1922 

In circulation and preparation, twelve numbers. 2s 0d post free: 

1st number issued for St Andrew's Day: 2nd for Xmas and New Year; 3rd, Burns 

Anniversary; 4th, Livingstone ; 5th, Hallowe'en : 6th, Springtime ; 

7th, Summertime, others to follow. 


and wha wi' them forgaither, for Business or Pleasure. 
!' irlly Printed in Fonetik Longhand, in memory of Sir Isaac Pitman'; 
in Esperanto, the International Language; 

and giving Articles in Advocacy of the Speling Reform Movement. 
Interesting, Instructive and Amusing. Particulars from Higgie & Co., Rothesay 


Christmas Cards. 


2 1 Wed 
3 Tlmr 
5 Sat 

7 1 Mon 
8 Tues 


Calendar— Anniversaries, ete. 



















tterCT Beale, ha, inducted rector, St Paul's, Rothesay,'09 

James Lyon, farmer, Drumaehloy. died, 1913. 

Parish Councillor Harry Leitch, Rothesay, died 1925 

Institution of Anct. Order of Forresters, Court Bute, 1871. 

Whale caught in the Kyles, 1880 

Duncan Dewar. Architect, Rothesay, died 1926 

Dr Scougalj Inspector of Schools, died, 1916. 

ex-Bailie Bell, Wishaw, died at Rothesay, 1929, 

John M. Lamont appointed Clerk to Lieutenancy, 1915. 

Alex. Lister, florist, Rothesay, died, 1917. 

The Great War ended: Armistice signed 1918. 

Donald Grant, solicitor, Rothesay, died, 1920. 

Ex-Provost Clark. J P, Millport died 1930 

(13) Deacon Thomson, Ardbeg, aged 94, died 1917. 

(14) Wm. Moodie, veterinary surgeon, Rothesay, died, 1931. 
(17) W. A. Wilson, Proprietor of " Buteman," died, 1908. 
"Duchess of Rothesay" Chapter 15, O.K.S., instd., 1905. 
A. M. Millar, grocer, Rothesay, died, 1917. 

James Fleck, late Mill Worker, died at Rothesay, 1929. 
Ex-Provost Orknev, Rothesav, died, 1909 
(20) Rev Peter Dewar, North' Bute/died 1927 
Roth, celebr. union of Free and U.P.Olmrs. [31stOct.] 1900 
(24) George Welsh. Baker, Port-Ban naty ne, died 1929 
Capt. Claud Gray Buchanan, killed in action. 1914 
(24) Archd. Montgomerie. auctioneer, died, 1931. 
;Charles M'Kay, Tailor and Clothier, Rothesay, died 1930 
IRothesay Town Council took over Gas Works, 1843. 
Opening of Bute Savings Bank Premises, Castle St., 1905 
'(30) Bute Burns Club instituted, 1887 
Presentation to Alex M'Nah, Church worker. Rothesay. '21 
Foundation of Chapelhill Free Church laid. 1859. 




A Selection of Cards from our stock will be sent, post free, to any address on receipt 
of Is, 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s and upwards. 
These Cards are sold at from Id to Is each. 

To be had from HIGGIE & CO., BRIDGE ST., ROTHESAY. 




Calendar— Anniversaries, etc. 

1 ThuriQueen Alexandra born, 1844. 

2iFri [(3) Old Mountstuart House destroyed by fin-, 1877. 

3 Sat Angus Robertson, Upholsterer, Rothesav, died 1929 

4 Sun (5) A. M. Mackay, Farmer, Bruchag died, 1913 

5 Mon Amalgamation of Butesbire Liberal Associations, 1917. 

6 Tues,George Shiells, J.P., Rothesay, died suddenly, 1915. 
Wed (8) J. Windsor Stuart, Factor on Bute Estate died, 1905. 
Tliur Public Halls, built by ex-Prov. Chas Duncan, opened, 1879. 

9 Fri First Lighthouse in Clyde (Cumbrae). opened 1757. 
lo'Sat Hugh M'Lean, farmer. Ascog, died, 1920. 
ll'Sun 0°) Alex. Waterson, engineer, Rothesay, died, 1931. 
12 Mon j Death of Councillor Robert Miller, Rothesay, 1917. 
l3Tues'" Buteman" Jubilee Celebration and Presentation, 1904. 
,14 Wed iDavid Lawson, Baker, Rothesay, died, 1919. 
|l5|Tlmr](16) Rothesay Advertising Association instituted, 1903. 

17 Sat 

1 9 Mon 
20 Tues 

23 Fri 

24 Sat 

25 Sun 

26 Mon 

27 Tues 

28 Wed 

29 Tlrar 
31 Sat 

(17) New Zealand Flag unfurled, Rothesay Academy, 1910. 
Resuscitation of Prov Grnd Ldge of Argyll and Isles, 1875. 
Rothesay public records lost when being returned, 1660. 
(Teorge Berwick, m d, Ardbeg, died 1925. 
Captain John Mackirdy, Beeelrwood, died, 1913. 
Captain Duncan Bell, "Galatea" Bar, Rothesay, died 1929 
Kyles of Bute Hydropathic burned, 1909 — re-opened, 1911. | 
Ex-Bailie Brown, Rothesay, pres. Liberal Assocn., died,jl912 
Lady Margaret MacRae born, 1876. 

(26) Murdoch Mackenzie, *' Express," died, 1931. 
David Macnair, store-keeper, murdered in Canada, 1922. 
Alex. M'Farlane, farmer, Meikle Kilchattan,died 19 20. 

(27) Rev Win C. Galbraith. M A. B sc Roth., Ordained, 1925 
(27) Rev. Alex. M'Gilp, mi, Colintraive, died, 1931. 

Not one falseman but does unaccountable mischief. --Carlyle 

Bonnik Scotland's Resorts and Patriotic Heather Cards 
Shonther tae \^^ f (~~^~^ 'away thty go I 


Paper, 2d; Cloth, 6d'; Leother, Is. 3d, 6d,and li each. 

Theie Publications can be had separately. 


Cannot fall to be appreciated wherever sent. 
"One of the most gratifying messages of good will that lias reached 
us thin season comes from Rothesay, Scotland, in the form of a ' Heather 
Christmas Card' issued by Messrs Higgie <fe Co., of that favomite resort. 
. . . . The two inside pages are surrounded with mottoes, every 
one of which breathes a true Scottish sentiment of good will to absent 
relatives or arquaintances. Alom: with this card Messrs Higgie <fc Co., 
semi us a copy of their guide to ' Jionnie Scotland's Resorts,' a wonder- 
ful little compendium of descriptive and historical information." — New 
Zealand 'limes, Wellington. 

" They're faur, faur »»a', but tli-ir heart" are kind and trill — 
Tin- mild home at ham* It ever in ilieir view : 
The Knniiie Hellan lientlier ami the Miliars clad wi' iniaw — 
Thdi heai ta ai • ajrf In Scotland tllollifll they're faur. faur «wi"' 


Rothesay Business College, 



Second Quaiter of the Winter Session commences this Month, 

Calendar— Anniversaries, ete. 

M'Kirdy & M'Millan, Lmtd.. Rothesay, formed, 1898. 
John J Wilkie +.'20,000 bequest to Rothe?ay, intimated, 1928 
Colonel M'Leod Robertson awarded D.S.O., 1918. 
Tragic death of Major GH Kenton Newall, 1916. 
James Heron, Rothesay merchant and Volunteer, died 190S 
(7) Peter Leith, chemist, Rothesay, died at Glasgow, 1918 
Capt. Archd. Reid, Rothesay, awarded M.C., 1918. 
Rev J. King Hewison inducted to Rothesay parish, 1884 
David Kobertson, Baker, liothesay, died, 1910. 
(9) Dr John Maddever, Walsall, died 1911 

To work with a will gives strength and skill. 
Rothesay erected into a Royal Burgh, 1400. 
Memorial Stone of Millport Hospital laid, 1901. 
Major J. R. Yeates, County Procurator-Fiscal, died 1920. 
(14) Robert Stewart, Grain Merchant, Rothesay, died 1926 
Arch. M Burnie, Florist and Seedsman, d. at Edin , '1924 
Bishop Smith, of Argyll and the Isles, died 1918. 
Hugh Thompson, Foreman Postman, liothesay. , died 1924 
James Keith, restaurateur Rothesay, died, 1920 
James Duncan, j p, oldest Farmer in Bute, died 1922. 
British Legion formed at Rothesay, 1925. 
T W Alexander, Sheriff Clork of Buteshire died. 1931. 
William Roy appointed Postmaster of Rothesay, 1922. 
(25) Joseph Maitland. grocer, Rothesay, died, 1981. 
uev A Cowie, inducted in Ascog U F Ch, 1925. 
Robert Duncan, Hotel- Keeper, Auchenlochan, died, 1922. 
Professor Archibald Leitch, Rothesay, died in London, 1931 
Hugh Duncan, MA, Writer, Glissiow, died, 1921. 
Marquis of Bute enlisted as Private Soldier, 1916. 
James Thompson, Bootmaker, Rothesay, died 1915. 
A. G. Murrav appointed President. Court of Session, 1905 

That very useful publication " The Bute County Directory " is now on 
our desk, having just been issued. That veteran of the printing fraternity, Mr 
Higgle, is entitled to congratulation on the book, which runs to 150 pages, and is in 
valuable to anyone doing business in the Burgh or County. — Rothesay Express. 

Our old friend Mr George Higgie (Higgie & Co., publishers, Rothesay), has 
once more sent us a copy of his useful Bute (County and Burgh) Directory. The 
contents appear much as usual, and at least they are not curtailed from previous 
issues. The Calendar, with its local anniversaries, is an interesting feature and the 
events recalled include many Millport ones.— Largs and Millport Weekly News. 


GEORGE HIGGIS, the Shorthand Expert, 

A Personal Friend of the Inventor of Phonography, 

and one of the first Members of thu Pitman Fellowship. 

Examiner and Coach, Instructs Students Privately. 

Advanced Pupils a Speciality. Terms on Application. 

F igw Calendar— Anniversaries, etc. 

1 1 Weil ICity of Glasgow Bank Directors sentenced, 1879. 
2ThurR D Macmillan appointed Procurator-Fiscal of Ayr, 1 91*5. 
3 Fri (2) Provost Mann, Rothesay, died, 1858. 
■ijSat Jubilee Presentation to Bridgend U F Ch Oftice-Bearer, '24 

Sun Rev John Rutherford, late of Craiginore U.F. Ch., died '17. 

Mon Duncan Maclea, writer (" Delta'), died at Glasgow, 1915. 

Tues A place without a Directory is a place in obscurity. 

Wed Inauguration of Kquifex Disinfector at Rothesay, 1906. 

Thar Sir Win Maxwell, Co-Operator, dii-d tit Rothesay, 1929 

Fri |J. R. Yeates, County Proc. Fiscal, pres. Commission, 1916, 

Sat Hugh Lauder, Jeweller, Rothesay, died. 1917. 

Sun ]Semi-Jubilee of Rev Joseph Traill, m>, Trinity Ch, 1923. 

Mon [Councillor Neil M'Calluui died, 1911. 

Tues Captain James Williamson, Caledonian steamers, died 1919 

Wed (16) John A. Urquhart, Grocer, Rothesay died 1926. 

Thur.Deatli of Andrew Holmes, Grocer, Rothesay, 1916. 

Fri Presentation of Weights and Measures by Marquess, 1816. 

Sat Rothesay Branch of Ladies Guild formed. 1930 

Sun Rothesay's Privileges confirmed by James VI, 1584. 

Mon ! 19) kev canoli Macdoanld. Rothesay, died at Inverness, 1926. 

Tues First Hydropathic in Scotland (Glenburn, Rothesay), 1843. 

Wed Bryce Ferguson, late Bookseller, Rothesay, died 1H18. 

Thur County Volunteer Regiment formed at Rothesay, 1917. 

Fri |(23) Wireless Telegraphy installed at 22 Bridge St, 1923. 

Sat (24) Lieutenant Hugh Montgomerie, died 1919 

Sun Robert Williamson, o b k, late of Rothesay, died 1927. 

Mon Capt, M'Kay, Chief Constable, Rothesay, died 1921. 

Tues (28) Order of St Patrick instituted, 

This Directory is the reference book to which all— whether strangers or resident- 
e-s — turn for information concerning the resources available in town and countv for 
business or pleasure. It is not only found throughout the whole Comity of Bute, but 
alsoin the public libraries throughout the British Isles. It is theonly publication of 
the kind published in Buteshire. — Greenock Herald 



Iii Preparation — for the Next Issue. 


Published Annually, Price (*,*&„.) 3s. <*°S*) 

Calendar— Anniversaries, etc. 



1; Wed ex-Bailie James Cunningham, Grocer, Rothosay, died 192U- 
2 Tliurhl) Rev Angus Angus Macphee, Kilfinnan, died, 1920. 
3| Fri Norman Lamont first elected M.P. for Buteshire, 1905. 
4|Sat I Bute Bee- Keepers' Association formed, 1916. 
5 Sun John J L Gardner apptd Rothesay Chamberlain, 1923 
6|Mon Alex Stephen appointed Rothesay Master of Works 1923. 

7 ITues Robert Tho.'burn, late of Kerry croy, died at Rothesay. 1929. 

8 Wed I Late Lord Bute's Wedding Dowry intimated, 1897 

9 Tlmr(lU) Resuscitation of Bute Primrose League, 1903. 

10 Fri George Halliday, Sawmiller, Rothesay, died 1915. 

11 Sat Bute Agricultural Society established, 1806. 

12 Sun Win H Squair, Flesher, Rothesay, died, 1916. 

13 Mon (12) Ex-Provost M "In tosh, Rothesay, died, 1923. 
14;Tues (13) Fatal Accident to John Mackirdy, writer Glasgow, '17. 
15 Wed Introduction of Sheriff Kennedy to Bute Court, 1907. 
16ThurRev John Forsyth inducted to Whiting Bay U F Ch„ 1917. 

17 Fri James M Mathieson inducted Sheriff Clerk of Bute, 1931 . 

18 Sat ( 17) Presentation of Red Cross Medals by Lady MacRae,'22 

19 Sun Peter Monie, Rector, Irvine Academy, d. at Rothesay. 1921. 

20 Mon Rector Burgess, Rotliesay Academy, caped D.Sc, 1924 

21 Tues Major Thomas W Alexander killed at the Front, 1918 

22 Wed Ex-Provost Donald M'Millan, Rothesay, died, 1921. 
:23 Thur (22) Sir Win Macewen, Eminent Surgeon, died 1924. 

24 Fri Consecration of St Blane's Royal Arch Chapter, 163, 1870. 
25'Sat (26) Week's Missionary Campaign in Bute began, 1923. 
20 Sun (2 7 ) Tjieut Fullarton Boag killed at the Front, 1916. 
27 Mon Lieut. James B Lawson killed at the Front, 1918 
28| Tues Thomas Gilmour, Kilchattan Tile Works died, 1916. 

29 Wed Rev W'm Galbraith, Bridgend Church, Rothesay, died, 1822 

30 Thur (29) Dr A. G. Burgess. Rector, Rothesay Academy, d. 1932. 

31 Fri *T000 from Benjamin Mackay to Victoria Hospital, 1930. 

The Argyllshire Advertiser of 19th Sept., 1928, says: — " Those in Mid- Argyll 
who have business connections with the Island of Bute would find it an excellent in- 
vestment to spend 3s in the Bute Directory, now being circulated by Messis Higgie & 
Co., Rothesay. The compiler, Mr George Higgie, who is over 80 years of age, was 
one* of the first of the pioneeers of printing in Lochgilphead — about 40 years a<io. ' 
* the first. G.H. 

The Oban Times . . " This able annual has, in its latest number, all the fea- 
tures which have made it of use and importance to those connected in any way with 
the County of Bute. There is a special feature which should appeal to those inter- 
ested in the Island County, and that is, attached to each day of the year are events 
or anniversaries definitely belonging to the shire." 


Conceived Abroad, Written and Printed at flame. 

" Dainty Literary Di.-Ji ' containing concise 


Prices, 4d, Od, Is and 2s 6d. 



Calendar -Anniversaries, ete. 

1 Sat [Robert III died in Rothesay Castle, 1400. 

2 Sun 'Sheriff Martin opened new wing of Victoria Hospital, 11(28 

3 Mon iSudden death of James Kay, Forester on Bute Estate, 1917 
4J 1'ue |Sheriff-Substitute Martin, ma, died at Rothesay, 1930. 

5 Wed i(6) Scot. Federation of Meat Traders met at Rothesay, 1927 

6 Tliur (7) Rev W T Smellie inducted to Rothesay Parish, 1925 

7 Kri ;Rev Jas Girvan, m.a., inducted to Nth. Bute U.F. Ch., 1914. 
8|Sat 'Lord Bute offered Skeoch Wood to Burgh of Rothesay, 1912. 
OSun Wra Wliyte,Gas Manager, Rothesay, died, 1929 

10 Mon James Hunter, Rothesay's oldest Shopkeeper, died, 1911. 
llTues G- K Baillie, J P Kilchattan Bay, died 1931 
12;Wed'Rev J F Macpherson, late of New Rothesay, died, 1929 

13 Thur Sheriff Ballingall introduced to Rothesay Court. 1928. 

14 Fri jA D Macbeth, gave £1 500 to maintain free Pier, 1917. 

15 Sat j(12) Rothesay Electric Power Station opened, 1927 

16 Sun I (15) Golden Wedding of ex-Bailie and Mrs Buchanan, 1930 

17 Mon Rev J P Crosgrove ordainsd into North Bute Churches, 1931. 

18 TuesiJ C B lackwood, Rothesay Post Office, died 1929 
19[Wed 'Sudden death of George Stuart, florist, Rothesay, 1912. 

20 ThuriRev J Townsley, inducted, Kilchattan Bay U FCh., 1922. 

21 Fri [Andrew Clark, J P, Eothesay died 1930 
22|Sat (23) St George's Day. 

23 Sun George M Allison, Pier Turnstiles, died 1922. 

24 Mon 'John Patience, bootmaker, Rothesay, died 1916. 
25'1'ues (26) Rothesay Charity Organisation Society formed, 1909. 
26 Wed Rev Malcolm Smith, ma, instituted in St Paul's, Roth., '25 
27lThur (26) Earl of Dumfries married, 1932. 

28 ! Fri (27) Duke of Rothesay visited Arran, 1914 
2p;Sat (27) Captain John Williamson died at Nice, 1922. 
30 Sun (29) Lieut J Wilson Alexander torpd. in Mediterranean, '18 
'Presentation, J R Thomson, Parish Council, 01k. Arran, 192 


The Opinions of the Press and the Acknowledgments of Libraries 

are as complimentary as ever. The " Glasgow Evening News" makes the following 
appreciation of " Local Colour. — The compilers of the Bute County Directory 
have an ingenious method of making up the local colour and stimulating local pride 
instead of filling up the Calendar with the stock anniversaries, they have put against 
each date a local happening." Thus — [Two events mentioned]. " It is certainly an 
idea that makes for ' atmosphere. 

Don't Delay to Send along your Orders for the New Issue. 



Portrait of Dr Zamenhof, the Inventor. 

Malnova Temp', Aid Lang Sajn, Estintaj Tagoj, 

La Frateco de la Homo. A Man's a Man for a' that. 
Carry On. Auld Lang Syne. etc. 
The Supple Joints of Esperanto — Word Building, etc., etc. 
One Shilling per dozen (assorted) post free. 


1933 _ 
1 1 Mon 

2 Tues 

3 Wed 







Calendar— Anniversaries, etc. 

John Lee, Edinburgh, became postmaster of Kothesay, 1927- 

Majority of Marquis of Graham, 1928 

Rev John Rigley inducted into Roth. Baptist Ch.,1930. 

3) Jas C Sinclair, late Rurgh Chamberlain, Roth., d. 1930 

F. W. F. Clark installed P. G. M. M. at Rothesay, 1916. 

H It Keay appointed County Aseessor, 1924 

H J G Ross appointed headmaster of Both. Pub. Sch., 1906 

(7) Lieut. John Wilson Alexander died in Great War, 1918 

Alfred W Herbert, County Clerk of Buteshire, died, 1923 

(ll)Foundatioii Stone of Rothesay Academy laid, 1868. 

Thomson Home, Rothesay, opened, 1926 
itev Daniel M Stewart, ma, inducted to Kingarth, 1926 
(12) Ascog Water Supply for Rothesay adopted, 1856. 

(15) George Hicks & Son, Chemists, estab. in Rothesay, 1826 

(16) Scot. Tram. Officials Annual Congress at Rothesay, '24, 
Amalgamation of Buteshire and Rothesay Burgh Police, 1923, 
Ordination of Rev James Esselmont, in Bridgend, 1923. 

(17) 2nd Anl. Mtg. of Scot- Tramway Assn., Rothesay, 1924. 
1 18) Rev John Dickie, b.d., inducted to New Rothesay, 1911. 
(19) Lieut. John M'Donald Smith, killed at the Front, 1916. 

Sun(20) Swing Bridge, Rothesay Mid Pier opened, 1908. 
Mon (Thomas Reid, retired Schoolmaster, Arran, died, 1910 
Tues'(24) John G. Heron, Baker, Rothesay, died, 1920. 
WedlQueen Victoria born, 1819. Empire Day. 
Thurj(24) George Prentice, Clothier, Rothesay, died 1925. 
Fri jjohn M'Cord, Builder, Rothesay, died 1915 
Sat Daniel Duncan, Woodend, died 1915. 
28 Sun (27) A. B. Stewart, Convener of the County, died 1 8 80. 
Mon .Rev Alistair Mackenzie, Ind. to E U F Ch", Millport, 19 24 
Tuesj(31) N. H Constable appointed Factor on Bute Estate, 1920 
Wed ^Rothesay Entertainment Pavilion, Esplanade, opened 1924. 










It is the Language of the Cosmopolitan Red Cross Society, 
is More Scientific, Easily Learned, Up-to-Date, and Useful than 
any National Language : it is an Auxiliary to each and all. 

It is adopted by Scientific, Business and Educational Societies, 
Music and Sport early saw its potentialities ; and, by it, songs, 
addresses, etc., are broadcast by wireless everywhere. 


Beautifully Printed from Valentine & Soils' Photographs. 
Letterpress Descriptions in English and Esperanto. 


Re-Published in Commemoration of Internacia Kongreso Esperanto, 

at Oxford, in August, 1930, 
Price, One Shilling, post free. 




Calendar— Anniversaries, ete. 

Thur Captain James M'Grone, died at Rothesay, aged 1'0, 19*23. 

Fri (3) Sir John Reid, Ardencraig, knighted, 1918. 

Sat King George V, born, 1805. 

Sun Arthur Swanston, Grocer, Kothesay, died 1917. 

Mom (4) VVm Hunter, Builder, Rothesay died 1!>29. 

Tue |(5) 20a Skota Esperanto Kongreso, opened at Largs, '25 

Wed (S) Major. Peter Couper, obe, died at Glasgow, 1925 

Thur (9) Our Manager's Jubilee as a Printer and Publisher, 1912. 
9 Fri (lO)Marquis of Graham apptd. Lord-Lieut, of Buteshire, '20 
10 Sat itev J II Howe ordained-inducted to Chapelhill U F Ch, '26. 
H Sun Marchioness of Bute appointed D C, B E, 1918. 

12 Mon Lady Jean Crichton Stuart married to Hon. J. Bertie, 1928, 

13 Tues Presbyterial Presentation to Miss Marianne Mackinlay, '23 

14 Wed Lady Mary Hamilton and Marquis of Graham mar., 1906. 

15 Thur (14) Lady Hunter-Weston opnd Academy Fancy Faire.1930 

16 Fri Lord Ninian Stuart married, 1906. 

17 Sat (18) Battle of Waterloo, 1815. 

18 Sun (19) Opening of Bridgend New U. F. Church, 1909. 

19 Mon (20) Sir Charles Dalrymple, late M.P. for Bute, died 1916. 

20 Tues Marquis of Bute born, 1881. 

21 Wed (20) Wilkie Alms Houses, Rothesay, opened 1929 

22 Thur King George V crowned, 1911 

23 Fri Duke of Rothesay born, 1894 (24) Bannockburn Day, 1314 

24 Sat ,Rev Joseph Traill inducted to U. F. Parish Ch., Roth., 1902 
25 ( Sun'Freedom of Rothesay to Sir Thomas J Lipton, 1930 

26 Mon ,Rev. J. J. Dawison, St Andrew's K. C Ch, Both., died 1903. 

27 Tues Welcome Home of Marquis and Marchioness of Graham, 1900 

28 Wed (27) Telephonl.c Communication with Arran opened, 1923, 
29jThur(28) Rev Wila am Winter, Ascog U F Church, died 1924. 
30[Fri !(28) Australian Public School boys visited Rothesay, 1924. 

(30") Rothesav Aquarium opened, 1875. 

The Helensburgh and Ga/reloch Times says this useful hand-book is brimful of 
information regarding the County of Bute. The public officials, lists of householders 
and business people in this popular health resort will be most serviceable Notwith- 
standing the greatly increased cost of production, the price of two shillings has 
been maintained. 


rpHE COUNTY OF BUTE comprises the seven islands in the Firth of Clyde, viz 
-L — Bute, the most populous; Arran, the largest ; the Great and Little 
Cumbkaus, off the Ayrshire Co:ist; Holy Isle and Pladda, off Arran; and Inch- 
marnock, off Bute. 

The total Area of the County (land and water, exclusive of tidal water) 6 
139,658 acres, of which 53,5 LO are mountain and heath lands used for grazing. 3,80s 
acres are under plantations, and 794 are covered with water There are 25,981 acres 
tinder all kinds of crops, bare fallow and grass, which is a gradual inroad on the 
mountain heath and hitherto uncultivated land. 

The principal Industries are agriculture, horticulture, and fishing The islands 
possess great and varied natural attractions, and are in the forefront as holiday resorts. 

The Population of the County (including its Burghs of Rothesay and 
Millport) in 1801 was 11,791 ; 1831, 14 151; 1861, 16,331; 1881, 17,657. It 
1891 it was 18,248 (8.057 males and 10,197 females) ; and in 1901, 18,786 (8,411 
males and 10,374 females) — being an increase of 255 in the ten years — 2'1 per cent 
There were 4,270 inhabited houses in the islands. 

The population at the postponed 1921 census [taken in June instead of April] for the 
county, was 33,711 (13,880 males and 19,831 females) — being an increase of 15,525 
over 1911. In April, 1931, the figures were as follows : — 

Males. Females. Total. Revised total 

Arran - - - 2,169 2,402 4,571 4,628 

Bute (including Rothesay) 5,081 6,781 11,799 11,851 

Cumbrae - - 704 992 1,696 1,707 

VALUATION. — The Rental, as ascertained at tlie Valuation Courts, i3asfoliow.«: 

1930-31 1931-3-2 

The Cumbraes, ... ... £2348 £32,449 6 3 

Isle of Bute -North Bute ... 19093 19,687 8 

„ Kingarth ... ... 11692 11,678 8 6 

Isle of Arran — Kilhridide ... 24778 25,082 15 5 

,, Kilmory 13910 10,035 3 6 

County of Bute, ;.. ... £102,932 19 1 

The Fiars Prices, by which the parish ministers' stipends are regulated, were struck 
in the Sheriff Court, Rothesav, for crop of the previous year, as follows ■ — 

1929 7.930 1931. 

Wheat per quarter, 

Barley „ £2 £1 19 10 £1*3 3J 

Oats „ 14 5 19 5£ 1 5 51 

Bere ,, 

Beans „ 

Oatmeal, boll, 18 1 12 

b 17 

Agricultural Statistics and Assessments -County of Bute. 

AGRICULTURAL RETURNS issued by the Scottish Department 
Total Area (excluding water) . 

Total Acreage under Crops and G-kass in Buteshire 
Arable Land, .... 

Permanent Grass 
Corn Crops — Wheat 

Barley , . . . 


Mixed Corn 

Rye , . . 

Green Crops — Potatoes 

Turnips and Swedes , 
Rape , 

Vetches or Tares . , 

Small Fruit 
Rye-Grass and other Rotation Grasses and Clover , 

Other Crops . , . . . 

Bare Fallow ..... 

Acreage Occupied by Tenants, , 

Occupied by Owners 

Holdings above 1 and not exceeding 5 acres ,, 
5 „ 50 „ 

» 50 „ 300 „ 

300 .... 

Total holdings „ „ 

Horses (including Horses used for Agricultural Purposes) 
Cattle ,,,... 
Sheep ,,,... 

Pigs, . . . . . 




139,658 1 

39 658 



14 830 



































. 151 




No., 1911 



















FISHERY The members of the Fishery Board for Scotland are as follows:— 

George Hogarth, Chairman ; W Lyon Mackenzie, kc , Esq.. Sheriff of Ayrshire, de- 
puty chairman ; professor D'Arcy Went worth Thompson, en, FRS, scientific 
member; sir Malcolm Smith, khk, Leith ; George Slater, cue; Aberdeen; pro- 
vost William J Marson, Buckie ; Bailie William W Carstairs, jp, Anstruther 
Alex E Mackenzie, Chief Inspector of Sea Fisheries. 
Head Office, 101 George Street, Edinburgh A A Norris, Secretary, 
Local Office, Fishery Office, Tarbert, Loch Fyne. Local Officer, Geo S Jenkins 
Quantity and value of herrings credited to the district in 1931,72,045 crans, £57,062 
Do. do. all kinds of white fish ... 1,941 cwts. 2,316 

Value of shellfish taken, ... ■•• ••• **^8 

At the end of 1931 there were in the Rothesay district 10 registered fishing boats, 
manned by 91 resident fishermen and boys. 




Lieutenancy. — Lord Lieutenant and High- Sheriff, Duke of Montrose, c b, c v o; 
DeputyLieutenants — Major N MacRae, Lieut-Colonel M'Leod Robertson, dso, 
Millport; George Laidler, Brodick; and the Provost of Rothesay 
Clerk, John M Lamont, M JR K, ll.d, Rothesay. 

Member of Parliament. — For Parliamentary purposes Buteshire is joined with 
North Ayrshire. At the General E'ection, in May, 19?9, the candidates were — 
Lieut General Sir Aylmer Hunter-Weston, kcb, d =i o. Hunterston, Ayrshire, 
(Unionist), who polled 18.331; and Alex Sloan (Labour), who polled 14,394 
Constituency — The Roll of Voters is printed annually. The latest-issued list 
(Oct, 1931) show numbers in Buteshire to be — Cumbrae, 2,041 ; North Bute, 
1,203: Rothesay, 6,618; Kingarth, 8G6; Kilbride, 1,712; Kilinory, 1,284, 
total, 13,723. (Last year, 13,665). 

Auxiliary Forces. — Tkrritorial Army — Buteshire Association — President, 
His Grace the Duke of Montrose, C B, c v o. Military members — Major Geo 
Hicks, M c, t d, k ga, (t ) ; Major A H Hill, m c, r g a, (t) ; Major Andrew 
M'Kinlay, id, rga, vice-chairman ; (t); Colonel Colin MacLeod Kobertson, en, 
dso, td, RG A. (t), (chairman). Representative member (County Council), Earl 
of Dumfries. Co-opted members— Alexander M'Intyre and exProvost Eben R 
Macmillan and Major Col::: N MacRae, cue, d l,JP, bi, Res of Officers,Y'oe of od 
Secretary, Lieut James Alexander, t A resj, 78 St Vincent st, Glasgow. 
Ariili.ery — 50th (Bute) Light Battery ra (ta) 

National Service Scheme — County of Bute— ex-Provost M'Millan and ex-Bailie 
Lyle, Rothesay; George Laidler, Brodick; John M Lamont, Port-Bannatyne; 
James PMalcom, Edinbeg, North Bute; George K Baillie, Kin^arth ; ex-Provost 
Cockburn, Millport; and James Crawford, Cumbrae 

Assessments. — The following local rates are imposed by the County Council, viz : — 
County' Consolidated Rates, ^ Owners and Occupiers jointly), including 
Education, Public Assistance, Public Health, Police, County General, 
Valuation of Lands, Registration of Voters, Lunacy, Disaases of Animals, 5s 4d 

Sheriff Court — Bute is joined with Renfrew. The Court meets at Rothesay on 
Tuesday forenoons at 11 o'clock. Circuit Smali Debts Courts meet quarterly at 
Bkodick, Arran, on the third Wednesdays in March, June and November, and 
about the pnd of September; and at Millpokt, Cumbrae, in March and Sep- 
temher. Sheriff Principal, James Mercer Irvine, kc. Sheriff-Substitute, Janus 
Bell Ballingall. Hon Sheriff-Substitutes, William Lyle, George Hicks and 
Donald Buchanan, Rothesay; Colonel R Gray Buchanan, Port-Bannatvne, 
Dr J H Paul, Millport ; and James J Morton, Brodick 


Corporation Golf Course. 




Young Persons, 

Per Annum 

30s Od 

21s Od 

15s under 20 

„ Month 

18s Od 

12s 6d 

12s 6d 

„ Fortnight 

12s Od 

9s 6d 

9s 6d 

„ Week 

7s Od 

6s Od 

6s Od 

,. Round 

Is Od 





2s 6d. 

JI tlKIIVil 

Lawn Tennis Courts 

On the MEADOWS. 



Season 25s 20s 15s 

Monthly, 15/6 12/6 12s 

Per Game : Singles, 6d ; Doubles, 4-d each Player. 
Juniors to be reckoned up to 16 years. 
Single Players can occupy the Courts for only twentj'-five 
minutes at a time. Foursomes for thirty minutes. 
In the event of their being a number of persons waiting, 
players may not be permitted to engage in singles. 

jfl UNICIP.4L 

Putting Greens 

on the ESPLANADE. 


4d per Game during July and August. 
3d per Game during the rest of the Season. 


Clerk, James M Matheson; Clerks-Depute, Rothesay; Charles Devvar; Lamlash, 
John Kerr; Millport, Jas Stewart. Procurator-Fiscal, William Grant ; Deputes. 
James Mackinnon" and Robert Frame. Nautical Assessors, captains A Wood, 
Maryfield, Dundee; D Macdonald, 3D Kelly st, Greenock ; Alex Coull, Braeriac'h, 
Quadrant road, Newlands, Glasgow: Michael Benson, 6 Bank st, Greenock; 
Robert G Tait, 28 Ardgowan st (West), Greenock: Captain Archibald M Jack- 
son, 4 Castle Gardens, Gourock ; and Captain Robert liryce, 29 Maxwell. Drive, 
Pollokshields, Glasgow. Medical Referees appointed under the Workmen's Com- 
pensation Acts: — Buteshire — John Marshall, jib, Rothesay; Island of Arran— 
A Freeland Fergus, Glasgow; and David Birrell Campbell, mbcm. 34 Anderson 
road, Saltcoats. Specialist for Industrial Disease — nr John Glaister, 3 Newton 
place, west, Glasgow : and Dr Alexander Scott, 4 Newton terrace, Glasgow. 
For Ophthalmic cases— Dr A Maitland Ramsay, 15 Woodside place, Glasgow. 
Divisional Inspector of Mines — Scotland District-- J Masterton.. m b e, vv, 
(^ockburn st, Edinburgh. Sheriff-Officers, William Mackinnon, 47 Watergate 
Rothesay; James Boyd, Dairy; John Brown, Ayr; John Albert Carson, 8 Duke 
st, Kilmarnock; Joseph M'Culloch, Ardrossan; Henry Devlin and.Tas Richmond. 
I-S Hamilton st, Greenock; Patrick P Skelion, 2S King st, Port-Glasgow; and 
John Stuart, Gourock ; Win C Gibson, Greenock ; and 1' Morrison Al ■'Arthur, 

Auditor, Jas M Matheson. Keeper of Court-House and Bar Officer, Mat. C Stewart. 
The Circuit Coijkt for Buteshire meets six times a year in Glasgow 

Poors' Law Agent at Sheriff Court for civil or criminal cases — -Robert D Whyte 

Jnstices of the Peace. — Quarter Sessions are held at Rothesay on first Tuesdays 
March, May and August, and last Tuesday of October ; and Courts of Petty 
Sessions are held as required 

Isr.E of Rijtk— Kx- Provosts James Fisher, Rothesay, and Robert Burness, Prest- 

wick; ex-Bailies M'Bride,, Muir, Lyle and Cunningham; Sir John 

Reid, Ardencraig; and Captain George Miller, Rothesay; Cclonel Michael R 

Gray Buchanan, Ettrickdale ; John Ferguson Rothesay: and Arch Malcom, 

Port-Bannatyne , . ,. , „.,_ 

' Appointed m 1920. 

John Cunningham. Moredun, Craigmore ; Mrs Mary Fisher, Orlir.gton ; Thomas 
Gilmour, Tile Works. Kingarth ; Andrew Hamilton, grocer, Rotiiesay : James 
Howatt, Ardmory road ; John M Lamont, Clerk to Lieutenancy ; ex-Provost 
K R Macinillan, Rothesay; Major Colin MacRae and tlie Lady Margaret Mac- 
Rae; Feorline, Argyllshire: Alex M 'In tyre, farmer, Dunalunt ; Andrew M 
M'Kinlay, architect, ex-rrovost James M'Millan, o B E, Rothesay James P 
Malcom, Edinbeg ; and Jas Wilson, sen, Port-Bannatyne 

Appointed in 1926. 
John Alexander, Port-Bannatyne; Wm B Crawford, Kingarth; airs.Jesiii Dickie, 
Rothesay; ex-provost George Hicks; Rothesay: Robert M "A lister, Mid-Ascog, 
Peter McMillan, Port-Bannatyne; Alex M'Nab, joiner, Rothesay; JainHS Smith. 
Rothesay; and Lord Colum Fdmund Crichton Stuart, M v, Karnes Castle 
Island of Aukan — John Spiers, Benuecarrigan ; James M'Greger, Kirkmuirhill, 
Lanarksliire; John B Sweet, Brodick; Jas Hodge, pierinaster, Lamlash ; James 
M'Kinnon, farmer, Whiting Bay; Robert Kerr, jun, pierinaster, Lochranza; 
George Laidler, Brodick; Jas John Morton, Machrie; John Brown, Corriecravie, 
and Alex Spiers, Clachaig 



21 Victoria Street, 


Gallowg'ate Post Office. 

Phone No. 171. 










OFFICIALS— County of Bate. 

Appointed in 1920. 

Robert Anderson, blacksmith, Pirnmill; Peter Baird, farmer, Toimore, Machrie : Wm 

Brown, fanner, Shedog; nis Grace the Duke of Montrose and Her Grace the 

Duchess of Montrose, o is e. Brodick Castle ; Wm Hamilton, St Quivox, Whiting 

Bay; Enoch B Hastings, Corrie; nr Jamieson, Brodick: Donald Mackenzie, 

jun., fanner, King's Cross; Peter Mackenzie, farmer, Catocol ; John M'Bride, 

farmer, Shannochie ; Neil Robertson, farmer, Shiskine; an d Dr Thomas Ruthe, 

ford, Shedog. , . . , . , no . 

° „ , Appointed in 1926. 

Arch Currie, Brodick pier: James C Inglis, Brodick; John W Inglis, Lamlash; 
Alex Lennox, Whiting Bay; Donald M'Kelvie, Lamlash ; Donald M'Millan 
Lochranza; Mrs Mary Stewart Orr, Corrio House; and John Tavlor, Whitiug 

C umbrae— Ex-Provost Clark, and Jas C Sharpe 

Appointed in 1920. 
Ex-Provost Cockburn, Glasgow; John M'Naughton, ship captain, Millport ; Lieut- 
Colonel M'Leod Robertson, Glasgow; and ex-provost Robert Robertson, Reau- 

lieu, Hants . . , , . n _.,„ 

Appointed in 1926. 

James Allan, Millport; and Arch Cameron, Millport 

The following new appointments were made in 1930 : 
Akkan — Miss Annie Allan, Clauchlands, Lamlash Walter Boa, Silverbank, Whit- 
ing Bay. Arclid Brown, Invercloy, Brodick. Robert Watt Campbell, Black- 
waterfoot. Andrew Cairns Crockett, Woodside, Lamlash. John Currie, Iris- 
brook, Lochranza. Charles Graham, St Leonards, Whiting Bay. Charles Mc- 
Allister, jun, Slidderie, Lamlash. John M^Leod, Westtield, Whitefarland, Pirn- 
mill. Wm Orr, Lamalsh. John Wooley, Blackwaterfoot. 

Bute — Arclid. Brown, Bay View, Port Bannatyne. Archd. Brown sen, Victotia 
Place Port Bannatyne. Duncan Brown, Fauldmore, Serpentine Road, Rothesay. 
John, Marquess of Bute, k t., Mount Stuart, Bute. John Rattray Campbell, 
Clydesdale Bank, Rothesay. William Tarbat Esplin, Kiln Villa, Kilcbattan Bay; 
George Hallidav. Ardlerag, Academy Rd, Rothesay. Wiliam Dugald Lamont, Fir 
cliff, Port-Bannatyne. John M'Callum, Bishop terrace, Rothesay. John Mac- 
Lachlan, Craigston, Barone Road, Rothesay. John Nairn Marsall, md, Battery 
Place, Rothesay. William Scott, Ardgowan Port-Bannauyne. Robert Duncan 
Whyte, Rothesay. 

Cumbrae — John Craword, Portyre. Alex Houston, Jas Herbert Paul. MB, cm; 
and James Stewart, Millburn, Milport 

Kx-Officiis — The Sheriff and Sheriff-Substitute; the Provost, Bailies, and Dean 
of Guild of Rothesay ; the Baron Bailie of Mountstuart ; the Chief Magistrate 
of Millport; and the Chairmen of District Committees and Parish Councils 
Clerk, James M Matheson ; Procurator-Fiscal, William Grant. Water Bailiff* 
Charles Wright Morris, 24 Charlotte sq, Edinburgh. 

County Licensing Court Tames P Malcom, North Bute; ex-nailie Jas M'Bride, 

Rothesay ; George Laidler, Brodick ; John M Lamont, Port-Bannatyne ; Nor- 
man H Constable, Rothesay; ex-Prorost Maclachlan, Rothesay; WT Esplin, 
Kingarth John Crawford, Portyre. 


Telephone, No, of 

Hotel Victoria 

Opposite the Gardens and Band Stand. 


Electric Light Installed Throughout the Hotel. 

JOHN BLAIR, Proprietor. 

Phone No. 145. 

Grand Marine Hotel 

O II t II C W E S T 3£ A V. 

r l^HLS First-Class HOTEL has been re-Decorated and re- 
Furnished. Excellent Cuisine. New Smoking Rooms 

Large Gardens. Moderate Tariff. 

A Few Minutes from Golf Course. 
Electric Light. Hot and Cold Running Water in Bedrooms. 

JOHN BLAIR, Proprietor. 

OFFICIALS— County of Bute 

County Licensing Appeal Court. — Appointed by the Justices of the Peace— hx- 
provosts Eben R Macmillan and James McMillan, James Smith, Andrew M 
M'K inlay and William B Ciawford, Rothesay; and Thos (jilmour, Kingarth 
Appointed by the County Council — Donald M'Kenzie King's Cross ; Win Brown, 
Shedog; Donald M'Kelvie, Lam] ash : Peter Nicol, Dippen ; William Scott, 
Port-Bannatyne ; Colin M 'Lend Robertson and Dr Jas H Paul, Millport; 
and Andrew Hamilton, Rothesay 
COUNTY COUNCIL.— Convener, N H Constable, Rothesay. Vice-Convener, i>r 
John M Lamont, Rothesay 
Members representing Electoral Divisions: — 

Arran — Brodick -- George Laidler, Strabane. Lamlasli— Donald Mackelyie. 
Whiting Bay— Donald Mackenzie. Dippen — Peter Nicol. Skisken— James John 
Morton, Machrie Lochranza — Malcolm Steen. 

Burr; — Port-Bannatyne (East) — John M Lamont, Ardentigh. North End— Colin 
M'Galluin, Upper Ardroscadale. Mountstuart— Earl of Dumfries. Kilchattan 
Bay— Norman H Constable 

C umbrae — John Crawford, Portyre. Millport, Bailie R W Ross, nr Paul and ex 
Bailie Macfarlane, Millport 

Appointed by Rothesay Town Council — provost Haliiday, Bailie J S M'Millan, 
Treasurer Thompson, and Dean of Guild Robertson and councillors M'Millan 
Fisher, Hicks, 1) and M Buchanan, Jack and Meldruin 

OfficivLS. — County Clerk and Treasurer — David Amot. Rothesay. District 
Collectors, : Kilbride William Rough, Lamlash. Kilmorv Duncan M'Alister, 
Cumbrae -- Jas Stewart, Millport. County Auditor — R J ;Hardie, c A, 175 
West George Street, Glasgow. Cliief Constable — John Robertson, Counfv 
Buildings, Rothesay. Assessors, H R Keay, Castle Street, and J G L Gardnev 
Burgh Offices, Rothesay. County Medical Officer — professor J H Currie 
Glasgow. District Medical Officer for Bute. i>r T W Howie District Medical 
Officer for Cumbrae, Dr MTavish. District Medical for Arran, Dr Buchanan. 
Sanitary Inspector — William Dunlop Brown, County Buildings, Rothesay 
Inspector of Weights and Measures — Wm Clark County Buildings, Love Street 
Paisley; assistant, Robt Adams. Veterinary Inspectors -- Joseph Gillies, MRCV, 
Corrie, Arran; and 11 R Moodie, mrovs., Rothesay. County Analysts, JPCowan 
and Biggart, Greenock. 
Education Committee — Provost Haliiday, Rothesay. George Laidler. Brodick; 
Donald M'Kelvie, Lamlash. John Crawford. Cumbrae. ex-Bailie J A Mac- 
farlane, Millport. Major Hicks, Rev Hugh Davidson, very Rev Canon Butler, 
Messrs N H Constable. Dr J M Lamont, James Smith, aim Mrs Flora Duncan, 
Rothesay. J M Bannatyne, Blackwaterfoot Miss B Currie, Brodick. Rev A 
R Cowie, Ascog. 

Adviser, Clerk and Treasurer, Wm Grant — both of Rothesay 

Public Assistance — Messrs Laidler and Steen, Arran. Lord Dumfries aud Mr 
M'Callum, Bute. Mr M'Farlane and Mrs R W Ross. Cumbrae. Ex-Bailie D 
Buchanan and councillors D Brown and A R Thompson, Rothesay. Dr Paul 
and Major Hicks. 
Health- Messrs Laidler and MTvelvie, Arran. Messrs Lamont and M'Callutn, 
Bute. Dr Paul and nailie Ross, Cumbrae. provost Haliiday, Major Hicks and 
ex-Bailie Buchanan, Rothesay 
Roads — Messrs Laidler, Nicol, and Mackenzie. Arran. Lord Dumfries and d, 
Lamont, Bute. Messrs M'Farlane and Crawford, Cumbrae. Provost Haliiday, 
ex-Provosts Fisher and J M'Millan, and Mr M Buchanan, Rothesay 


'l'hoiie.No 97. 

Established 1878. 



Large Selection of Fresh Cakes amlTea Bread Daily. 

CHARLES MUIR (Castle Bakery), Ltd , 17 High St. & 17 Argyie St 
Open te the Pufolio— Non-Members, 2d per Visit. 

Norman Stewart Institute, 

Montague Street, Rotl/esay. 

Reading? Rooms, Recreation Rooms, 

F^r Billiards, Draughts, &c , &c. Open fr m 9-30 am to 10pm 

Consulting" and Lending Library 

Containing over 9664 Volumes. 
Open Monday to Friday 10 to 1 o'clock and 3 to 7 o'clock. 

Saturdays, 10 to 1 o'clock, 3 to 5 o'clock, and l> to 8 o'clock 

Members' Weekly Tickets (admitting to all privileges, including the use of Lending 

Library, Is: Monthly, 'is fid ; Quarterly, 3s ; Half-Yearly 4s; Yearly, 7s 6d. 

Ladies' Half-Yearly Tickets, 4s: Yearly, (5s fid. Non-Members, 2d per visit. 

Family Tickets, 10s Cd, 13s 6d and 15s. Juveniles, 2s (id. Juniors, '.18 — 21, 5s. 

Close at 9 o'clock from 1st May (10 on Saturdays) till 80th September. 

Quarterly, Half -Yearly and Yearly Tickets are issued as from 1st January, 1st April. 

1st July and 1st October. .Monthly Tickets from any date. 


Cnp of Tea or Coffee, 2d or 3d ; Breakfasts, Dinners and Tea, equally moderate prices 

OFFICIALS- County of Uute 

Police — Messrs M'Kelvie and Morton, Arran. Lord Dumfries, Bute. Messrs A 
S Crockett, Lamlasli, and John Dyinock, Millport 

Finance — Messrs Laidler, Morton, M'Kelvie and Steen, Arran. Lord Dumfries and 
Mr Lamont, Bute. Messrs Crawford and M'Farlane, Cumbrae. ex-rrovosts 
Fislier, Hicks and M'Millan ; and Mr M Buclianan, Rothesay 
The Convener and vice-Convener to be members of the above committees ex efficiiis 
Provost Maclachlan, convener; N H Constable, vice-Convener 

EDUCATION COMMITTEE— Major Hicks, Chairman ; provost George Halliday, 
N H Constable. J Smith, D M Bannatyne, G Laidler, D M'Kelvie, J Crawford 
J A M 'Parian, mis Flora, Duncan and Miss B Currie. Rev A R Cowie, uev }\m 
Gardiner, canon Butler, and Dr J M Lamont 

Finance Committee — As above, with Mr J Smith as convener 
Bursary Committee- — As above, with Rev Mr Cowie as convener 
Religious Knowledge — As above, with Rev YVm Gardiner as convener 
Miss Currie, Mrs Duncan, and Messrs Bannatyne and M'Farlane 

Bute School Management Committee—Appointed by Authority— Major Hicks 
i»r J M Lamont, Rev Hugh Davidson, N H Conetable, and Mrs F A Duncan. 
Appointed by Parents Mrs C M'Donald and Bailie J S M'Millan, Rothesay, 
Transferred School, Mr J S Slaven. Appointed by Town Council of Rothesay. 
Bailie Neil M'Nicol. Appointed by District Council. Mr Colin M'Callum and 
Mr Thomas Gilmour. Appointed by Teachers, George Bruce, Rothesay Academy 
and Miss Wiight, Public School. Parents representatives, P M'Kirdy, Kingarth. 
and D Mackinnon, North Bute 

Licensing — Members appointed by the County Council to the Bute Licensing 
Court — George Laidler, N H Constable, John M Lamont and John Crawford 

Appointed to Court of Appeal, Dnld Mackelvie, Dnld Mackenzie jr ; Win Brown, 

capt Scott, »r Peter Nicol, nr Paul and C M'Leod Robert:, m 
Pkison— Appointed for visiting the Prison at Greenock — Dr John M Lamont 
Mackelvie, Donald Mackenzie, James J Morton. Win Brown, Petev Nicol. and 
Alex McAllister 

County Police. — Head-Quarters. Rothesay. — Chief-Constable, John Robertson, Esq 

Inspector and Deputy Chief Constable, JohnM'Intosh, Rothessj . Office Sergeant 

Harry Graham 
Island of Bute Division — Sergeant Alex Mackinnon, actg. Sergt., Jas Fraser. 

Stations — Port-Bannatyne and Burgh of Rothesay 
Island of Arran Division — Sergeant Hugh Dickenson, Lamlash 

Stations — Brodick, Lamlash and Whiting Bay 
Island of Cumbrae Division — Sergeant Alexander Gunn. Station — Millport 

The annual report for the County for 1930 (which includes the Burgh of Rothesay), 
states that there was an absence of serious crime. There were 39 sudden deaths, 
7 fatal accidents, 4 deaths by drowning, 1 suicide, 66 minor accidents, 24 fires 
during the year. 19 pedlars' certificates were granted. There were 75 strayed 
dogs seized in accordance with the Dogs Act, 1906 : 50 were restored to their 
owne/s, comfortable homes were found for 5, and 5 were destroyed — as they were 
of no value and their owners could not be traced. 



JEC » 36T JSL JL< 


Bright and Breezy. 


All Modern Seaside Entertainments and Recreations and some- 
thing unequalled in Superb Scenery and Pleasure Steamer 
Sailings m a Region of Enchantment. 

Spacious Promenades will] Entertainment Hall, Palais-de-Dance 
and Putting Greens on the Sea Front. 

Gulf Courses, including Corporation 18-hole Course, with 
Unsurpassed Scenery. Tennis Courts (including Six Cor- 
poration). BoAvling Green, Fishing, Bathing and Boating. 

Charming Drives Throughout and Around the Island. 
Delightful Walks Equable Climate. 

Grand Fireworks Display and Illuminations in August and September 

Cheap Excursions to Rothesay by the London Midland and 

Scottish Railway, and the London and North Eastern 

Railway, every Week-End during t lie Season. 

Guide (Postage 2d) from G. H. Secretary, Advertising 
Comni'ttee, Rothesav. 

OFFICIALS— County of Bute. 

Property and Income Tax Commissioners — -Sir John Reid, Ardencraig ; ex-pro- 
vost E R Macmillan, and ex-Bailie Lyle, Rothesay ; John M Lamont Port-Ban- 
natyne. George Laidler, Brodick; .T B Sweet, Lamlash ; and Sheriff Ballingall 

Clerk, Robert Duncan Whyte, Rothesay. Inspector, Sidney H Waller, Rothesay 
Collector, Peter Ferguson, Dunoon 

National Health Insurance. — The granting of exemptions- are dealt with by the 
Customs and Excise Department 

Buteshire Committee. — Chairman, ex-Bailie Donald Buchanan; vice-chair- 
man, ex-Provost Hicks. The other members include the following ladies and 
gentlemen, viz.: — Jas Brown, Clifton, Argyle pi ; airs Campbell. St Regulus ; 
Norman H Constable, Bute estate : Mrs Fisher, Orlington ; nr J 51 Marshall, 
Battery pi; ex-naiiie Muir; And M M'Kinlay, architect; W M'Millan, grain 
merchant; Matth Tait, Pearl. Bishop st, Rothesay; Dr John M Lamont, Port- 
Bannatyne; sirs Laidler. Strabane, Brodick tand Miss Mary Wooley, Black— ■ 
■waterfoot, Arran ; sirs M'Kay, Guildford st, Millport; J fiitchie. Regal view; 
and John Scobie, 19 Ardbegrd; HMackinnon, 32 Cathcart st, Greenock 

Secretary — David Arnot, County Clerk, Rothesay 

British Red Cross Society—Buteshire Branch — President, Marchioness of Bute 
d b e ; Deputy President, the Lady Margaret MacRae of Feoirlinn, o p. e , j p, 
vice-presidents i.ady Mary Crichton Stuart and Mrs Philips ; County Director 
and Controller, the Lady Margaret MacRae of Feorlinn, o b e, jp; assistant 
Countv Director, Mrs Myles, Wester Karnes, Bute ; County Secretary — Major 
Colin MacRae of Feoirlinn. c b e:; County Hon Treasurer, Lady Margaret 
MacRae, o be, j p ; Hon Secretary for Cumbrae, 

Hon Treasurer for Cumbrae, ; General Committee, Mrs James 

McMillan, Mrs E R Micmillan, Mrs Myles, sirs Muir, Miss Beisberg, Mrs 
Marshall, Mios Gray-Buchanan, Mrs Dickie, Mrs Hicks. Miss M'Nicol, Dr John M 
Lamont, mbe, ex-provost Hicks, mc, and co-opted member, Miss Porter 
T A A members co-opted— colonel Colin M'Leod Robertson, c b, r> s o, n t, d i» 
and Maior A M M'Kinlay, t d 

War Pensions — RENFREW, ARGYLL and BUTE AREA— The following are the 
Committee's representatives from Buteshire : J T M'Kay Millport, and John M 
Lamont, m b e, and Major Hicks, Rothesay 
Head-Office, 134 Sauchiehall street, Glasgow. Edwin E Strang 
Soldiers' and Sailors' Families Association; Arran— Mrs Sweet; Miss Allan, Shis- 
kine ; and George Laidler, Brodick 
Bute-- i.ady Margaret MacTiae, obe; Mrs Dickie, New Rothesay manse ; and 

Colonel 51 R Gray Buchanan, obe 
Cumbrae—Miss Goldie, Millport 
Soldiers' aud Sailors' Help Society-J R Campbell, Clydesdale Bank 
Rothesay Representative to Joint-Disablement Committee-- John M Lamont, M b e 
Do. Do. Scot. Assoc. L W P C — captain J Maclachlan 


T. M. CLAY, 

Bookseller, Stationer and 

Fancy Goods Merchant, 

11 Victoria street. 


Large Selection of Souvenir Goods, Electro-Plate and Jewellery. 
Established 1SU5. 

Helen M. Higgle, 

(Successor to Miss M'Lea), 

Dressmaker, and Costumier, 

20 Bridge street. 

Arthur gwanston & Son, 

Faintly Qrocers, -------- 

- - - HI Die & Spirit Merchants, 


and 2 Bishop Street. 

Near General Post Office. 

OFFICIALS— County of Bute. 

Soldiers' Sailors' and Airmen's Families Association — President, Lady Dowager 
Marchioness of Bute. Vice-President, Marchioness of Graham. Hon Secy, D 
M' Vicar, Bank of Scotland, Rothesay 

Air League of the British Empire — Representative for Buteshire, Donald M c Vicar T 
Bank of Scotland. Rothesay 

Old Age Pensions. — All the County Councillors are members, and their powers 
have been delegated to the Arran . Bute and Cumbrae sub-Committees, as follows 
A rran— George Laidler, J .7 Morton, Donald M'Kelvie, Donald M'Kenzie, jun, Petr 
Nicol and Peter M'Kenzie 
Clerk, Robert Hamilton. Kincardine, Brodick 
Bute (outside Rothesay) and Cumbrae — John M Lamont, (chairman), N H Con- 
stable, the Earl of Dumfries, and Colin M'Callum 
Rothesay Burgh--All the Town Councillors. 
Clerk. R D Whyte 
There are about ] 50 old age Pensioners in Arran, and 170 in Cumbrae and Bute 
(outside Rothesay). The number in Rothesay is about 350- 

Inland Revenue. — Collector and Distributor of Stamps, P Ferguson, Dunoon. Sub- 
Distributor of Stamps and Sub-Collector of Legacy and Succession Duties, Post 
Office. H M Inspector of Taxes, Sidney H Waller, King street, Rothesay 

Customs and Excise. — Collector, A Raby, Custom House, Greenock. Surveyor' 
G W Knott. Officer of Customs and Excise and Pension Officer, W A M'Auslan 
Post Office buildings, 18 Bishop st 
The dates of the Pension Committee meetings are— Burgh of Rothesay, 2nd Tues- 
day in month. Millport, first Tuesday in month County of Bute, Bute and 
Cumbrae sub-Committee, first Tuesday in month. 

Bute Assurance Company, Limited (merged in the State Fire Insurance (Limited)— 
Local Secretaries, Macbeth & Maclagan 

Political Associations — Buteshire Liuekai, (established 1879, resuscitated 1928), 
amalgamated with North Ayrshire -President, captain Arch Hogarth ; Local 
Secretay, Miss Margaret M'Nab. Treasurer, 

Bute and North Ayrshire Unionist Association, with District Associations for 
Bute, Arran and Cumbrae, and Bute Voters in Glasgow — Hon President, Mar- 
quis of Bute-, President, Sir John Reid, Ardencraig ; vice-President, provost 
Hicks ; Secretary, Richard Bainbridge, 17 Victoria st ; Treasurer, Wm C King. 
Lady representative to Central Scottish Unionist Association, Mrs M'Millan 
— to act along with the President. 

Royal Northern Yacht Club — Club-House, Argyle St. - Commodore, F J Ste- 
phen. Secretary and treasurer, James Napier, 22 Blytheswood square, Glasgow. 
Clubmaster. John Blair. Fixtures : Opening Cruise in May, Open Regatta in 
June, Handicap Regatta in July, and Closing Cruise, 27th August 

Miscellaneous Associations — Buteshire Wine, Spirit and Beer Trade-President, 
John Watson ; Secretary, ; Treasurer, J A Harvey 

OFFICIALS— County of Bute. 

Buteshire Natural History Society — Stuart street, Rothesay. Patron, the 
Marquis of Bute. President. Rohert Duncan Whyte. Hon Secretary, Thomas 
Macdongall Hon Treasurer, John R Campbell. Librarian, Miss Marshall 
Meteorologist. J Davidson, Ardencraig. Caretaker, Mary Nicholson 

Bute, and District Musical Festival Association — Instituted 1924. — Executive 
Committee — ex-provost K R Macmillan, chairman ; Messrs H R Keay, secretary 
and treasurer; Committee. A S Christie, J M*Nah, and 

Rat Campaign in Renfrew and Bute : —Representative for Arran -Donald M'Kel- 
vie, Lamlash ; for Bute, John M Lawrie, Rothesay 

Boy Scouts — County Chairman, Marquis of Bute. County Commissioner, Sir 
John Reid, Ardencraig, Rothesay. For local companies, see Districts 

Girl Guides — Divisional Commissioner, The Lady Marjorie D airy m pie Hamilton. 
District Commissioner, Miss Dorotha Marshal] ; County Secretary, Miss Gray- 
Buchanan, Kttiickdale, North Bute 

•Glasgow Bute Benevolent Society, instituted 1808, for the aid of indigent 
persons belonging to Bute, particularly such as are of advanced age and respecta- 
bility of character. Subscription for life membership: gentleman, £2 2s ; lady 
£1 Is. President, David Kidd, Glasgow Secy and Treas, Donald AS M'Leish. 
199 St Vincent street, Glasgow. The funds in hand amount to £5,155 3/ 3 
The membership is 249. The donation roll contains the names of 59 very deserv- 
ing persons Last year the sum distributed was £197 10/. 

•Glasgow Buteshire Association.— President, GD Paterson, Rothesay. Hon 
Secy and Treas, Miss J Martin, ■'> Cadogan ter, Sandyford, Glasgow. 

Glasgow and West of Scotland Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals 
Established 1856, to prevent cruelty to animals, and to encourage humanity and 
gentleness towards animals. President, the Right Hon The Lord Provost of Glas- 
gow. Chairman. Secretaries and Treasurers, Lowndes 
& Renwick, writers, 28 Bath street, Glasgow Local Inspector, W I) Tassie 
Superintendent, James Leslie, 28 Bath st, Glasgow. Complaints requiring at- 
tention are received at the local Police Offices, or at 28 Bath Street, Glasgow 
(1144, Douglas.) Stray and unwanted cats can be humanely destroyed in 
lethal chamber at premises of Mr Robert Moodie, veterinary surgeon, Waergate, 
Rothesay. Contri-buticns in aid of the Society's work will be welcomed 

Bute and Renfrew Milk Records Association — President, Sir Hugh Shaw 
Stewart. Secretary, S Hunter, writer, Paisley. Bute representative, Robert 
M'Alister, Mid-Ascog 

.Sports — For list of Trophies see Rothesay Section. 

(For District Officials see District Lists. 

The Isle of Bute 

IS 16 miles lung, with an average breadth of 4 miles. It is rocky in tne north and 
south, but fertile in the intervening districts. The climate is milder and more 
equable than on the mainland; and the place is, in consequence, a favourite health and 
pleasure resort 

Lord of the Manor — John Crichton Stuart, fourth Marquis of Bute, kt, Mountstuart 
House. Estate Office, 43 High Street, Rothesay. Factor, Norman Huntly 
Constable, Foley House 

Societies, Clubs, &c. — Bute Agricultural Society (Established 18UG) — 
Hon President, the Marquis of Bute. President, R Muir. Secietary, 

and Treasurer, Dugald M'Alister, Bank of Scotland 

Bute Branch, National Farmers' Union, including the Islands of Bute and 
Cumbrae, for dealing with matters relating to the interests of Farmers concern- 
ing fuod control, prices, etc. — President, Jas Malcom, jp ; Secretary and Trea- 
surer, James Mackinnon, Rothesay 

Bute Live Stock Improvement Society — Chairman, Alex M'Intyre, Dunallan 
Bute. Secretary, D M'Alister 

Bute Canine Club — President, John Watson. Secretary, miss Byers, Ardbeg. 
Treasurer, Begg, Birgidale 

Bute Fanciers 1 Society, estab. 1902, for the improvement cf the various breeds 
of poultry, pigeons cage-birds and cats.— President, .Neil M'NiCv.1. Secretary, 
Treasurer, John M'Crone 

Bute Unionist Association, established 1880. — President, ex- provost Hicks 
Vice-President, Richard Bainbridge. Secretary and Treasurer, Wm C King 

Bute Auxiliary of the National Bible Society' of Scotland — President, 
Rev — Secretary, Thos Macdougall. Treasurer, A Thomson Wood, 

Royal Bank. £60 was sent to the Parent Society last year 

League of Nations Union, Bute Branch established 1926 — President, ex-pro- 
vost E R Macmillan Secretary, W Watt, postmaster Treasurer, J R Campbell 

Bute Sabbath School Union— Meets monthly in one of the Church Halls- 
President, Alex. M'lSab. Interim Secretary and Treasurer, Angus Thomp- 

Bute Women's Temperance Prayer Union. — Meets in the Good Templar Hall 
every Thursday afternoon at 3.30. President, Mrs John Watson, 1 Barone road 
Secretary, Mrs Maitiand. Treasurer, 

Comunn Gaidhealach Bhoid — To promote the cultivation of the Gaelic lan- 
guage, literature, music, art and industries — President, the Marchioness of Bute 
Convener of Committees, captain James Kennedy. Treasurer, Archd Campbell 

C 33 

OFFICIALS- Isle of Bute. 

Bute Camanaciid Club. — President, ex-provost Jas M'JIillan ; Secretary, John 

Ministry of Labour — Branch Employment Office. — Branch Manager, Charles 
Fraser Grant, -lo Watergate 

Bute and Cowal Colportagk Mission-— Chairman, Bute ministers in rota- 
tion. Secretary, Miss Cruickslianks, Edinburgh. Treasurer, Donald IVPVicar. 
Colporteur, Walter Connelly. Rothesay 

Royal Samaritan Hospital, Glasgow (for treatment of respectable poor women 
afflicted with diseases peculiar to their sex)— Rothesay superintendent, Mrs 
Turnbull, Dunmore, Craigmore ; Collectors, Mrss Turnbull, J Duncan, Stewart 
andTurpie; and Miss M'Dougall Port- Ban uatyne Superintendent and Collector, 
Macdonald, Bay View 

Bute Sheep Dog Trials Association -President, Earl of Dumfries. Secretary and 

Treasurer, James D Mackay, Barone Park 
Bute Bee-Keepers' Association — President, secretary 

Lloyd's Agent. — Robert Houston, Harbour master 

Coast Guard. — Jas Oaten, 17 Bishop st 

Parish and Burg»h of Rothesay. 

ROTHESAY, the carital of Buteshire, was originally a village in connection with 
the Castle, and was created a Royal Burgh by Robert III in 1400. It became 
a place of considerable importance in fishing, coopering, cotton spinning and weaving, 
and now it is noted as the most popular Summer resort in Scotland, 
amalgamated with North Bute, henceforth, for secular purposes, the boundary on 

Thirty-five years ago the landward portion of the burgh of Rothesay was 
•declared to be the same as the parish 

Ditkk of Rothksay — The Heir Apparent to the Throne, H R H Prince Edward 
of Wales. Keeper of the Great Seal, Andrew Graham Murray, Baron Dunedin, 

(For Courts and Court Officials, Justices of the Peace, and 
County Boards, see County Lists.) 

Births, Marriages, and Deaths. — A birth must be registered within 21 days; a mar- 
riage within three days, and a death within eight days. Registrar, W D 
MM'Keclme, Bishop street. Hours— 10 till I, and 2 till 4. Saturdays, 10 — 10 
Births, 116: Deaths, 178; marriages, 41 in 1932 
,, 116; ,, 118; ,, 41 1931 

Session Clerk — W M. Heaton, 9 Victoria street 

Population — I n 1871, 7,760; 1881, 8,291; 1891, 9034; 1901,9323; 1911,9299; 
1921 (taken in June) 'instead of April) 16,123. 1931 (taken in April, 9,346 



I 1, 815 males ; 
. \ 2, 982 

148G females , 

2423 J" 



■g ( 3, 1145 




t yet 

g 4, 1284 

** \ 5, 1149 

( 6, 793 


2961 r 



to hand 



Valuation of Burgh 1930 



Ward No. I, 

£17,602 8 

£17,721 6 





14,844 3 


14,917 14 






18,894 18 


19,415 11 





24,896 5 


25,091 16 





19,673 2 


19,723 19 






2L 798 11 

21,822 6 




£117,709 9 

£118,692 13 







' 21 


£117,740 9 7 £118,629 10 118,937 17 5 

iConstituency — The Roll of Voters is published annually. Figures on page 19. 




en s 



Proprietors and Managers. Messrs Johnston t t Plunrpton 
Housekeeper, Miss J W Johnston. 

G-ail] es_ Playing Cards 

Newspapers Delivered Morning and Evening. 

" Presents from " Goods. Purses, Pocket Books, Knives, &c, &c. 

Splendid Selection of Novels at all Prices. 





Best Quality Writing Pads for Home or Home Foreign Use. 

All Kinds of Leather and Fancy Goods kept in Stock. 

Local View Post Cards in Great Variety. 

T o b a i' c o and Cigarettes. 

Assessments, Benefactions, &c, Parish and Burgh, llothesay. 

Assesments — The following liava been imposed by the Town Council: — Con- 
solidated Rates — Owners, 3s 9d per £1 ; Occupants, 3s 9d per XI. 
Water, 8d per £1. Gas, 4/2 per 1000 cubic feet (less 10 per cent discount) 
prepayment meters, 4/2d net per 1000 cubic feet Electricity, 8d per unit 

Benefactions. — Mhs Ann Taylor or Jackson's Bequest. — The annual interest 
of £100 is expended by the Provost and Magistrates in providing coals for per- 
sons of the name of Taylor, and natives of Skipness or Rothesay. 

Miss Janet Gibson's Bequest. — The interest of £200 is invested with the Min- 
ister of the parish, and the Provost and Magistrates of the burgh, for the benefit of 
old and infirm poor, and applied annually at Candlemas — each recipient receiving 
a sum of about 5s. 

The James Duncan Charity — £2000, reduced to £1600, bequeathed by the late 
Jas Duncan of Valparaiso and Rothesay, for the annual benefit of 10 old women 

Bute Wedding Dowry.— £1000 bequeathed in commemoration of the silver wed- 
ding of John Patrick Crichton- Stuart, 3rd Marquess of Bute, to be given by the 
Provost and Magistrates annually to enable some girl or girls of the poorer classes 
to be married. 
Educational Grant. — In terms of a grant made by the Town Council, and 
arrangement with the E. Authority, six children are entitled to free education in 
the Academy for three years 

Duncan Thomson Bequest. — £2000 bequeathed to the Provost, Magistrates and 
Town Council of the burgh, and the Parochial Board of the parish, for the erec- 
tion of a statutory poor house. The Parish Council nine years ago bought a 
field at Townhead for £1066 18s 8d, on which is now built the Thomson Home 

Paterson Bequest. — The interest of £300, bequeathed by the late Miss Jane 
Paterson, Whinny Brae, is divided annually at Candlemas, through the Provost 
and Senior Bailie, among aged and infirm persons. 

Mrs Mary Miller Bequest'.-— The interest of £60 is, also through the Provost 
and Magistrates, applied for coals to the poor. 

Archibald Brown Bequest. — The interest of £100 bequeathed by the late 
Archibald Brown, banker, is annually divided by the Provost and Magistrates at 
Candlemas amongst the poor and infirm of the town. 

Bethia Weir Bequest. — Interest on £51 Is, to be applied annually by the 
Magistrates and Town Council for supplying coal to the poor. 

The Provost's Fund, instituted by James M'Millian, o b e, in commemoration of 
the King's first visit to Rothesay in July, 1920 — subscribed for the benefit of 
soldiers' widows. 

The Wilkie Almshouses — Mr James J Wilkie, a native of Rothesay, left £20,000 
for the benefit of widows and spinsters of 50 years and over, natives of Rothesay, 
The almhouses, erected at Meadowcap, weie opened on 20th June, 1929, and 
managed under the supervision of the following committee, viz : Provost of 
Rothesay, Parish Minister of Rothesay, Bank of Scotland agent, Charles Muir, 
John M'Callum, James Smith and Angus Thompson 

War Memorial Fund.— Collected £2581 

M'Ivay Bequest — £1000 for Victoria Hospital from estate of Benjamin M'Kay, 
provision merchant, Glasgow 


Hugh Lauder, 

Watchmaker, Jeweller and Optician, 

8 Albert Place {Opposite the Harbour). 

Souvenirs of Bute. Scotch Pebble Jewellery. 

Engagement Rings. Wedding Presents. 

Spectacles and Eye Glasses. 
Watches, Clocks and Jewellery Repaired. 

George Halliday & Co., L td 

Goal and Timber Merchants, 

Registered Office, Tel. No. L5. 

9 Stuart Street, JRfcothesay. 

N orth British and Mercantile 


See Cover of Directory. 

Agent in Rothesay — 
DONALD M'VICAR, Bank of Scotland. 

OFFICIALS— Rothesay Parish and Burgh. 

TOWN COUNCIL. — Meets at noon on second Monday of each month. Provost. 
George Halliday ; Bailies — James S M'Millan, John Jones and Neil M"Nicol -, 
Dean of Guild, Win Robertson; Treasurer, Angus R Thompson; councillors 
Donald Buchanan, Macolm Buchanan, John Cunningham, Peter Finlay, James 
Fisher. Thomas Gordon, George Hicks, Wm Jack, William Meldrum, James 
M'Millan, ore, James Orr Macnab, and James Whiteford 
The Magistrates and Town Council are also Police Commissioners Six members 
(one representing each ward) retire annually on the first Tuesday of November 
in normal times — when new elections take place. 
Officials — Town Clerk, Robert D Whyte. Burgh Prosecutor, William Grant, 
Chamberlain, Jhn G L Gardner. Gas Manager, Thomas S I.ockhart. Master 
of Works and Sanitary Inspector, Alex Stephen. Chief Constable of County, 
John Robertson, Deputy Chief Constable, John M'lntosh. Habourmaster, 
Robert Houston. Inspector of Weights and Measures, William Clark. Medical 
' Officer. Prof John R Carrie. Local Medical Officer, i>r T Wilson Howie. Eleu- 
triaci Engineer, William K Fleming . Inspector of Slaughter House, James 
M'Lean Golf Clubmaster, Thomas Learmonth 

Wards — The Burgh was, in 188b', divided into six wards for municipal purpose?* 

No. I — .-Vrdbeg road, Ardmory road, Argyle place, Arg.yle terrace, Landward, Mai ine 
place, Mackin lay street, iVlacnab's brae, Westwood, Wyndham road. Representa- 
tives at Town Council, ex-provost Fisher and Messrs Peter Finlay and William, 

No. 2 — Alma terrace (part of), Bridgend street (west side), Argyle street, Ballochgoy 
terrace, Bridge street, Chapelhill road, Gallowgate (west side"), Havelock terrace, 
Hillhouse road (west side), Inkerman terrace, Landward, Lilyoak terrace, StafTa 
place, York terrace and Westland roa.l — Representatives: provost Halliday and 
Messrs D Buchanan and Thomus Gordon 

No. 3 — Alma terrace (part of), Barone road (west side), Bridgend street (east side) 
Columshill place, Columshill street, Gallowgate (east side), Gleuhead place 
Gowanfield place, Hdlhouse road (east side), John street, King street, Ladeside 
street, Landward, Macalister's court, Mill street (west side), Montague street 
(from Gallowgate to Tower street), Tower street (west side), Victoria street 
(from Gallowgate to Tower street), Queen street. Representatives: Town Council 
— Treasurer Thompson, and Messrs Malcolm Buchanan and Jas Whiteford 

No. 4 — Castlehill street, part of Castle street, Guildford squaie, High street, (from 
Guildford square to Castle street), High street (west side). Landward, Meadow 
cap, Montague street (from Tower street to Watergate), Mill street (east side), 
Russell street, Stuart street, Tower street (east side), Union street, Victoria street 
(from Tower street to Guildford square) Watergate (west side), Ascog Loch road 
(south side). Representatives: Town Council — ex-provost Jas M'Millan, Bailie 
Jones and Dean of Guild Robertson. 

No. 5— Albert place, Bishop street, Bishop terrace. Bishop terrace brae (west side), 
Castle street, Croft lane, Fast Princes street (to number 25), Hi^h street east 
side, from Castle street to Minister's brae), Landward, Minister's brae (north 
side), Store lane, Watergate (east side), West Princes street, Mountpleasant road) 
Serpentine rd. Representatives --Town Council — Bailies JS M 'Millan and Neil 
M'Nicol, and capt Wm B Jack 

No. 6 — Albany road. Ardencraig road, Battery place, Bishop terrace brae (ease side)- 
Craigmore road, Crichton road. East Burgh Lands, East Princes street (from No 
26), Eastlands road, Landward, Mountstuart road. Representatives: — Town 
Council— ex-rrovost Hicks, ex-Bailie John Cunningham and Mr J Orr Macnab 


Telephone No. — 01, Rothesay. 


(Successor to Peter Leitii), 

Dispensing* and 

Photographic Chemist, 

43 Victoria Street, 

and Port-Bannatyne. 

'Phone No. 254. 


1 Apg-yle Street, Rothesay. 

Country Eggs and Fresh Butter Daily. 
Cooked Gammon a Speciality. 

Orders Called for Delivered Promptly. 

Telephone No. 336. 



25 Bridge Street. 

IMione, 108. 


ITS o tor and Marine Engineers, 

Ladeside Garage* 

OFFICIALS— Burgh and Parish of tlothesay. 

Town Council Committees — Burgh Lands-- Dean of Guild Robertson (convener) 
councillor Finlay (sub- convener), Bailie M'Nicn], councillors Gordon, Whiteford 
and Hicks 

Gas — councillors M Buchanan, (convener), .Tack (sub-cenvener), Finlay, T> Buch- 
anan, Ja.s McMillan and M'Xab 

Water — councillor D Buchanan, (convener), Dean of Guild Robertson, (sub-con- 
vener; councillors Fisher, Whiteford Jack and M'Nab 

Finance — Treasurer Thompson (convener), provost Halliday (sub-convener), Bailie 
Jones, councillors D Buchanan, M Buchanan, Cunningham and Hicks 

Burgh General — provost Halliday (convener), councillor Cunningham (sub- 
convener), nailie J S M'Millan and Jones and councillors Meldrum and White- 

Public Health — councillor Cuuningham (convener), councillor M Buchanan 
(sub-convener), nailie M'Ncol, councillor Finlay, Gordon and James M'Millann 

Parks — Bailie Jones (convener), councillor Hicks (sub-convener), Bailie James S 
M'Millan, Treasurer Thompson, councillors Fisher and Gordon 

Electricity - councillor Hicks (convener), councillor Meldrum (sub-convener) 
nailie M'Nicol, Treasurer Thompson, councillors Gordou and James M'Millan 

Old Age Pensions — provost Halliday, (convener) Bailies Jones and M'Xicol 
Treasurer Thompson, councillors Finlay, Meldrum, 1> Buchanan, M Buchanan. 
James M'Millan, Jack, Cunningham and M'Nab 

Dean of Guild Court — nean of Guild, William Robertson, p.ailies Jones and 
J;is S M'Millan, councillors M Buchanan and Hicks 

Stewart Institute, Members of Board of Management —provost Halliday 
Bailies Jas S M "Millan, Jones and M'Xicol 

School Management Committee — Bailie M'Nicol 

Prison Visiting Committee— Councillor Buchanan 

County Councillors for the Burgh — provost Halliday. Bailie J S M'Millan 
Treasurer Thompson, Dean of Guild Robertson, councillors Fisher, D Buchanan 
M Buchanan, Hicks, Cunningham, Meldrum and Jack 

Royal Burghs, Representatives to the Convention. — Commissioner, provost 
Halliday Assessor, Mr H 1> Whyte 

Civil Distress, Prince of Wales' Committee for relief— ex-provost Fisher, chairman 

Standing Joint Committee representatives : provost Halliday Bailie 
and councillors Cunningham and 

Joint Committee on Blind Persons Act for South West of Scotland — Represent- 
atative : provost Halliday 

The Thomson Home, Rothesay — controlled by the Bnte County Council 

Rothesay Cemetery — Burgh of Rothesay 

licensing Appeal Court _ Appointed by Justices — ex-provost Fisher, es- 
Bailies Buchanan and Lvle, Rothesay 
Appointed by Rothesay Magistrates, provost Geo Halliday and p.ailies Jones 

Harbour Trust — The Provost, Magistrates, and Town Council, along with the fol- 
lowing shipowners' representatives : Messrs Charles A Bremner, John Halliday 
.1 :>bn D Rodger and James A Rodger 
Harbour Committee — ex-provost Fisher (convener), Mr John Halliday sub- 
convener); provost Halliday, Dean of Guild Robertson, councillors Wm Jack, 
M'Nab and Whiteford ; and Messrs Charles A Bremner, James A Rodger and 
John D Rodger 



Phono, No. 140. 



mm. O T O R M IKER S, 

50 High Street, Rothesay, 

358 PAISLEY ROAD, GLASGOW. Phone, 258 South. 



'Phone, S7 

John Cruiekshanks, 

Plumber, t»asnttcr & Zinc Worker, 

48 High Street, Rothesay, 

Wash-Hand Basins, Plunge, Spray and Shower Baths fitted up for Hot or Cold Water 
Drain, Soil or Waste Pipes Tested 




Office, Opposite County Buildings. House, Arditie View, 20 Marine Place, Ardbeg 
All Kinds of Inventory and Valuation Works Executed. Prompt Settlements. 


Attractive Lines for SPORTS and HOLIDAY WEAR. 

( tood Quality [footwear at Moderate Prices. Repairs neatly and promj.tly executed. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed. 

OF KICIALS— Rothesay. 

Officials— Clerk, R D Whyte. Depute, James Harbour-Master, Robert 
Houston, Master of Works, Alex Stephen, Bridge Attendant, D M'Lcllan 
Overseer of Turnstiles, the Harbourmaster. Assistant, Wm Ferrier 

CHURCHES. — THE CHURCH OF SCOTLAND. — The Presbytery of Dnnoon 
meets alternately at Dunoon and Ro hesay on the first Tuesday of the month, 
or sucli other day as business requires. .Joint Clerks, Rev J M'K Campbell, ma, 
Lochgoilhcad, and Rev John M Dickie, bd, Rothesay 

The Synod of Argyll — next meeting at . April, 1938. 

Joint-Clerks — Rev A C Robertson, dd, Lochgilphead, and Rev J M"A, Camp- 
bell, Lochgoilhead 

The Free Presbytery meets in Hope Street Church Buildings, Glasgow, on the 1st 
Tuesday of eacli month 

The United Free (continuing) Presbytery meets 

The High Kirk, High street (Hours of worship, 11 15 am and 6 30 p m 
Ministers, the Rev James King Hewison, i> d, (emeritus), and the Rev W T 
Smellie, o b e, m a, (assistant and successor). Session Clerk, W M Heaton, 9 
Victoria st. Treasurer, M Halliday. Minister's brae ; Organist, John Gumming, 
Church Officer, Archd Henry, Palace buildings 

New Rothesay, Argyle street (hours of worship, 11 a.m and G.3U pin) — Rev John 
M Dickie, bd. Session Clerk, Dugald Weir. Clerk and Treasurer, Wm Grant, 
Seat-Letter, Hector MTvellar. Organist, Arthur S Christie. Superintendent of 
Sabbath School, Frank Montgomeiie. Church Officer, George Wyatt, 2 Mac- 
kinlay st 

Trinity Church, Castle street (hours of worship, 11 a m and G.30 pin — Minister. 
Rev Session Clerk and Treasurer, August Thompson. Clerk 

to Deacons Court, Chas Paterson. Seat-Letter, Peter M "Arthur. Superintend- 
ent of Sabbath Schools, James Duncan. Organist, Alex Gregory, i, no. 
Officer, Castle st 

West Church Argyle street (hours of worship, 11 am and 6 30 pm — Minister 
Rev , m A Session Clerk, TIs'gs Macdougall. Clerk to Deacons 

Court, Thomas W Doggart. Treasurer, James Smith. Roll Keeper, J H 
Miller. Seat-Letter, Andw Hamilton. Superintendent of Sabbath School, 
J W Mutch. Organist and choirmaster, M M'Ewan Officer, James 

Hunter, 24 Argyle st 
Bridgend Church, Bridgend street (hours of worship, LI am and 6"30 pin 
— Rev Robert L Kirk Session-Clerk, Alex M c Nab. Preses, James Miller. 
Clerk, Stuart HTbomson. Treasurer, Wm Meldrum. Seat-letter, D Sutherland. 
Superintendent of Sabbath School, Alex M''Nab, Organist, Harry Wilson. 
Church Officer, James Pinkerton, Church buildings 

Chapelhii.i, Church, High street — (hours of worship; English, 1 1 am and 6-30 
pm Minister, Rev A J B Paterson . m a, b sc Session Clerk, Donaid M'Cal- 
man. Clerk to Deacon's Court, Robeit MTarlane. Superintendent of Sabbath 
School, Organist, James Thomson. Church Officer, Thomas 

Bell, 2 Logie pi 

United Free Church, continuing — Meets in Masonic Hall on Sabbaths at IL 
am and 6 80 pm. Pulpit supply arranged by Presbytery. Clerk, Dune Carrie 
Treasurer, Peter M'Lean 

Craigmore (St Brendan's), (hours of worship 11 a.m and 6.30 — Minister, 
Rev John Dunlop Brown, ma. Session-Clerk, T Maclagan. Clerk to Mana- 


Lawson's Luncheon and Tea Room, 

Confectionery by AH Leaiiag Ma'cers. 
Frf.mi Fhuit and IJYoWEus- 

BouQutTS and Floral Wreaths. 

17 Victoria Street 

R. BPOWa & CO., 'Phone No. 42 

B r o sa an o n g e r s, 

43 Montague Street 


SDipping $ Famslp Butchers, 

74 Montague Street and 

- Ph ; ue Kilchattan Bay. 

Only H o in e - F e d B e e f an d Mu tton kept. 
Afier Busiuos H >urs, 'prone Houm 1 , oiii>, Rothesay. 

'Cycles and Gramophones. 

Repairs Promptly Executed, 

Cycles for Hire for any Period, 

Personal Supervision and Attention. 


91 Montague Street, Rothesay. 

Alexander M'Nab & Son, -Phone, No, 3 so. 

Joiners, Glaziers and Funeral Undertakers, 

II '•— Holyrood, Barone Road. 24 Watergate 

James Canning* & Son, 

Coach, House and Mo'or Painters, 

House Address— 30 Bishop S::eet. John Street 

OFFICIALS— Kothesay Parish and Burgh. 

gers, James Heaton, Cairncraig, Crichton rd Treasurer, Malcolm Wair. Or- 
ganist, Thomas Gillies. Church Officer, Jas Duncan, Logie pi, Bridge st 

Craigmore High Clnucli, Crichton road (hours of worship, 11 am and (!.30 pm- 
Kev Willm Gardiner, ma Session-Clerk, Robert Clunie. Preses, ,Tn Mackenzie. 
Clerk, A Ross Thomson. Treasurer, Robert Clunie. Organist, A Ross Thorn, 
son. Church Officer, Arthur S Ford, Fiona villa, Wellpark rd 

Free, Chapelhill, (hours of worship, 11 am and G 30 p m.) — Rev J I) Ramsay, 
Session-Clerk, Congregational Clerk and Treasurer, Taggart Mackirdy 

Church officer, John Wilson, 11 Argyle p'. 

Prayer meetings in connection with some of the Churches ( n Wednesday evenings. 

Baptist. Ardbeg road (hours of worship, 11 am and 6 30 pm) — Rev John Eigley 
Treasurer, ex-Bailie C. Muir, if Secretary, George Maitland. Organist, Ms 
Read. Superintendent of Sabbath School, George Maitland. Church Officer 
John MTean, Colbeck pi 

St Paul's Episcopal, Victoria street. — Established 1838; Church built in 1854 
and consecrated in 1862.— Hours of service, Sundays, 9 - 30, 11 am and 0.30 pm, 
Eucharist, 8 am daily. Evensong, 7 pm daily, except Saturdays, 6 pm 
Rector, Rev Malcolm Smith MA, Secretary, J Oaten Treasurer, Miss M Pratt. 

St Andrew's Roman Catholic, Columshill street (hours of worship, 8, 9, 11 
[during July and August, also at 12], evening service, Sundays 6 30, week days 
7 30) — very Rev Canon Andrew Butler. Assistant, Rev John Angler 
Mass on Holy days at 7 45 and 9 am; on week days, 8 am 

At Mountstuart: Mass on Sundays at 10 am 

Ladeside Mission, in connection with the West United Free Church. Convener, 
Sabbath School at 3 pm ; Superintendent, Thomas Mac- 
Dougall. Savings Bank, Saturday evening at 7. Evangelistic Services on Sab- 
bath evenings at 6 30 

The Faith Mission, instituted in 1886 for evangelization in small towns and 
country districts. Head-quarters and publishing-office, Edinburgh. Founder, J G 
Govan ; lion, acting director, H E Govan 

The Faith Mission Prayer Union Local Branch, established 1889, for Christian 
fellowship and evangelistic effort 

Salvation Army, Citadel, Albert Hall, High st. Eventide Home, Balmory, Ascog 

Officer in Charge, Commandant Wilson. 
Christian Brethren meet in the Gospel Hall, 1 Bridge st, on the Lord's Days 

at 11 a.m and 6 30 p m Also, at the Meeting House, 14 Bridge st 
Bible Christians meets in Good Templar Hall, on Sabbaths at 11 a m and b' 30 

pm — Officers — Messrs Carruthers, chairman; Barr, Treasurer; Hamilton, secy. 

Advertising and Town Purposes Asssociation —The following are the members, 
of the Association for Advertising the Town for 1931 viz. — Chairman, Provost 
Halliday: vice-chairman, J H MTvay, Esplanade hotel: Commiteee, ex-provosts 
Jas Fisher, G Hicks, E R Macmillan and James M'Millan; Bailie John Jones; 
Treasurer Angus R Thompson ; councillor James Whiteford; and Messrs Andw 
Prentice, Win Meldrum, Jas M'Arravy, T M Clay, Jim S Slaven, Archd Miller, 
Jas Johnston, Charles Sweet, B W Brennan, Wm Leggat and Tom Terris 
Secretary and Treasurer, George M M'Lintock, 5 High st 


Phone, No. S 


(A. Munro, Licensed), 

Wholesale a^d Fairly Wirje IVIepelyxnt, 

arid Dealep in Old Seotefy W^isKies, 

2-6 Towep Street. 

This i.s the only Business in Rothesay which is exclusively that of Family Wine 
Merchants and Spirit Dealers, Wholesale and Retail. 

Bookseller, Stationer, and 

Fancy Ooods Merchant, 

49 Montague Street. 

Souvenirs of Rothesay a Speciality 

Established 1857. Telephone No. 66. 

D. C. M UK RAY & CO., 

decorators, (Blasters, anO picture jfmmt fakers, 
86 Montague street. 

Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Paperhangings. 
Glass, Polished and Rough Plate, Embossed and Ornamental, Silvered Mirrors, 
Sheet Glass, Lend Lattice Work, Pictiuc Mouldings, 
Vita Glass 

Glasgow and West of Scotland Society 

10R THE 

Prevention of Cruelty 


28 Bath Street, Glasgow. 

THE SOCIETY has, during the Season, an Officer in Rothesay for the purpose of in 
quiring into ».nd investagatllig all ACTS of CRUELTY to ANIMALS throughout 
the Counties of Argyll and Bute. Complaints left at the Police Office, will receivd 
immediate attention, A Lethal Chamber for humane destruction of stray or unwanted 
c aN is available at the premises of Mr R. Moodie, Watergate, Rothesay. 

OFFICIALS— Rothesay. 

LAWYERS.— David Arnot, 35 High st. Robt Frame, and D & W G Grant, Wat -r- 
gate. Macbeth & Maciagan, Castle st James M Matheson, Castle st. James 
Rose, llb, ws, Castle st Robert D Whyte, Castle st Wilson & Alexander, n p 
Castle st 

BANKS — Bank of Scotland, Guildford square : D M'Vicar, agent 
Royai,, Victoria street: A Thomson Wood, agent 
British Linen, 04 Montague street — William Grant, agent 
Clydesdale, Guildford square: John R Campbell, agent 
Bute Savings, Castle street: John C M'Callum, actuary 

PHYSICIANS --Tlios C Christie, mb.cIib, 1 Battery place T Wilson Howie, MB,chb, 
11 Battery place. John N Marshall, m t>, 7 Battery place. Ian Stewart Mc- 
Gregor, m b, cb b, Battery palce or Sharp, Achnamara, Ardbeg r>r Thomson 
Bishop terrace 

HOSPITALS. -Robertson Stewart, Townhead- Medical Officer, or Howie. Visitng 
hours. 1 till 3 daily Matron, Mrs Robertson Caretaker, John Weir 

Victoria, High street. — Established and maintained for medical ai.d surgical 
treatment of persons suffering from injuries or non-infectious diseases. — Hon 
President, The Marquis of Bute. Chairman of Committee of Management 
ex-provost Hicks. Hon Secretary-Treasurer, Thomas Maciagan. Matron, Miss 
Eliz C Bell. Caretaker, John Stewart 

The visiting days are : Tuesdays and Thursdays from seven till eight o'clock, and 
Wednesdays and Sundays from three till four o'clock 

Glasgow Western Infirmary — Local Treasurer, J R Campbell, Clydesdale Bank 
Veterinary Surgeon, Robert Moodie m k c V 3, 23 Bridge st 

Nursino Association — Hon President, Dowager Marchioness of Bute. Presi- 
dent, Marchioness of Bute. Vice-Presidents, Lady Reid, Ardencraig, Miss 
Helen R Wilson. Chapelhill house, and iMrs Constable, Foley house. Hon 
Joint-Secretaries, Mrs J N Marshall, Battery pic. and Miss Alexander, Greylands, 
Hon Treas, Miss Weir, Rullecheddan. Queen's Nurses, Mrs Scott, Misses Ritchie 
and Brigham. 

Thomson Home, Townhead — Matron, Miss Mary Mackinnon. Visiting hours — 
Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, 3 till 4 p m ; Tuesdays and 
Thursdays, 7 till 8. 

Salvation Army Eventide Home, Balmory House, Ascog 
Wilicir Houses, for Ageing Bute Women, Townhead 

Norman Stewart Institute, Montague street, erected by former townsmen (who re- 
membered their native place while prospering abroad) at a cost of about £10,000 
for the benefit of working men and women. Board of Management — Chair- 
man, provost George Halliday Committee — ex-provost E R Macmillan, Bailie 
Jones, Revs Jn M Dickie and J D Ramsay and Mr Jas Smith Librarian, Margt 
M'Crone. Secretary and Treasurer, Win Grant. Janitor, James Brooks 

Rothesay Horticultural Society. — President, Provost Geo Halliday Secretary and 
Treasurer, Robert Wood, Bellevue rd 



Established over Halfa-Ceiiiury. 

John MacLaehlan, 


6 7 and 8 5 Montague Street. 

No. 36 


Family and Shipping Butchers, 

65 Montague Street. 

Always on hand a Choice Selection of Beef, Mutton and Lamb, 

Mince and Sausages, a Speciality 

Hotels and Boarding Houses catered for. 



with which is incorporate 

The Bute Insurance Company. 

Fire Accident, Plate Glass, Fidelity Guarantee, Burglary 

and Life (in, connection with the British Equitable Assurance Co., Ltd) 

Insurance Transacted. 

Prospectuses and Forms of Proposal may be obtained from any of the Agents of the 
Company, or at the Rothesay Branch Office. 28 Castle Street, 

MACBETH & MACLAGAN, District Secretaries 
Chief Office for Scotland, 180 West George Street, Glasgow 

E. E. CROOKS. District Manager 

The Oldest Boat-Hiring Business in Rothesay. 

•IT. «-_ TTJL^STl^OK, 


Yard — Ladeside Street. Stance — Esplanade. 

Boats of any descrivtion Built to any specification. 


Rowing and Sailing Boats from the same Stance. 
Special Terms to Private Parties 
Sole Agent in this District for Grampian MarineMotor Engines. 
Sole Maker of Famous " Bute'' Oars. 

OFFICIALS— Professions. Joint Stock Companies. 

EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS. — Kothesay Academy and Thomson Institute 
Hector, James Munro, ju (hons),, b l. 

Hgher Grade School — Annie M Douglas; Ana H Larg, ma (lions); A M 

Oit, si a ; T N Macllvarey M A (lions); (science), George Bruce, E S 

Matthew, ma (lions); Julia M Edgar, Ma; George T Scott, A it c a ; 

W Chapman, ma (lions); Mary Smith, ma; Mary Gordon, ma and AR MThee, 
Primary School: Infant Division — Annie M Douglas and Annie D B M "Crone, 

and Misses Shearer, Duff and Anderson 

Junior Division — Marion M x Dougall 

Senior Division--!! Mowat, ma 

Music — Arthur S Christie. Sewing — Janet Morrison. Singing Alex Gregory 
Janitor, John Allan Attendance officer, J Duncan 

Public Infant and Elementary School — Headmaster, Thomas W Doggart 
Wma S Tulloch, Kate M Whyte, Mrs Campbell and Misses Wright, M'Farlane 
Mackinnon, Murray, Yates, Davidson, Funnell, Gunn, Ross, Massie and An- 
drew Thomson m a 

Supplmentary — Headmaster, John M r Donald, Misses Lyle, Kerr, J N Guthrie. 
Hodge and Tait Woodwork and Drawing, J L Strachan 
Cookery and Domestic Science, A T Glover 
Gymi astics — Graham Janitois, Daniel Lamont and Peter Rankin 

St Andrew's R C School — H S Hughes (head master), Misses Courtney, Gunn 
and M'Ginnis. Singing, Alex Gregory, Misses Macdonald and Cronin 

Joint Stock Companies. — Tramway Co (Limited) — Chairman, G R Hulmed 
Secretary, S J Itowe. General manager, Arch Robertson. Engineer, W Foxton. 

Carriagk Hiring and 'Bus Co — M'Kirdy & M r Millan, Ltd — Chairman, 
Arch Robertson. Secretary, W C King. Managing Director, Jas M'Millan 

The Buteman, Limited — Chairman, Sir John Reid, Ardencraig. Secretary and 

Manager, Charles M Stevenson, Buteman office 
The Palace Cinema Ltd. — Manager, D S Kerr. Secy, Chas Paterson 

Craigmork Pier Co — Chairman, James Smith Secretary, James Mackinnon 
Piermaster, captain Peter M'Kellar and Son 

Georgk Halliday, Limited — Chairman and Managing Director, George Halliday 
Secretary, Malcolm Halliday. Solicitors, Russell & Duncan 

Glenburn Hydropathic Co Ltd — Visiting Physician, Dr Marshall. Secretary 

J. Eckford Wallace, C a, 18 Alva street, Edinburgh 
Martin Brothers, Motor Bus Hirers, King's Mill Garage 
Theatre de Luxe — Fred R Burnette proprietor. 

Fire Brigade. — Firemaster, Alex Stephen, Master of Works; captain, T Noble, 
110 High st ; J Hislop, 3 Bishop terrace brae : A M"Fie, 66 Montague st ; D 
M'Fie, 177 High st ; J Gillies, 20 Ladeside; D M'Arthur, 18 Ladeside; John 
Paterson, 15 Bishop st; Dan Hyndman, Bellevue rd ; D Campbell, 20 Russell 
st ; A Ferguson, 21 Columshill st ; A S Browu, 11 Crossbill villas; and C 
M"Nab (driver), County Yard house 

D 49 


'Phpne, No. 210. Established 1842. 

James Smith, 

Joiner, Cabinetmaker, 

and Funeral Undertaker, 

15 Bishop street, Rothesay 





S&mnipl® Pnek@it§, DnfiFsireinift IP^iilblncattnoiffis, 

Printed in English, Skots, Esperanto, and 

Pitman'z Fonetik Loijhand and Reformd Speliij. 
sent to any Address on receipt of Postal Order for 2/6. 

highest Class Productions, 



Can always be bad at 

Trie RETAIL SHOPS of the 
United Co -Operative Baking Society, Limited, 

John ThOPfoUFn, Telephone. No. 170 

Fishmonger, Ice Merchant & Licensed Dealer «> Game, 

(A few doors West from Post Office). 18 West Princes street 

Poultry Supplied. 

Scottish Letter Headings, with Verses, &c. . 8d doz. 

Reduction for Quantities. 12 different kinds. Specimens, 3d postal coupons. 

HIGGIE & CO., Publishers, Rothesay, Scotland. 

OFFICIALS— Publications, Society Office-Bearers. 

PUBLICATIONS — The Butkman and West Coast Chronicle Unionist), ljd weekly, 

published every Friday afternoon by Buteman, Ltd., Castle street — Charles M 

Stevenson, manager 
Gcidk to Rothesay and the Island of Bute, 2d annually, Buteman Ltd 
Rothesay Express, Id weekly, published every Tuesday evening by M Mackenzie 

& Son, Montague street 
Bui'K County Directory, 3s (2s to subscribers), postage 3d, published annually 

in July by Higgle & Co, Bridge street 
Ronnie Scotland's Resorts, 4d, b'd and Is 1 , published by Higgie & Co, Bridge st 
Tiik Coast Guide, Memorandum Book and Register, 2d, published by Higgie & 

Co, Bridge street 
Beluga Skotlando, an adaptation of the above into Esperanto (the first guidebook 

printed in the International Language). 2d. Higgie & Co. 
Boni SKOTLAND,in Pitman's Phonetic Longhand, adopted from the foregoing, and is 
published in commemoration of Sir Isaac Pitman's Centenary. 2d. Higgie & Co 
Is Esperanto Worth Learning? By Bernard Long, isa. 4d and 10 cents. — 

Higgie& Co. 
SKOTLAN DA PEJZAGO [Scottish Scenery] Typical Views from Photogaphs 

with Descriptions in English and Esperanto. Is. Higgie & Co 
La Enamiwo de laNAciOJ (the Courtship of the Nations), brochurets containing 

articles written, in Esperanto (the international language) by persons in all the 

civilised countries of the world. Id. Higgie & Co. 
Skots at Hame and Abroad andwba wi'them forgaither, a quarterly miscellanv 

of interesting and humorus literature in common and reformed speling. 2d 
Official Guide, Published by the Advertising Committee. Price, 6d. Sen t post 

free to non-residents on receipt of three penny stamps for postage, from George 

M'M'Lintock, architect, Rothesay 

Jrieiidly & Benefit Societies — Free and Accepted Masons.— Prov. G. Lodge o 
Argyll and the Isles— P G M, Fred Waller Fell Clark, Glen Caladh. S P G M 

Lt-col Seaton Anderson P G M D. R H Ingham Clark. Chaplain, rvJ Dun- 
lop Brown b i>. PG Secretary, W Dunlop Brown, County Buildings, Rothesay. 
Assistant, G M'Lintock, Rothesay. Treasurer, Thomas M Clay, Rothesay 

Lodge "Rothesay St John," No.292, Established 1821 — -Meets in Masonic Temple* 
Chapelhill road, on 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month from September till April 
— RWM, Male Buchanan Secretary, John Holmes, Montague st, Treasurer, 
S Waller. Tyler, John M'Ewan 

Provincial Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Argyll and the Isles. — Grand Superin, 
tendent, John Maclachlan. Rothesay; P G Scribe E, Harry Graham, Rothesay; 
P G Treasurer, Chas J Freebairn, llothesay 

" St Blank's" Royal Arch Chapter, No. 163 — Meets in Masonic Temple, Chapelhil 
road, on second Monday of each month from September till March.— 1st Principal, Z. 
J Frank Montgomerie; 2nd Principal H, C Fretbairn ; 3rd Principal, J, Harry 
Graham; Scribe E, Win Rodger, 28 Castle st ; Treasurer, Angus L Gilchrist 
Janitor, David Donaldson 

Cryptic Council. — T I M, J Watson ; D M, F Dewar ; P C W, Harry Graham. 
Recorder. Frank Montgomtrie Treasurer, Colin Kerr 

Order of Eastern Star. — '' Duchess of Rothesay" Chapter No. 15. — Instituted 
November, 1905. — Meets in the Masonic Temple, on tiie fourth Monday of each 
month from September till May. Matron, Mrs Eliz Heaton. Patron. Charles 
Harvey Secretary, Bessie Kennedy, 22 Columshill st. Treasuerr, Mrs Eadie. 
Sentinel, John M'Ewau 




27 Victoria street, Rothesay 

Breakfasts. Dinners. Teas. 
GEORGE SWAN, 'Phone No 35. 

Fruiterer and Confectioner, 

Orders punctually attended to. 79 Montague st 

JOHN MACKINNON, Phone No 310. 

Family Grocer and Tea Merchant, 

6 Montague st 

Orders called for Every Morning and Promptly attended to. 


Carrier and Carting Contractor, 

Yard 4 .John street. 29 Mill street 

Furniture and Luggage Removed. 


M on u mental II o r k s, 

Monuments in Granite, Marble and Freestone. Cemetery Gate 

Designs and Prices on Application. Jobbings Promptly Executed. 


Joiner, Cabinetmaker, Funeral Undertaker. Wood Turner, 

House, 27Argylest. and, Fret Cutter, 22 Bridge St: 

All Orders will have the same Prompt and Careful Attention as formerly. 

R HARVEY, Tel, Rothesay, 335. 

Shipping and Family Butcher, 

23* Montague Street, Rothesay 

All Beef. Mutton and Lamb guaranteed Home-Fed, 

Chickens, Eggs and Butter from our own Farm. 

BLAKEY'S HOTEL and PENSION, 'Phone, 62, Rothesay 

(Late Hotel and Pension, now Next Door). at CPaig'mOPe PieP. 

Liberal Table. Moderate Tariff. S. BLAKEY, Proprietrix, 

First-Class Service, (for 15 years Manageress of the Glasgow Art Club, and- 
6 j ears Proprietrix of Craigmore Hotel & Pension.) 

OFFICIALS— Rothesay Society Office-Bearers 

White Shrink of Jerusalem, Mizpah Chapter. No. 4--WH Priestess, Mrs Stirling, 
W S Sojourner, W M Heaton W H Skeperdess, Mrs B Davidson, Ardencraig. 
Scribe, miss Annie Jeffrey Treasurer, Miss Bessie Kennedy 

Ancient Order of Foresters — Greenock, Bute, and Argyll District-- Meets 
half-yearly for business on last Fridays in April and October. Secretary, J W 
Graham, Library buildings, Greenock 

Co irt "Bote" No 5G30 — Meets in the Foresters' Hall every alternate Wednesday, — 
R, Daniel Lamont. Treasurer, Thos Napier. Secretary, Geo MTintock 
Medical Officer, i>r Cameron The balance at the credit of the sick and funeral 
and smaller funds is over £2200 

I.oyai. Order of Ancient Shepherds (Ashton Unity) — " Lord Bute" Lodge 
No 2001 — Meets every alternate Wednesday in the Lesser Good Templar Hall — 
Secretary John Paterson, 15 Bishop st. Treasurer, G Oliphant, 

Sons of Temperance — "Rothesay's Effort" Division, No 467 — Amalga- 
mated with Grand Lodge, Glasgow 

International Order of Good Templars — District Lodge of Bute and Oowal, No 

13 — DOT, James Hunter. Rothesay D S, Hugh Peacock, Kirn. DT, Alrx 

M'Nab, j p, Rothesay 
•"George Stephenson" Lodge, No 122 — Meets in Good Templar Hall, Tower 

street, on Tuesdays at 8 pm — Chief Templar, Mrs Gellon L D, A M r Nab, 

Secretary, M'Lean Treasurer, A M r Nab,isen 

" Rothesay's Freedom" Lodge, No 228 — Meets in the Good Templar Hal, 

Tower st. on Thursdays at 8 pin — Clif Templar, M Stewart. Secy, Mrs Stewart 

" Hope of Rothesay" Juvenile Lodge, No 252 — Meets in Good Templar Hall. 
Tower street, on Saturdays at G p m — Superintendent, sirs M'Connell 

Independent Ordkk of Rechabites — " Hope of Bute" Tent, No. 2325, — 
Meets in St Paul's hall, Dean Hood place on alternate Mondays of eacli month 
Chief Ruler, . Secretary, D Rodger, Victoria st, Rothesay 


Juvenile Tent, '' Duke of Rothesay," No 1273. — Superintendent, 

British Women's Temperance Association — President, Mrs W'atson. Secretary, 
Mrs Ma'tland. Treasurer, mis Andrews 

Rothesay Charity Organisation Society' and Civic Guild — Instituted 

to ameliorate the condition of the poor, repress mendacity, and expose impos- 
ture. The Civic Guild also constitutes the Rothesay Branch of the Royal Scot- 
tish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. Under this department 
of the Guild's activities, dinners are given to necessitous school children through- 
out the Winter months 
Chairman, ex-nailie Buchanan; lion Secretary, nev M Smith, Rectory; lion 
Treasurer, A T Wood, Royal Bank 
Rothesay' Citizens' Union — President, Secretary, Thos 

Women's Freedom League, meets in the Stewart Institute on the last Wednesday of 
each month — President, Miss Mry Park. Secretary, Miss Gilmour, 5 Victoria st 
Ratepayers' Association — Chairman, Rev J D Ramsay Secretary and Treasurer. 
Alex Robertson 




Painter and Decorafo r, 

67 High Street 


Fishmongers and Poultry Dealers, 

117 Montague ami 5 Tower Streets 

ALEX. LISTER & SON, ' P1 ' onc - No - ™ 

Nurserymen and Rose Specialists, 

Shop, 13 High Street. Barone Road 


Grocer and Provision Merchant, 

Orders called for and promptly delivered. 2 Bridgend Street 


Slater and Cement Worker, 

Yard— 18 Mill Street. 2 Mansfield Plaee 

Vents Swept and Estimates for Work given. 


Ladies' and Children: 's Outfitter, 

75 Montague Street 

The Stock comprises the Newest and Most Fashionable Goods. 

Customers can always rely on setting the Finest Quality 



Established 1S63. Telephone 81). 5 Gallowgate 


Licensed Auctioneer and Valuator, 

5 Bishop Street (Opposte G .P.O. 
Highest Prices. Prompt Settlements 


OFFICIALS — Rothesay Com pany anil Society Office Be arers 

TRADE Societies — Building Trades' Federation— Convener, 

Se cretary. 
Amalgamated Society of Wood Work krs— President, W Salisbury. 

Secretary, Dugald Colqulion. Treasurer. John Archer 
Boarding House Keepers' Association— Chairman, A Bird Secretary, C Sweet 
Co-Opertativr Society — Chairman, Miss Agnes Arrnl Secretary and Manager, 

John Brand 
Master Bakers' Association — President, Charles Muir. Secretary, C S Muir 
Merchants' Association — President, A It Thompson. Secretary and Treasurer, 

A Prentice 
Newsagents' Association. — President, Thos M Clay. Secretary, Andrew Buch- 
anan. Treasurer, 
Operatic Society — President, Frame; vice, Robert Houston Secretary 

and treasurer, W G Rodger. Conductor, Morrison 

Operative Painters' Society— President, Charles Marsh: Secretary, John Donelly, 

Port Bannatyne 
Property- Owners' Association — Chairman, John M Lamont. Secretary, William 

Fulton, Castle st 
Carters' and Motorukns' Society —Secretary, R Weir, 4 Mountpleasant 

Mutual Improvement. — New Rothesay Literary Association, established 1906.- 
Meets in the Masonic Temple on Thursday evenings from October till March, 
Hon President, Rev John 31 Dickie, bd. President, Frank Montgomerle. 
Secretary, Daniel Morrison. Treasurer, Miss Bessie Watson 

Young Men's and Women's Literary Society, meets in West U F Church Hall, on 
Monday evenings. Hon President, Kev Hugh Davidson, MA. President, James 
Duncan Secretary and Treasurer, Mary Smith, MA, Newark, Serpentine rd 

Young Women's Christian Association — Institute, Battery place —Senior Branch 
meets every Tuesday : Junior Branch, every Monday. Girls' Club, Wednes- 
days, Thursdays and Fridays from October to March. President, Mrs Traill; 
Secretary, Mrs Waller Warden and Club Leader, Miss Drummond, Mrs M'Leod 
Matron, Miss Abercrombie 
Royal Rothesay Silver Band — Conductor, James J Gilchrisr Chairman 
Neil M^Nicol ; Secretary, Jas Lamont 

Rothesay Malk. Voice Choir — presideut, Robert M c Fie Secy, J Stewart Treas, 
Neil Gillies Cenduefor, Alex Plun.pton 

Bute Choir Union—president, Kev Robert. L Kirk Secretary, Rev Win Gardiner, 
Committee of organists 

Boys' and Girls' Rkligious Society — Meets in Tower Street Hall, every Sabbath 
at 11 a in. Supported by voluntary contributions— President, Jn Watson. Secre- 
tary', Mrs John Watson, Barons rd 

Comrades of the Great "War — -Rothesay Branch Ltd.— Club Rooms, 17 
Montague st -- President, Major Andrew M M'Kinlay id, Secretary, John 

British Legion, Rothesay Branch — president, ex-provost Hicks. chairman, C 
F Grant. Treasurer, J Anderson, secretary, W E Trescowthick 

Women's Section — President, Mrs A Macmillan. Chairwoman, Mrs Jhonston. 
Secy, Mrs Trescowthick 

Boys'Brigade — 1st Rothesay Company meets in the Drill Hall, on Friday even- 
ings for drill only. Captain, Wm M'Kay. Sunday Bible class at 2 15 

Boys' Scouts — Local Committee — Chairman, ex-provost Hicks. Secretary, 


Study with the view to Efficiency. 





;ire Powers which are transforming 
Tjik World. 


The Universal 
Arab Numerals, 
Staff Notation, 

Code of Signals 

at iSea, 
and Esperanto- 
based on 
solid and sure 
foundations, — 
are now used 
for the pleasure 
and profit of 

so distinct that 

ordinary men 
need not err in 

each other. 

All who use it 

are thoroughly 




*T& Established 187t. ^ 

«► School of jj 


AND ^ 


& 22 Bridg-e Street, Z 
4* Rothesay. ^ 





4* and Assistants. jjt 


^ Prospectuses on Application *fr 

By meeans of 



psrsons in an}' 

country can, and 

do, correspond 

with persons in 

other countries, 

without the 

necessity of 

knowing each 

others language 

In order that 

old national 

languages may 

be simplified, 

their spellings 

are also desired 

to be made 
purely phonetic. 


That which is easily gained 
is lightly valued. 


Fees for Instruction : 

15s per Quarter for each Subject 
in Classes. 

Priv ae Tuition by special arrangement. 



OFF I C I A LS— Rothesay Sports 

SPORTS and Pastimes — Golf Courses: Municipal, East Burgh Lands, opened 
May, 1!)08, Green-keeper, Thos Learmonth 

Golf Club — Captain, Geo Bruce. Secretary and Treasurer, Robert P Smith 
. St John's Masonic Golf Club — Secy and Treas, S H Waller 

Bowling Clubs.— Rothesay— Green, Ballocligoy. Chairman of Directors, ex-Bailie 
Buchanan. President, Malcolm Smith Secretary and Treasurer, Wm Sprowl 

Ardbeg and Port-Bannatyne — Green, Wyndham park — Chairman of Directors' 
A K Lauder; President, Peter McMillan; Secretary, Geo M'Lintock; Green- 
keeper, James MTvellar 

Ceickkt Club, Iuterm Secretary, J S Gillespie. 

Curling Club — President, major Hicks.. Secretary, VV Dunlop Brown Treasurer 

Robt Houston 
Foothall Clubs — Bate Athletic. Royal Victoria 

Shinty Club, North Bute — President, H Simpson Secy and Treas, R Livingstone 

Lawn Tennis — Corporation Courts, the Meadows — Overseer, John Haig 

Ardbeg Courts — Secretary, Edward Mathew, Wyndham rd Treasurer, Jk Soniers 
Craigmore Courts--Caretaker, Captain MTvellar, Pier 
Bute Junior Foothall Association — President, A Munro. Secretary and Treasurer, 
T Whiteford. 

There are several trophies and prizes competed for annually among the members of 
the various clubs. The principal of these are the following: — 
Prize. Presented by — 

Bowling — Buteshire County Cup, sir Malcolm Weir, Rulliecheddan 

,, Do. County Cup & Badges ex-provost James McMillan 

,, Rothesay Club Champion Cup 

Ardbeg Championship Cup, 

„ Freemasonic Trophy 

Football — Knockdhu Charity Cup, 
, Salvesen Shield, 

,, Buteshire Juvenile Cup 

,, Lawric Rose Bow], 

., Buteshire Junior Cup, 

Golf— Firth of Clyde Trcpliy, 
Putting Green — Macmillan Cu - ;. 
Shinty — "Buteman" Cup, 
,, Macrae Cup, 

,, Baltimore Cup, 

,, Juvenile Cup, 

„ Duncan Trophy, 

,, Lawrie Cup, 

,, Campbell Cup, 

., Camanachd Cup, - 

Swimming Lawrie Cup, 

Brother Fred Walter Fell Clark, P GM 
sir Norman Lamont, Knockdhu. 
Lord Salvesen, k c 
ex -Bailie John l.yle, Lome Hotel 
ex-Bailie J M Lawrie, Rothesay 

ex-Provost E R Macmillan, Rothesay 
The late Joseph D Wilson, Rothesay 
Lady Colin MacRae, Colintraive. 
Lieut-colonel MacRae- Gilstrap, Ballmiore 
Lady Margaret MacRae. Colintraive 
Ninian Duncan, Little Kilmoiy 
J M Lawrie, Rothesay 
Arch Campbell, Rothesay. 
Daniel Shaw, Rothesay. 
J M Lawrie, Rothesav 


Geopg-e M. M'Lintoek, 


5 High stpeet. 

J. G p a h a m , 

m lect r ical B) n g* i n e e r. 

9 Montague Street 

"Cycles and Gramophones Supplied and Repaired, 

Established 1878. Telephone No. IK). 



At CTJITNIITGHAM'S SI Montague St., Rothesay- 

Where you will get a Choice Variety of Fresh Goods at City Prices. 

Dunean Dewap, phoneN .2-?o 


15 Castle Street 

Bute Savings Bank, 7 Castle street, Rothesay. 

Sums can now be deposited with us to any amount — limited to £500 a year. 

Open Daily from 10 till 3, Saturdays from 10 till 12; Saturday Evenings from 7 till 8. 

Deposits transferred from other Savings Banks free of charge. 

Alexander R. Peacock, r 1>1,0ne 197 - 

Registered J 'lumber, Gasfitter and Zinc Worker, 

71 High street 

House Address — 3arone .Barone Road. 
Hot and Cold Water Appliances, Be'l Hanging. Pumps, Phones, Ridges, &c. 

N. MaeNieol, 

Family Baker, Pastry Cook and Purveyor, 

Speciality in Cake's, Shortbread, Husks, etc 81 High St 

Hot Pies Every Saturday. Soirees and Excursions Supplied. Biscuits and Pastry in Great 
Variety. Cakes of Every Description Made to Order. 
Marriage Parties Purveyed for in first-Class Style. Charges Moderate 

Geopg'e Maitland, 

Electrician, fell iter, ^heet .pie'al flSlorkpr 

Flectrieal Repairs. ullll jpUmiSllillg \\ OMIlOngPr, 

Electreilicrs, Grates. Tile Hearths, Ac. supplied and fitted. Brass Plates, Stenslis, Repairs 

7e Bridgend st and 3 Ladeside St. 

Fairs, Holidays, Communications and Postal Arrangements. 

Fairs— Thursday before 28th May (hiring), third Wednesday and Thursday in July. 
Brux Day (horse). Thursday before 28tli November (hiring), and Thursday before 
Kilbarchan December Fair (horse). [The first Wednesday in Ma}' and last Wed- 
nesday in October used to be the dates of fairs, and are still published in some re- 
ference books, but they are obsolete] 

Holidays — New Year's Day, Victoria Day, Brux Day Fair (20th and 21st July) 
and Thursday loth Sept. First Wednesdays in November, December, February 
and March are merchants' holidays. From October till June, Wednesday after- 
noons are shopkeepers' holidays 

Communications — Steamers ply several times daity to the mainland via Wemyss Ba\> 
Gourock, Greenock, and Craigendoran, in communicating with Glasgow and a], 
parts; also daily to the Kyles to Ardrishaig. In Summer, steamers ply regul 
larly to Arran, Campbeltown and Inveraray, and irregularly to all the surround- 
ing ports. Electric and motor cars run to Port-Bannatyne and Ettrick Bay- 
and buses to Mount'stuart and Kilchattan Bay several times a day 

Pcstal Arrangements. — Post Office, Bishop street. Postmaster, Archd Watt 
Despatches at 7 80, 10 (west), and 10 15 am, 2 and 4 pin. Extra during Season, 

G 15 and 7 pra Sats., and on Sunday afternoons 
Deliveries — 8 and 10 30 am and 5 pin. (From October till May the 5 pm delivery 

is suspended on Sats, but letters can be called for at the head office between 5-6 
Money Orders issued and paid from 8 a m til! 7 HO pm. 

Savings Bank — Deposits received do. do. 

Postal Orders issued and paid do. do. 

Telephone Call Office open from 8 am till 7 30 pm On Sundays from 9 till 10 am 

When Public Office is closed, calls may be made from Night Call Office (side door 

entrance in Bishop st), and at Telephone Kiosks along the front. 
Telegraph Office open on week days from 8 a in till 730 p in. Sundays, 9 till 10 am 
Ardbeg road (Telegraph, 8 a m till 7 pm). Despatches to suit Rothesay. Postal 

Money Order, and Savings Bank business from 9 am til!7 pm No Sunday service. 
Craigmore Pier (T S O ) — Despatches to suit Rothesay arrangements. Telegraph, 

9 am till 7 p m Postal, Money Order, and Savings Bank business. No Sunday 


Sub-Post Offices at Columshill street and Gallowgate for the sale of stamps and sale 
and payment of postal orders 

Additional Letter Boxes at Academy road, Argyle place, Ballocbgoy, Columshill st, 
Cragielea, Crichton road, Fergusson place, Guildford square. High street, Mill st, 
Mount pleasant, Mountstuart road, Orcadia, the Pier, Serpentine road. Golf course, 
Rosemount, Barone road, Scalpsie road and Greenwood 

Automatic Vending Machines at Head Office, Gallowgate, and Ardbeg rd, and Port 
Bannatyne, and Telephone Kiosk at Pier 


Phone, 71, Rothesay. 

On Admiralty Lis 




and Boat-Builder, 
Joiner, Painter, 

and Chandler, 
High Class Work - - 
at Moderate Prices 

Yachts and Launches hauled up 
for Wintering and Repairs, 
or Moored Afloat in the Bay. 
First-Class Storage for Spars, 
Sails, Boats and Gear. 
PiSTitor. and Lijbbioatixg Oir, 

Motors Installed and Repaired hij Skilled Mechanics. 

Rotlnsap Cramipap Cop., £td. 

The Cheapest, Safest, Cleanest, Speediest, 
and most interesting" Route is by Seenie 
Electric Railway. 

Electric Caps every few minutes from 
Guildford Square, Rothesay. 

Return Journey can be made by the 
Tramway Company's De Luxe Sunshine Roof 

Giant Pneumatic Tyres make them al- 
most as comfortable as the Electric Railway. 

Parish of North Bute. 

r I^HIS is the northern portion of the island of Bute. Port-Bannatyne, its principal 
-*• village, is two and a-lialf miles from Rothesay, with which it is connected by tram- 
way. Karnes Castle, in the vicinity, is said to be the oldest inhabited castle in the 
country, and was the ancient seat of the Bannatynes. The village was named after 
that family — two brothers of whom (John and Gilbert) — received a charter from King 
Robert the Bruce, for services rendered at Banuockburn. 

At the 1921 census, (taken in June instead of April) the parish contained 1201 
males and 1529 females- total, 2730. The 1931 census, taken in April, showed the 
population of tha Island outside o Rothesay to be 2,779 

For Number of voters on the roll, see County information. 

(For Courts and Court Officials, Justices of the Peace, and County 
Boards, see County Lists). 

Assessments — See County L : st ; Local Scavenging, I^d; Drainage, Jd— equal on 
owners and tenants. 

Registrar, (^ In 1930 there were 18 births, marriages and 18 deaths 

Miss Jane Carrie > „ 1929 „ 19 „ 4 „ 24 „ 

CHURCHES. — Church of Scotland, St Cormac's, Crockanrae, hours of worship, 
1 30 pm ; St Ninian's 11 a m and 6 30 p m) 
Minister, Rev J Pringle Crosgrove, ma Session Clerk ; James V Malcom, j i» 
Superintendent of Sabbath School, Ed S Matthew ma. Precentor (Crock-an-ra) 
Hannoniumist) St Ninian's) Daniel Lamont. Church Officer, George Richardson, 
14 Hillhouse road, Rothasay 
Castle st 

Church of Scotland, StBruoc, Port-Bannatyne (hours of worship, 11 am and 
6 30 pm) — Minister, Rev William ]VFLeod, Session Clerk, Arch d Brown. 
Clerk of Deacons' Court, John Black Treasurer, Peter Finlay. Central Fund 
Treasurer, Miss Brown. Superintendent of Sabbath School, 
Organist, Miss M r Arthur Church Officer, Wm Stewart, Glenlea Convener of 
Seat Letting, Miss Currie Post office. 

Medical Officer, T Wilson Howie, m b, ch b 

Schools — Port-Bannatyne Public — Mistresses, Misses Hendry and Shearer 
Ballianlay, Miss Hogarth, mistress 
Kildavannan, Miss Blaikie, mistress 

Women's Rural Institute, Port Bannatyne — Mrs Myles, Wester Karnes, President 
Women's Rural Institute, Rallianlay — Miss Hogarth, President. 
Women's Rural Institutk, Kildavanan — Miss Gray-Buchanan, President. 



The Bute County Directory 

is the only Publication of the kind printed and 
published in Buteshire. Its data is carefully 
compiled, and much time and attention is devoted 
-each year to the careful investigation and noting 
of the necessary alterations in the personnel of the 
occupants of public offices, the correct addresses 
of the general inhabitants, and the latest changes 
amongst those engaged in business. 

The earliest publications connected with J to the 
say were Directories, and they are interesting 
reading even at this time of day. 

Our publication not only includes the Burgh of 
Rothesay (where it has long been most appreciated, 
but embraces the whole of the County of Bute — 
from the outlying districts of which more interest 
is respectfully solicited. 

Owing to the increased prices of material and 
wages, we have been compelled to raise our tariff" 
rom pre-war issues, but that advance is not nearly 
equal to the increased cost of production : We de- 
sire not the curtailing of our information, but the 
-continuing of everythng as full as possible. 

Whole-Page Advertisement, - £1 10 o 

(Special Positions by arrangement) 

Half-Page, - - 10 

Quarter, - - - 12 6 

Eighth, - - - 8 6 

Sixteenth, - - - 5 

Lines, each, - - - 2 

Prominent Names, each, - - - 2 

Telephone Numbers (except in Advertisements), 1 

Business Address in Householders' Section 10 

Private Address in Business Section, 10 

Copy of Directory to Subscribers (postage 3d) 2 
Non-Subscriber 3s. 


August, 19U2 

OFFICIALS -North Bute. 

Kyles of Bute Hydropathic Establishment - Chairman, A It Brown, t p 
Secretaries, D Hill Jack & Son, 141 West George st, Glasgow. Manageress, 
Miss Valentine 

Port-Bannatyne Pier Coy, Ltd.; Office, Rothesay Pier. Chairman, 

. Secretary, Arch Meikle. Piermaster, Gilbert M'Kellar 
North Bute Golf Ciub — President, ffm Brownie. Secretary, Jas Clark Treasurer 
Arch Brown Green-keeppr, Win Stewart 
North Bute Shinty Club— President, Thomas Lochhead 

I.O.G.T. — Lodge "North Bute'* No 649 — In abeyance 

North Bute Literary Society — In abeyance 

North Bute Liberal Club, West End House — President, A Hogarth. Secretary, 
and Treasurer, D McMillan, j'n 

North Bute Unionist Association — President, Ai'chd Robertson. Treasurer, 
Secretary, Lachlan Cook 

War Savings' Associatio n - Chairman, or Jhn M Lamont. Secretary and Treas- 

L Cook, Iona pi 
1st Port Bannatyne Camp, Boys' Brigade, meets in tha United Free Church 

hall on Fridays. 
Girl Guides, meets in St Ninian's Hall 'on Monday evenings — Captain, 

Lieut s, Misses Muir and Morrison 
Wolf Cuns meets in Port-Bannatyne School on Thursday evenings — Cub Master, 

Mary Nicholson 
Govan Combination Convalescent Home, Stewarthall — Miss Phillips, matron 

Postal Arrangements — Sub-Postmistress, Miss J. Currie, Port-Bannatyne 

— Despatches to all parts, via Rothesay, at 5 30, 9 15 a m, 12 55, 3 25, 5 30 

and 6 15 p m. (Summer only). 
Deliveries from all parts via Rothesay, about 10 15 a m, and 2 and 5 30pm 

Telegrams received and despatched from 9 am till 7 pin. 

Postal, Money Order and Savings Bank. No attendance on Sundays 

IF" 1 O T 


Printed and Made-Up with 





You can be instantly relieved from the Agony, and 

from the Terror of Asthma by 


Asthma Reliever (?<«, 
Asthma Cigarettes, 


Asthma Smoking Mixture 


And can always be relied upon 

to Give Instant Relief. 

To be had from all Chemists. 
Tins, Is 6d each. 

A Free Sample will very gladly be sent on application to 
the Manufacturers, 


Manufacturing- Chemists, 


Parish of Kingarth. 

rpHIS parish is rich in ecclesiastical history. The Irish Bishop, St Cattail, landed 
I here in the year 439. He was uncle of the famous St Blane. The parish includes 
the popular village of Kilchattan Bay, which is about seven miles from Rothesay, and 
has regular connection by steamer and 'bus. 

The population in 1891 was 10(J2; in 1901, 105G ; in 1911, 967; in June 
1921, 644 males; 83G females; total 1480; and in April, 1931, 

(For Courts and Court Officials, Justices of the Peace, and Count y Boards, 
see County Lists). 

County Assessments, 1929-30 — Poor rate, education, and registration, 4 10fd per £1 
on owners and lOjd on tenants. Kilchattan Bay water, 3d ; Ascog lighting, 2d 

Registrar, J R Byers, (During 1391 there were 18 births, 2 marriages and 11 deaths 
the School house \ 1930 „ 14 „ 3 „ 13 „ 

CHURCHES — Church of Scotland, Kingartli and Kilchatan Bay Churches: 
.Minister, Rev J Ekron Little m a Session Clerk, W B Crawford Treasurer, 
Wm Uracie 

Kingauth — Hour of Worship, 12 noon. Precentor, .Tames Logan Church Offi- 
cer, James Logan 
Kilchattan Bay — Hour of Worship, 6.30 p m Precentor, James Logan. Offi- 
cer, Wm Fisher 
Ascog, hours of Worship, 11 15 am and G 30 pm Minister and Superintendent of 
Sabbath Schools, Rev A R Cowie Church Officer, 

SCHOOLS. — Kingartli Public — James R Byres, master Miss Allison, mistress 
Kerrycroy Public — Miss Braid 

For Educational Committee, see County Section. 

Kilchattan Bay Pier Company (Limited) — Chairman, Thomas Gilmnur. Secretary, 
and Treasurer, W T Esplin. Piermaster, Malcolm Kelso 

Coates Free and Rural Library', Public School, Kingartli — Secretary and Librar- 
ian, James R Byres 

Agnes Patrick" and " Stevenson" Home, Ascog, in connection with Glasgow 
Poor Children's Fresh-Air Fortnight Scheme — Matrons, Misses Dunbar. Balfou r 
and Simpson. Hon. Secretary, T Thornton Mackeith, 82 Mitchell st, Glasgow, 

Public Library', Kerrycroy — Public School 

Bute Golf Club, the oldest course in the island, beautifully situated along Quochag 
shore — Captain, Wm Crawford Secretary and Treasurer, William T Esplic, 
Brandon house Visitors admitted 

e 65 

OFFICIALS- Kingarth. 

St Blane's Bowling Club— Secretary, Wm T Esplin. Treasurer, A Fulton 

Kingarth Bowling Club— Wm Crawford, Hotel 

Kilcbattan Bay Tennis Club— Secy and Treas, John C Morrison, P 
Women's Rural Instiutb, Kingarth — miss Begg, President. 

Postal Arrangements — Kingarth, Sub-Postmaster, R M'JFie, joiner 
Sale of stamps and postal orders 

Kilcliattan Bay, Sub-Postmistress, Mrs Morrison. Box closes, 8'25 am. and 2 45 pm 
Despatches to all parts via Rothesay, about 8 30 a m and 3 pm. 
Delivery from all parts via Rothesay, about 1130a m. 
Telegrams from 9am till 7 pm. Sunday, 9am till 10 am. 
Telephone, local and trunk 
Kiosk at Kingarth 

Postal, Money Order and Savings Bank Business, and Express Delivery 
Wednesday half-holiday 

Ascog — Sub-Postmistress, Mrs Levack — Deliveries and despatches to suit Rothesay 
arrangements. Telegrams from 9am till 7 p m. Postal and Money Order and 
Savings Bank business No Sunday attendance (Closed at 1 p m on Thursdays 
October till May) 

Printing, Publishing, 

Circulars, Cards, Memos,, &c;, 



The Isle of Arran. 

*■ I^HIS island, the largest in the group, is famous for the grandeur of its scenery ana 
I the variety of its geological deposits. The island is 36 miles in length, 
■20 in breadth, and is divided into two parishes — Kilbride on the east, and Kilmory 
n the west. The late King Edward and Queen Alexandra spent a very pleasant 
ioliday in the island after their postponed Coronation in August, 1902, and witnesdse 
home very interesting sheep dog trials — which lengthened their stay 

(For Courts and Court Officials, Justices of the Peace, and County 
Boards, see County Lists) 
Population in 1881,4762; in 1891,4927; in 1901, 4779: 1911 (Brodick, 992 ; 
Kilbride, 1323 : Kilmory, 954 ; Shisken, 764; Lochranza, 585) 4628— all in 
April. 1921— in June— Kilbride, 5293 ; Kilmory, 3001 : total, 8294. 
In April, 1931,4532 
Valuation and Assessments see pages 17, 19 and 21 

Lady of the Manor- -Lady Mary (only daughter of the late William Alexander Louis 
Stephen Douglas Hamilton, 12th Duke of Hamilton and Brandon, &c), now 
Duchess of Montrose 
Commissioner — The Duke of Montrose 
Factor on Estate — George Laidler, Strabane, Brodick 

Sheriff Court held once a Quarter at Brodick. Hon Sheriff-Substitute, James 
J Morton, Machrie Sheriff-Clerk Depute, John Kerr, Lamlash 

Arran Farmers' Society. — Annual exhibition of live stock in August, and of roots 
&c, in November. Presidents, Duke uud Duchess of Montrose. 

Isle of Arran Musical Festival Committee — Caairmas, Dncliess of Montrose 

Hon. Secy., Chas H Graham, Whiting Bay. Treasurer, John M'Bride, Brodick. 

Island of Arran Publicity Scheme- -Chairman, Donald K f Kelvie. .t p. Hon. Secy 
Chas H Graham, Whiting Bay. Hon Treasurer, John Kerr, Lamlash 

Isles of Arran and Bute Federation of W R I— President, Duchess of Montrose 

Isle of Arran Branch Bed Cross Society— Chairman, Duchess of Montrose, obe 
Secretary, John Wooley, Queenscliffe, Blackwaterfoot 
Secretary and Treasurer, Mrs E H Graham 

Kildonan and Lloyd's Signal Station — Officer, non resident 

Arran Golf Association — President, George Laidler; Secy, John Sillars, Brodick 

Arran District Council — Chairman, George Laidler Clerk, John Kerr. 

Tuberulosis Officer for Arran, nr James Buchanan, M b, ch, lecsk 

Isle of Arran Constitutional Association — Chairman, James J Morton. Secretary, 
William Reid 

Isle of Arran War Memorial Hospital — Chairman of Management, Duchess of Mon- 
trose Secretary, A C Crockett, Woodside, Lamlash Treas, Willm Orr, Bank 
of Scotland 

Road Surveyor for Arran, and Sanitary Inspector for Arran, A C Crockett 

Medical Officer for Arran, James Buchanan, MB, ch p., F rcse 




A SPRIG of SCOTS HEATHER is as lightly thought of a 
hame as a drink of cold water (of which there is more than 
enough to spare), but it is an inspiration and a valued reminder 
of the pleasantest of memories to Scots and their friends abroad. 

The exchange of national floral emblems will yet become ex- 
ceedingly popular among those who work for human brotherhood. 

We produced Victory Commemoration Bookmarks — in con- 
nection with the Armistice, the Signing of Peace and the succeed, 
ing Joy Day Celebrations, — which were considered very appro- 

Remember Friends Abroad. 

While enjoying holidays remember to gather sprigs to send to 
friends abroad, or in response to appeals you will see in leading 
Scottish weekly newspapers. 

We have for years sent boxesfull of heather to friends and so^ 
cieties abroad. We frequently respond to newspaper appeals, and 
the following is a sample of the acknowledgments received :, — 

East London, 0. P., So. Africa, 18th Dec. 
Mr George Higgie, 22 Bridge St., Rothesay, Scotland. 

On behalf of the East London Caledonian Society I wish to thank you for being 
so kind in responding to my appeal for heather, which was sold on our Patron Saint* 
Day, and realised the very handsome sum of £265 5/11, and has been forwarded to 
the fund for disabled Sailors and Soldiers The heather was received in first-class 
condition, and was much prized — Yours faithfully, James Forbes, 

Convener of Heather Committee. 

It is not only Scots abroad who enjoy a sprig of something that actually grew 
at hame. The Glasgow ' Evening Times,' while the above acknowledgment was on the 
ocean, printed the following ; — " Flower girls in Argyle Street are making brave dis- 
play with the mimosa, which comes to us from the Continent before the swallows or 
even the daffodils dare. It is one of the indications, after the shortest day, that 
somewhere the sun is shining, and that winter is waning. Australians in town are 
greatly cheered by the golden glory, for the mimosa is the wattle of their homeland 
carrying with it the same significance as the heather to a Scot abroad." 

Colonials and others on holiday in this country, have thanked us personally for 
sending them souvenirs of Scotland when far away; and others have reciprocated by 
sending preserved leaves and flowers from their distant lands. 

The exchange of national floral emblems will yet become exceedingly popular. 
Botanical Specimens go through the post at letter, sample or parcel rates. 

Higgie & Co., Printers & Publishers, Rothesay. 

Parish of Kilbride. 

/ jHURCHES Church of Scotland, Brodick — Rev Malcolm Mackinnon 

Kilbride— Rev Andrew Win Kennedy. Come— Kev James J Brownn 

Whiting Bay — Rev Collum McKenzie 
Churcli of Scotland continued— St Bride's, Brodick , Rev St Georges - 

Lamlash, Rev J A Lamb, u d. Stewart Memorial, Whiting Bay — Rev John For, 
Free Church, Brodick, Rev Donald Cameron. Whiting Bay — [syth ma 

Congregational. — Sannox — Kev Allan C M'Dougall 

SCHOOLS.— Corrie— Miss Myles. Brodick— J Dodds. Lamlash — Chas Farmer, ma 

Whiting Bay— Wm Carnegie, u a 
Doctors — James Buchanan, i. it c s e, Lamlash ; and M J Jamieson, Brodick 
Bank of Scotland — Wm Orr, agent, Lamlash: sub-agent, J Middleton, Brodick 
Royal Bank, Brodick — John Kerr, agent Wm Aitken, sub-agent, Whiting Bay 
Registrars of Births, &c — Brodick — J Dodds Kilbride--Miss E Thomson 
Post Offices — Brodick — J Little. Corrie— Miss A Young. King's Cross —J Cook. 
Lamlash — Mrs M'Neish. Whiting Bay — J E George 
Piermasters — Brodick — A Currie. Lamlash A Carrie, Brodick, manager. Whiting 

B.iv - A Currie, Brodick, manager 
Ferrymen — Corrie — Robert Kelso. 

Lamlash Golf Club — Capt, Secretary, Jas Toole. Treasurer, A M'Ewan 

Lamlash Bowling and Tennis Club-President, Geoige Shaw Secy and Treas, nr C 

R MTntosh 
Masonic — " St MolioV Lodge, Xo. 774, Lamlash — R W M, Duncan Brown. Secy, 

John Martin 
Brodick Public Hall Coy. — Committee's Secretary, George Robertson 
Lamlash Cleansing Committee — Secretary and Treasurer, John M Gibson, Ivybank 
O E Star — WM, Sister mis Middleton. AM, Sister Mrs Campbell. Secy, Mrs Jones 
Women's Rural Institute, Brodick — Mrs Martin, President 
W R I, Corrie— Miss Nixon, president Miss Kelso, Alderlea, secy 
W R I, Lamlash -Miss Bannatyne Morven, president. Miss Thomson, sec. 
W R I, Whiting Bav, Mrs Black, pres Miss L Stewart. Hazlebank, sec 
Lamlash Public Hall Management Committee —Secretary, John Martin 
Lamlash Branch Holiday Fellowship- Secy, John Kerr 

Communions — First Sabbaths in May and November 

Fairs — Brodick — (Cattle, Sheep, and Horses) Tuesday after 20th June 

Communications — Steamers to and from Ardrossan daily, and additional in Summer 
(in normal times) via Rothesay daily 


D. FullaPton, Grocer and General Merchant, near Pier. 
Tea Rooms to accommodate 80. 


Assets Exceed 


Clahms Paid, 

Ovt* £45,000,000 

By Appointment. 




Established 1885. 



Inclusive Rate : Buildings, 1/9 per cent. Contents, 5/- per cent. 

Full Value must be Insured, but special Terms will be quoted 

where the Sum Insured in respect to Household Goods 

exceeeds £2,000 


The Policy will be renewed FREE every Sixth Year, provided 

there has been do claim during the preceeding five years. 

Prospetuses mny be had on application. 

Chief Offices : 
General Buildings, Perth, Scotland 

General Buildings, Aldwjtcb, London, W.C, 2. 

F. Nokie-Mii i.ek, J, P., Director and General Manager. 

Parish of Kilmory. 

Q HURCHES— Church of Scotland— High Kilmory, Rev Norman M'Leod 
Wright. Lochrauza — Rev Huge Fitch 
St Donax, Kildonan — Rev David Dale, r. a 
MOLIOS, Shisken — Rev Dr W J Jack 

Free, Shisken — Rev M Marshall 

,, Lochranza — Rev Neil M r Donald 

SCHOOLS — Dougarie Public, Georgina Teasdale Kildonon, James M'Clymont 

Kilmory, Alex M'Connachie, B.Sc. Lochranza, Miss Teesdale. 

Pirnmill, mss Robertson Shiskine. Angus Smith Sliddrie. sirs Cordiner 

"Women s Rural Institute, Kilmory, Mrs J Cook, pres. Jiit-s G M'Clymont, secy 

Bank of Scotland, Black waterfoot — R W Campbell, agent 

Post Offices Kilmory, Miss M'Kelvie Lochrauza, iuiss Lawrie 

Shisken Mrs Carrie Blackwaterfoot, J D Bannatvuu 

Pirnmill, J Robertson Slidderie Male. Anderson 

Piermaster — Lochranza, John Kerr 

Fair — Lochranza (Cattle, Sheep and Horses), first Tuesday in June 


"Imperishable Novelty" 






Editor. John Douglas, F. S.A.Scot. 
6 St Mary's Grove, Barnes Common, London. S.W., 13, 4th December, 19 — 
Messrs Higgib & Co., Printers and Publishers, Rothesay. 

Dear Sirs, — Thank you very much for sending me tlie assortment of ivy leaves 
which have been much admired. I showed them to several Scots on St Andrew's 
Day, and in each case the verdict has been the same. The leaves were considered 
a marvel. 

It may interest you to see my Year- Book, a copy of which I enclose. Please ac- 
cept with my best wishes. Relieve me, yours faithfully, TOHV DOITCI AS 

Miscellaneous Greetings Printed in Gold on Real Ivv Leaves from 2s per\Ioscen 
for Quantiies. To be had only from 

Biggie & Coy , Printers and Publishers, Rothesay. 

Parish of Cumbrae. 

nPHlS Parisli comprises the islands of Great and Little Cumbrae, off the 
Ayrshire coast. The burgh of Millport, on the larger isle, is a popu- 
lar watering-place. This isle is 12 miles in circumference and has a well- 
made l-jad round it. On the smaller island is the Cumbrae Lighthouse. 

Population, 192i, 2601 males; 3451 females: total, 5952: 1931. 2165. 

(For Valuation, Courts and Court Officials, Justices of the Peace, ami County Hoard 
see Count;/ Lists — pages 17 to 30). 

Lord of the Manor : The Marquis of Bute. Factor, N H Constable, Rothesay 

Registrar of Births, Marriages, and Deaths: James Stewart 

Small Debt Courts — Held in March and September. Hon. Sheriff Substitute, i>r 
Paul. Sheriff-Clerk Depute, James Stewart 

CHURCHES — Church of Scotland (hours of worship) 11 am and 6 30 pin) — 

Cliurch of Scotland, East (hours of worship, 11 am and 30 pm.) Minister, 
Rev Donald Macrae, m a 

Scottish Episcopal Cliurch. St Andrews 10 5 am) Rector, rcv rrov Flaherty 

Baptist (11 am and 6 30) p m) — Student supply 

District Council. — Inspector and Clerk, James Stewart 

SCHOOL Management Committee — Chairman, J A Macfarlane 
Clerk, Arch Cameron 

SCHOOLS — Cumbrae Public — Headmaster, Robert Paterson, ma,, Assist- 
ants. Mrs Cricliton, Misses Paul, Rattray and Cameron ma, and Mr Donald M r - 
Donald MA 

Doctors — J H Paul ma, mucm, J S MTavisli MB cm, G J Summers, nin, cm. d p 

Bank--Union, Stuart st. D M Gunn. agent 

Law Agent, Robert Wood 

Masonic—Lodge " Kelburne" No 459— Meets on the first Friday of each month in the 
Masenic Hall, Crawford street, at 8 pm ; R ff'M, T W M 'David. Secivtary 
and Treasurer, A Caldwell 


OFFICIALS— uumorae. 

Scottish Marine Biological Association: President, sir Archibald M'Innes Shaw,r.Li/ 
Secretary and Treasurer, A Lawrie Brown. 185 St Vincent st, Glasgow. 
Superintendent of Laboratory at Millport, Richard Elmhirst 

Cumbrae Branch of Buteshire Liberal Association ; President, Win McGregor. Secre- 
tary, J D M'Kay. Janitor, 

Cumbrae Unionist Association - President, John B Freebairn Secretary, It Copeland 
Janitor, Mrs Broun 

Cumbrae Women's Unionist Association.— President, Mrs King. Secretary, Miss 
Gardner. Treasurer, Miss Barclay 

Publicity Association — Chairman. J B Freebairn. Secretary and Treasurer Alex 

Cumbrae Golf Club: Captain, M T Sommerville. Secretary and Treasurer, J M*Con- 

Curling Club: President, \V M Hastie Secretary and Treasurer, Alex Cunningham 
Burial Ground: Superintendent, John Willoughby. Clerk, Jas Stewart 

Telephone 20. 


Museum&Marine Aquarium 

Open to the Public for Small Admission Fee. 

Full Facilhiesfor Students and Others interested in Marine Natural History. 

Connell's Restaurant, 21 Stuart Street, at Head of Pier. 

Large Dining Saloon to accommodate 120. Catering a speciality 

Garrison HydPOpathie Establishment, Glasgow Street. 

Burgli of Millport. 

POPULATION of Burgh in 1801, 1662. In 1901, 1655 ; landward, 114— total, 
176D. In 1911, hurghal, 1610; landward, 86— total 1696. Census 1921, 
2438 males; 3401 females— total, 5834. Census 1631— 882 males, 1200 fe- 
males; landward, males 48, females 34 — total, 2164 

The Assessments include Burgh, Education, Poor, Registration and County (Consoli- 
dated : Owners, 3e lOd; Occupiers. 5s Od (including water) 

CORPORATION Provost, Robert Young; Bailies, Eobt Ross and J B Freebairn, 

Councillors J A Macfarlane, F M-'Gee, R Copeland Dr Paul, A Cunningham and 
Jas Paterson 
Committees — Finance- -F M'Gee, convener 
Works — A Cunningham, convener 
Gas — R Ross, convener 
Lighting — R I!oss, convener. 
Public Health— Dr Paul 

Library and Town Hal!— J B Freebairn, convener 
Piers-- R Copelai d, convener 
Dean of Guild— The Dean, The Provost 
Water — Jas Paterson, ccinener 

Officials: — Clerk, Robt Wood. Procurator-Fiscal, Harold J Thomson, Trea- 
surer and Collector, Arehd Cameron. Medical Officer, Inspector 
of Nuisances and Burgh Surveyor, John TJymock. Gas manager, John Dymock 
Piermaster, Alex Caldwell. Keppel Piermaster, Allan M'Lean 

Millport Trades' Association; President, J Macfarlane Secretary, R Hunter 

Millport Bowling Ciub; President, A H Dunlop. Secretary, D M Gunn 

Mutual Plate Glass Insurance Association: President, James Wallace. Secretary 

and Treasurer, Arch Cameron 
Go-Operative Society, Limited : President and Treasurer, Thomas Reid. 
Holidays: First Wednesdays from October t: II March (full holiday) Shopkeepers. 

holiday each Wednesday afternoon from October till May inclusive. 
Post Office ; Postmistress, Miss Smith. Arrivals and despatches twice daily 
Communications; Steamers sail daily to Fairlie, Largs and Weinyss Bay in connection 

with all parts 





THOUSANDS of people who ordinarily spend part of the 
Winter abroad are seeking Winter quarters in the South 
Coast of Britain. But why not in Scotland asks Professor 
James Harris, an Edinburgh man, who knows the Scottish West- 
ern seaboard intimately. 

SCOTLAND has die chance of a lifetime. As a Scot I want t > see her take ad- 
vantage of it. Thousands of people in the British Isles are on the outlook for a 
Winter Resort, not on the Continent, where up to now they have spent the Winter. 

I have been amazed at the ideas held by many Englishmen regarding Scotland. 
They think of it as being on the fringe of the Arctic Circle, abounding in snow and 
.swept by the icy blasts from north and easti 

Even the people who claim to know Scotland well look questioningly at anyone 
who has the temerity to suggest that there are places on the Western seaboard where 
the climate is as mild as at such accepted Winter Resorts as Torquay. Bournemouth and 
Falmouth. The truth is that Scotland has a Winter climate which many people seem 
to know nothing about. 

Look at the map. It tells you that Edinburgh, on the East Coast of Scotland 
stands on the same degree of longitude as Liverpool. It tells you also that places 
like Rothesay. Helensburgh, Oban and the Gareloch are further West than the 
famous Torquay. 

Xow the comparative warmth which this country enjoys is not a question of 
latitude at all. Our warmth comes from the West — in other words from the Atlantic 
Gulf Stream. Fr mi this Scotland benefits to an even greater extent than England. 

I have before me figures which destro\ r completely the value of the cry, *' South 
for warmth in Winter." 

There is no difference of any consequence in the mean temperatures for the year of 
Rothesayand Torquay. Alexander Buehan gives the figure for Torquay as— 49.5 
degrees. The corresponding figure supplied by the Air Ministry for llothesay — in all 
probability not the warmest spot on the West Coast of Scotland — is -17.7 degrees, 

Less than two degrees in it! Yet thousands of people flock annually to Torquay 
for warmth in Winter, and Rothesay. Helensburgh, Oban, the Kvles of Bute and kin- 
dred places in Scotland are neglected. 

A big percentage of those going south in the Winter are invalids. They want 
mild climate. They can find it on the West Coast of Scotland. They want a place 
sheltered from the biting winds from the North and East. The places I have mni- 
tioned are eminently suitable. , . . The Sunday I'ost, Glasgow, 8/11/31. 

Landed Proprietors and Railway Companies are being Interested. 





Burgh and Parish of Rothesay. 

Aird, David, eiifdneei, 52 Montague st 
Aird, Jms, plumber, 70 Ardbeg rd 
Alexander, Mrs Tin s W, Graylands, 50 

Mountstuart id 
Allan, Mrs Mary, 14 57 Victoria st 
Allan Mrs, 85 Victoria st 
Allan -I A, janitor. Academy 
Allan Robert, 12 the Terrace 
AUan, Win. 4 Colbec pi 
Al-ton mis Sarab, 7 Man>neld pi 
Andersen Alex, 6 Hillhouseid 
Anderson mis. Hillhouse id 
Anderson J, 102 Montayue st 
Anderson Jiobert, <iowanrield pi 
Anderson. Mrs, 21 Orient on rd 
Andrews John, 14 .Russell st 
Arro! Misses, Eastb-nds rd 
Assur, Mrs Mary, 133 High st 

Baillie J, Mansefield pi 
Bain .Jrus, 6a Ardbeg id 
Bain, J, 7 Bridge st 
Bainbridge Mrs, 5 Battery pi 
Bainbridge K, c mp, 23 Victoria st 
Baird.Aiid B, blacksmith, 113 High st 

ho Hosewood, Glehelands 
Baiul Mrs Jane, 12 Argyle st 
Ballantine Eobt, ascos? bank 
Barclay Alex, mason Windham rd 
Barclay, \\ T 27 Meadow pi 
Barr George, baker, 2 Bishop ter br 
Barr Lily, Glebelands 
Barr Kobt, 23 Columshill st 
Ban- Mrs Thos, 81 Barone rd 
Barrie Misses 9 Windham rd 
Barrow J M, S Bishop ter 
Barrowman, R 20 Russell st 


Baxter Miss C, Townhead 

Baxter Jms, LIS steamboat agent, 37 

Bishop st 
Baxter Mrs, 5 Russell st 
Baxter John, gaidenei", Ashfield 
Baxter John jun., Brandane ter 
Baxter John M, grocer, 9 Wyndham rd 
Beaton Aivgu^, 117 High st 
Beattie D, dyke builder, 21 Russell st 
Badgar Mrs Julia. 74 Ardbeg id 
Bell Andrew, 10 Battery pi 
Bell Catherine, 18 Battery pi 
Bell Duncan, spirit merchant, 2 Ardbeg 
Bell Fianci--, painter, 1 Logie pi 
Be I, Mrs Jms, 34 Columshil st 
Bell, Jms, Logie pi 
Bell Malcolm, 2 Colbeck pi 
Bell Thos. 2 Logie pi 
Bell Mrs, Wm.. 16 Russell st 
Bell Mrs, Wilkie homes, Meadowcap 
Bennie, Mrs, High Craigmore 
Binn : e. Mrs KHz., High Craigmore , 
Bird A. P., Windsor BA, 27 Battery pi 
Bird John, mason, Bishop st 
Birnie Wm. carrier. 103 Montague st 
Birnie, Miss, 25 Gallowgate 
Black Alex, 8 Gallowgate 
Black Miss Jessie, HL:h Craigmore 
Bl*ck, John, shipmaster. 22 .Argyle st 
Blackie Wm., 28 Wyndham rd 
Black W & J", Croft "lodge, Argyle st 
Blackwood Mrs, Janeheld,Wyndhami k 
Blain. Quintor, heritor, Argyle ter 
Bail, Duncan, jnin<-r, 11 Bridge st 
Bair, James, 2 Castlehill st 
Blair, John, Hotel Victoria. Victoria st 
Blair, J, Livingstonia, Guildford sq 
Bhir Wm, 31 Ardbeg rd 
Blakey, Miss Sylvia, Pension hotel, 47 

Crichton rd 
Blue Jas., Minister's brae 
Blue, Miss Marion. 17 Battery house 
Blue, Patk, Adelaide pi, Mountstuart rd 




Opposite Stewart Statue, 

Misses J. & S. MORRISON 

Breakfasts. Luncheons. Dinners. Teas. Fish Suppers. 
Excursion and Pic-Nic Purveyor. 

'Phone, 161. 


Family and Shipping Butchers, 

57 Montague Street 

Always on hand a choice Selection of Beef, Mutton and Lamb 

Mince and Sausages a speciality. 

Hotels and Boarding Houses catered for. 

Phone, 75 Established, 1883. 


Upholsterers and 

House Furnishers, 


101 Montague Street. 

COMPLETE HOUSE FURNSHERS— Floorcloths. Carpets, Bedding, Blinds, &c. 
Furniture Stored. Carpet Beatting 

'Phone, 200 

James M'Nieol, 

Family Bread, Biseuit,& Pastry Baker 

87 Montague Street. 

Hot Pies every Saturday Night. 

Soiree and Pic-Nic Parties provided for. 


Blue, Wm., 26 Budge st 
Bodys, A & J, farmers, Bogany 
Bolton, Mrs, 6 Hillhouse rd 
Bone, Hugh, joiner, 20 Russell st 
B->ne, Lachlan, mason, 18 Russell st 
Bone. Robert. 6 Crossbill villas 
Bone B. 30 Battery pi 
Booth, J Ingram, mus'cian, Park pi 
Bowers, Miss, Arras na Mara, Marine pi 
Bowie, Mrs Daniel, 73 Victoria st 
Bowman John, jo ner, 1 Ki ; ig st 
Boyd Arch M, ivy house, 8 Argyle pi 
Boyd J as, 9 Mansefield |>1 
Boyd Mis, iighineadonach 
Boyle, Chas , vanman 3 1 Columshill st 
Boyle, Mrs Dennis, 22,'Russell St 
Boyle, Mis J, 5 Bridge st 
Boyle, Jas, turf accountant, Elm villa 
Boyle, N. McK., 36 Columshill st 
Boyle, Thos., clerk, Bridge-end st 
Bradbury, T B, Bishop lodge 
Bradley, Miss Margt.,Mountpleasant rd 
Bradford, Mis, » Bishop ter br 
Brand John, manager. Co Operative 
society, 7 E Princes st; ho, 31 Battery p 
Brash, Mis E B, 2 Bridge st 
Brash, Hobt., 18 Gallowgate 
Breckonridge, Miss. 4 Craigmore rd 
Broadley, John, I Bridgend st 
Brodie, Mrs M 68 Mountstuart id 
Brooks, J. W. D., 31 Battery pi 
Brooks, J, janitor, 37 Montague st 
Brougb. Mrs Jane, 95 Ardbeg rd 
Brown Alex., 40 Bishop st 
Brown, Alex., joiner, 3 Belle we ter 
Brown, Miss Agnes, Wilkie homes 
Brown, Mrs. Eauldmore, Serpentine rd 
Brown David, spirit merchant, Black 

Bull Inn, W. Princes st 
Brown D M, 21 Battery pi 
Brown, Duncan, draper, 33 Montague st 
Brown, Ellen, 94 High st 
Rankin Peter, janitor, west entrance, 

Public School 
Brown Hu, Loudoun brae, 55 Barone rd 
Brown, Mrs, 36 Columshill st 
Brown Kev J Duulop, Montgomerie ho, 

Brown, Miss Jessie, Argyle ter 
Brown. John, accountant, Koslin pi 
Brown, John, shipmaster, 95 Anibeg rd 
Browo, Mrs Joseph, la Mount pleasant rd 
Brown, Miss Marion, 42 Cricbton rd 
Brown, Matth, 19 Castle st 
Brown, M & C 22 E Princes st 
Brown, T S., burgh worker, Crosshill vis 
Brown, Mrs Wm., 72 Montague st 


Brown, Wm . D., sanitary inspector, 

Castle st ; ho, 59 Barone rd 
Brown, Mrs, grocer, 34 Columshill st 
Brown, Miss, 31 Ardbepr rd 
Browne, , 12 Brighton ter 
Brownlie, Mrs Helen, 28 Argyle st 
Brownlie, John, 31 Battery pi 
Brownlie Mrs, 28 Argyle st 
Bruce, Alex , 96 High st 
Bruce, Hny., plumber, 17 Battery pi 
Bruce, Mrs Mary, 83 Montague st 
Bryce, Chas., 10a Ardbeg rd 
Bryan, Reginald G, Hotel Madeira, Vic- 
toria st 
Bryce Alex., grocer, Barone rd ; ho, do 
Bryce Thos , draper, 43 Ardbeg rd 
Bryce. Mrs, Ardmory rd 
Buchanan. A. C, bookseller, Baionerd 
Buchanan, Cbs., engineer, 17 Batteiy pi 
Buchanan, Donald, Bellfield, Barone d 
Buchanan, Geo, constable, Townhead 
Buchanan, Geo.. 41 Watergate 
Buchanan, Miss Janet, 21 Argyle st 
Buchanan, Miss Jane, 8 Gowanfield pi 
Buchanan Male, restauiateur, 27 Victoria 

st ; res. Auchnacloich id 
Buchanan, Mrs Mary, Clydesdale house, 

Buchanan Mrs, 2 Bellvue, Barone rd 
Buchanan Miss, jMittingshall, Barone rd 
Bulloch, Jas, linesman, 179 High st 
Bunting, Mrs Agnes, 56 Crichton rd 
Burgoyne, John, Glenhead 
Burgoyne, Mrs Peter, 32 Bishop st 
Burgoyne, Wm B, furnisher 85 Mon- 
tague st 
Burnet, Misses, Prospect house, Ardbeg 
Burnet, Wm, 23 Mountpleasant rd 
Burnette, F. K., De Luxe Cinemato- 
graph ; ho, Toward view, Ardbeg 
Burns David. 15 Bridge st 
Burns, Jms, la Hillhouse rd 
Burns, Mrs Lilly, 2 Columsbiil st 
Burns, Robt., 6 Columshill st 
Burridge, Jhn, gardener, 76 Montague st 
Burroughs , 5 Craigmore rd 

Cairns , 11 East Princes st 
Caldwell, John, draper, 2 and 3 Albert 
pi & 13 Montague st; ho, Haslingden, 
Mountpleasant rd 
Caldwell, Misses,Adelaide honse, Mount- 
stuart rd 


Twelve Different Numbers. 12/6 post free, from Higgie & Co., Printer 

In Xoa. 1 1" 8 — already issued. 
Breathes there a Man with Soul so dead ? Sign Language 
Bairnies, Cuddle Doon. and seiiuel 
The Graves of a Household 
Eyes Across the Sea — a Poem 
New Reading of an Old Verse 
[inpressions of a First Visit to Scotland 
It's as Easy's Easy 
Scottish Hospitality taken note of 
Other Times, Other Manners 
King's English " like " Oxford Bags " 
Historv of Scots and Scottish 


Scotland — Whisky Yarns 
Hame Cam the Clansmen 
Inventive Scots 

Auld Lang Syne, in Tonography 
Bible-loving Scotland do 
The Hundred Ih Psalm do 
The Second Paraphrase do 
Bonnie Scvtland, a Poem do 
Eoiietik Alfabet and its Use,do 
Fonetik Longhand Alfabet do 

Prize Fowl, A 

Matter of Taste 

Benefit of the Doubt 

Canada's Welcome 

Matchless Bagpipe Music 

Hairy or Diary 

Honeymoon Couple in Spain 

Isaac Pitman s Holiday in Rothesay 

■' On'^'ii of Scots" 

Tonic for Worry 

Scotland's Decline (?) 

Very Name of Scotland 

Australian Books 

" What a Happy Country 

Bad Business 

Saft Job 

Lucky ! 

Good Sport 

The Mora We are Togcthar 

Scotland and Wales 

Scot on the Scot 

English and American 

Race Problems 

Off the Chain in France 

Pawky Scot 

Caught Napping 

In Not. 8 to Vi 
Pleaf orFonetfe Spelling 
Skot [Conkers Kanibalz 
Laf and Qro Fit 
Poets o' I'aisley 
Garrick's Pronunciation 
Teaching John to Spell 
Try These Forms 
B itain's Best Products 
University Degrees and Spelling 
African Language Prize 
Royal Society of Arts 
Healthy Scotland 
Skots Sayings 

Natural and Artificial Language* 
Almost a Skot 

Speling Reform — International Alfab'-t 
Poets o' Paisley 
Fonetik Speling and Foren Speling 

Fonetik Skript do 

Calous Scot do 

Scot Alone in Unknown do 
Skots Vernacular do 

The Good Time Coming do 
British Isles and their Inhabitants 
Alexander Selkirk (Robinson Crusoe J 
Paul Jones, founder of U. S. Navy 
James M'Cash, founder "Scottisli Clans" 
Duncan Maclnnes, chief, do. 

David Livinpstone, the famous missionary 
Edward S. Harkness, N.Y. — loyal son 
Barriers to Education 
C. 0. D. in Postal Business 
A Dean's Humor 

English, a Vigorous Spreading Language 
English as the World Langnage 
English Spelling is Bad Spelling 
Fashonable and Blured Speech 
Jubilee of a Boy's Idea 
Inventor of Esperanto, with portrait 
Where is now the Merry Party? 
Tact of a Musical Jurywoman 
Witchcraft Epidemic 
World Missionary Jubilee at Jerusalem 
etc., etc. 
-yet to be issued. 

Edison's £3,000,000,000 Inventions 

Inventor of First Dollar Watch, A Skot 


Skotsmen in the Making of Kanada 

Scotland as a Winter Residence 

West Coast as Good as Devon 

Scientist's Centenary 

The Three it's 

Skots In Far North 

Dih'cuities of Languages 

Progress of Anglic 

What Is the Worth of Old Hooks > 

Canada's National Song Written by a Skot 

Simplified English Spelling 

Scots Heather Abroad 

The Universal Langnage 

The Holy Bible in Esperanto 

Michael Bince, Writer of the Parafrases 


Oahan, Mrs Margt., Bellvue, Battery pi 
Cameron Mrs Arch., 8 Arjjyle st 
Cameiou, Dun., cabman. Bis! op st 
Cameron, Mrs Eliz., 1!) Castle st 
Cameron, Geddes <>.. hairdresser, 51 

Victoria st; ho, Barone rd 
Cameron H, 33 Craigmcte rd 
Cameron, Mrs James, 5A A "gyle pi 
Cameron, John, Oiterburn A'gylest 
Cameron, Jn, seaman, Momuplcasant rd 
Cameron, jus Lach., 2L Kussell st 
Cameron, Mrs VVltr., 17 Bishop st 
Cameron Mrs, 22 Argyle st 
Cammock, Win., writer, 41 Ardbeg id 
Campbell, Miss Agnes, 57 Aidbeg id 
Campbell, Alex., cashier, 92 xArdheg 
Campbell, Arch., 12 W Princes 4t 
Campbell, Arch., seaman. 28 Argyle 
Camp bell, Misses, 22 Crichton rd 
Campbell Archil., spirit dealer. Tower 

and Castlehill sts 
Campbell Arch M, 73 Victoria st 
Campbell, Mis Clara, 4 Bridue st 
Campbell, Msss, house of rest. Argyle ter 
Campbell Cln, steward. 35 Barone rd 
Campbell D. , Castle st 
Campbell, Mis H, 44 Mounts uuart rd 
Campbell, Jms, flesher, 9 Hillhouse rd 
Campbell, Mrs Jane, 8 Argvle st 
Campbell, Miss Janet, Bishop ter br 
Campbell, John, car driver. 75 Ardbeg rd 
Campbell, John, G Watergate 
Campbell John, 23 Bishop st 
Campbell, John A., 17 Bi.-hop st 
Campbell, John Rattray, agent, Clydes- 
dale bank, Guildford square 
ampbell, J. J., 1 7 Bridge st 
Campbell .Mrs Ardenlea, Ardbeg 
Campbell Mrs, Hawthorn pk, Adrbeg 
Campbell, Mrs, Heathmount, Crichton r 
Campbell,Mrs, Aryyle st 
Campbell Duncan, carter, 20 Russell st 
Canning James, paintpr, 30 Bishop st 
Canning Jas jr, painter, 34 Montague st 
Canning, Peter, farmer, Lochend 
Cardell, Mrs Thos., 19 High st 
Cardwell, Joseph, 103 Montague st 
Carlin F, High Craigmore 
Carmichael, Alex., 11 the Terrace 
Oarrick James, 17 E Princes st 
oarroll Edward, 76 Montague st 
Jarson, John, 1 Wyndham rd 
Carson, M<-s Samuel, 19 Wyndham rd 
Carson, John W, Wyndham Park 
Carson , Demerara, Ardbeg rd 
Car.-on David, " Electa," Craigmore 
Carswell, James, Sophia cot, 71^Ardbeg 
Carruthers David, 19 Castle st 

f 81 

Carruthers James, Cordale, 39 Ardbeg 
Cassels I Wyndham pk 

< 'asey , 05 Victoria at 
Cassidy, B'd. , gardener, 46 High st 
Cassidy, Win , gardener, 2 Logie pi 
Caution W, 31 Wyndham id 
Chalmers, Miss Agnes, 21 Ardbeg rd 
Chalmers John, 11 I\Iontague st 
Chantry, Wallace, 10 Mansefield pi 
Chapman John, teacher, Alma ter 
Cherrie, D, 42 Osborne pi 
Cherry, Mrs, 22 Watergate 
'Jhisholm, W., plumber, 17 Wyndham r 
Christie, Arthur fc*., music teacher and 

organist, Livorno, Crichton rd 
Christie ms, 24 W Princes st 
Christie, Thos, md, 2 Battery p] 
Christie. Kobt, 4 Mountpleasant rd 
Christie, Havelock ter 
Chrystie Robt. . steward, 2 King st 
Clark, Alex., 38 Bridge st 
Clark, Andw, 73 Ardbeg rd 
Cl?rk Jms H, 1 Colbeck pi 
( 'lark, James, 38 Bishop st 
Clark, Mrs John, Gowanbrae 
Clark John W, warehousman, 36 Bishop 

Clark, Mrs Agr.9s, 34a Columshill st 
('lark, Thos., fisherman, 19 Stuart st 
Clark Miss, Violet, 90 Montague st 
Clark, Mrs, 6 Mansefield pi 
Clay, Thos M., bookseller, 11 Victoria st 

ho, Argyle ter 
Clunie Robt., 5 Ciichton rd 
Coates. J., 11 Mill st 
Coburn Jms., watchmaker, 17 Bridge st 
Coll Hu., 52 Montague st 
Colville, Mrs Isa. , 78 High st 
Colquhoun, Dugald, 103 Montague st 
Combs, F., 40 Bishop st 
Conely, Donald, 27 Staffa pi 
ConnellyJohn. engineer, 2 Ladeside st 
Connelly, Walter, 63 Montague st 
Connor. John, 87 Highst 
Constable, N. H., factor, Bute Estate, 

office, High st ; res, Foley house 
Cook, Kobt. T. , engineer. Ardmory rd 
Coomin, John, 98 Montague st 
Connell, John, 9 Chapelhill rd 
Cooper, Mrs , Glenfaulds 
Cormack, Mrs An., 27 Argyle st 
Couper Miss J, 10 Mountstuart id 
Corrigan, Edw., 23 Victeria st 
Cougan Mis^t Martha, 31 Battery pi 
Cowan, Mrs Jas,, 44 A.rgyle st 
Crabb, T., burgh worker, 21 st 

Craig Jms., Avondale, Ardteg rd 
Craig Peter, 22 Battery pi 

B O 1ST 1ST 1 E 

Conceived Abroad, and Printed and Published at Home. 144- pa 
Prices, 4d, 6d, Is and 2s 6d — according to binding. 

BSS.B6& SSeTX.&ftBe 

lntroductor}' pages of Bonnie Scotland's Resorts, 

Translated into the Help-Lingvo Esperanto, and was found 

(at the 2nd International Congress, at Geneva, in 1906), 

to be the first-printed National Guide Book in la Kara Lingvo. 

and has been in evidence ever since. 40 pages, price 2d. 


First issued in commemoration of the 3rd International Esperanto 

Congress (first in Britain — at Cambridge, 1907), 18th at 

Edinburgh in 1926, and again at the 22nd at Oxford, 

August, 1930. Appreciated wherever seen, and 

circulated throughout the Civilized World. Price, One Shilling. 

At' he Annual Congress of the British Esperanto Association, held at Cheltenham, 

in April, 1927, Mr George Higgie, Rothesay, was unanimously elected an Honorary 

Fellow for his devoted pioneer work. 

Ce la Esperanto Kongreso en Celtenham, en April, 1927a, la Brita Esperanto Assoc io 
nnanime electis Sron. George Higgie, Rotseo, Honora Fratulo, per lia longa kaj sin- 
ona pionera laborado, 



The introductory pages of Bonnie Scotland's Resorts translated 

into Phonetic Longhand in commemoration of the Centenary of 

Sir Isaac Pitman. The substituted letters for the new sounds 

were not satisfactory, but we have managed to get (and 

pay for, without assistance) afont of type cast, which 

we began to use in our speling reform publication, 

SKOTS at HSM and ABROD and who wi' item ferrgsder. 

which shows, not only the necessity for an adequate alphabet, 
but how the whole world will benefit, and peace, honor, 

good-will and prosperity be promoted. 44 pages (salved) 2d. 
24 years ago, a deputation from the third Esperanta Kongreso Internacia visited three 
places in Skotland, viz., Edinburgh, Glasgow and Rothesay, and while sailing out of 
Sweet Rothesay Bay on a pleasant, cruise round the Isle of Bute, they were so charmed 
that they enjoynd singing Auld Lahgsyne in the Skots Doric —Esperanto letters being 
introduced. When the Bible in Esperanto, was dedicated in St Giles' Cathedral 
Edinburgh in 192G, there was another pleasure excursion to the West of Scotland, 
but a large steamer had to be specially chartered for this occasion. Sroj. Higgie & 
Kio., had a verda standardo flying at Rothesay in honour of the visitors. 

The 24th International Congress is at Paris this vear. 

HIGGIE & CO.. International Printers and Publishers, Rothesay 


Craighead, Mrs M., 7 "Wyr.dham vd 
I 'ra wf ord Bros. . nVshers, 17 Gallowgate 
Crawford, mss D, carter, 52 Montague st 
Crawford. Miss Frances, 30 Bishop st 
Crawford, Isa, 3 E Princes st 
Crawford, Miss Jemima, Havelock ter 
Crawford, Mrs Margt., Argyll mansions 
Crawford, Mrs Mrst , 36 Mountstuart rd 
Crawford, Feter, Battery pi 
Crawford, Kbt., Argyle st 
Crawford , 91 Ardbeg rd 
Crawford Miss, 30 Marine pi 
Crigliton, Miss Eliz., 27 Argyle st 
Creighton, Tom , 119 High st 
Crighion John, fisherman, 41 Watergate 
Croal, D, 11. Albert pi 
Cr..fty John, 20 Ardbeg rd 
Cromliie , nurse, 33 Victoria st 
Cronan Mrs, 18 Bridge st 
Cross Alex, hen fanner, Minister's br 
Cro<san, Mrs Janet 73 Ardbeg rd 
Cruickshanks John plumber, 47 High st; 

ho, (51 Barone rd 
Cruickshanks, Mrs John, Victoria villas 
Cubic, Mrs, 17 Battery pi 
Cullen, Miss Emilie M.. 29 Bishop st 
dimming, Henry, 37 Bridge st 
Cummins John, org*ni*t,5 Bishop ter br 
Cunningham, Ax.. 71 Victoria st 
Cuui ingham, And., grocer, Victoria st 

ho, Holyrood, Barone rd 
Cunningham Mrs Ann, 35 Mountstuart rd 
Cunningham Da, grocer, Glenbumcot ; 
CuFiningham John, heritor, H'gh Craig- 
Cunningham, John, plumber, 17 Bridg- 
end st ; ho. 2 Chapelhill rd 
Cunningham, Mrs M, 2 Wyndham park, 

Cunningham, llbt., baker, 24 Bishop st 
Cunningham, Thos. stoker, 38Ladeside 
Cunningham, Wi mina, 13 fcl Princes st 
Cunningham, Arch, 77 Montague st 
Currie. Dan., shoemaker, 90 Montague s 
Cunie, Duncan, farmer, Crossbeg 
Currie, Duncan, yachtmaster, 2 Mount- 
pleasant rd 
Currie D, slater, 94 High st 
Currie Dune, upholsteier. 93 Barone rd 
Currie Hugh, postman, Eden pi 
Currie, John, 20 Biehop st 
Currie, John, farmer, Westland 
Currie, Peter, 24 Russell st 
Currie Robt. cabman, 2L Bridgend st 
Cusach Michael, 96 High st 
Cuthill Mrs, Martha, Orcadia 
Cuthill J, restaurateur, 3 Argyle st 


Dale Samuel, 7WPrinces st 
Dale Walter, 4 Bishop st 
Davidson J, gardener, Ar iencraig 
Davidson Miss Jemima, 32 Battery pi 
Davidso i John, boxmaker, 78 Ardbeg rd 
Davidson Mi*s Mary, 24 Bishop st 
Davidson, Miss Mary, 20 W. Princes st 
Davidson Mrs, 3 Alb my tsr 
Davidson Miss Sfc Clair, Cr 
Davidson W, 18 Battery pi 
Davidson W, 20 Craigmore rd 
Davidson , Undercliffe, Craigmore 
Dawson ffm, tailor, 28 Bridge st 
Day, Arthur, 31 Gallowgate 
Deans Adam, 22 Columsbill st 
Denoon Mrs Rachael, 6 Bridge st 
Depiose Mrs Margt, 17 Bishop st 
Derby Miss, 12 Ladeside 
Derby Tho^., painter, 18 Castle st 
Dewar. Arch., boat builder, Albert cot, 

Barone rd 
Dewar Charles, spirit dealer, Serpentine 
Dewar Miss, Mansefield pi 
Dewar Andw., 7 Gallowgate 

ho, E. Princes st 
Dewar, Francis, boat hirer, For Fad rd, 

Bridge st 
Dewar Miss Isabella 8 Argyle st 
Dick Campbell S, baker, IS Arg> e pi 
Dick, T, 2 Bridge st 
Dickie, Rev John M., b D, New Parish 

manse, Skeoch wood 
Dickson, Chas., Navoni Mountstuart rd 
Dickson Mrs, A rdbeg rd 
Dickson Mrs, 27 Columshill st 
Dickson Wm, 4 Mansefield pi 
Dickson , Mountoleasant rd 
Dobbie Alex. SS., joiner, Bishop ter br 

ho, Mountstuart rd 
Dobbie, A G, Glenfa .Ids 
Dobbie James W, joiner, Madeira villa, 

Serpentine rd 
Dobson Mrs, Helenslei, Ballochgoy 
Don Mrs Bliz T, 32 Battery pi 
Docherty Ed, contractor, 12 the Terrace 
Docherty Jn., gardener, 2 Minister's br 
Docherty John J, painter, E Princes st 
Docherty, John jun, 1 Bridgend sc 
Docherty Margt, 86 High st 
I >ocherty, Mrs, 8 Gallowgate 
Dodds, Andrew, joiner, Colbec pi ; ho, 

Sunnyside, Auchnacloich, Barone rd 
Doggart Th. W, teacher, Concord villa, 

Columshill st 
Dona'd Mrs Janet, 69 Ardbeg rd 





The Plaza and Suite of Rooms to Let for Socials, Concerts and Dances. 
Phone 133. DONALD KERR, Manager 

Bllte PPiVate HOtel, The Leading Temperance House. 

Everv Attention Given to 'J'ounsts TTv-rm-r-in r> f-lio "Pt-ltt> Everv Home 

and Commercial Gertlemen. irUllllllg Liie IILK, Comfort. 

James McMillan, Proprietor 

The Galatea Bar, 

3 and 7 Bridge-End Street, 

Families Supplied. Duncan Bell, Spirit, Merchant 

CHARLES SWEET & SON, -Phone, is9 


White Lodge Studio. 

Patrons— Late King Edward & Queen Maud of Norway. Medallist at International Exhibits 
Developing and Printing done by Experts for Amateurs. Qnickest and Best Service. 

Alexander Ferguson, 

Painter and Paperhanger, 

House Address— 23 Mountpleasant Road 7 Bridgend Street 

tiiuates Given. Orders Promptly Attended to. 

Gas and Electricity .phoneNo.73 

AVe can offer you equally Efficient Service in both Departments. 

J". "W_ jVE aonalD cfe Sons, 

24 Watergate, Rothesay. 

Also at 13 West Princes Street for Ironmongery, 

l Albert Place for China and Fancy Goods. 

R E FORMD SPELING.— The following is a quotation from Ossian : — 
Mar gya sclss dom ansm fen ha skda na hamijar a gya gdit. 
Az a bim ov Ljt tu m[ crn serl, iz a td ov cte tjrn dat iz gon. 

We intend to treat similarly, special Quotations from the Irish "lid Welsh Gaelic,. 
and make attempts to collect and print tit-bits from the vernaculars of the boy scoust 
represented at the INTERNATIONAL JAMBOREE in GREAT BRITAIN, Aug, 1929 
and similar Cb.umsb.i]J9 throughout the World. 


Donald John, 78 High st 
Donald John, 41 Watergate 
Donaldson Dvd.,27 Argyle st 
Donaldson Js. i ', heritor, 14 Ardbeg id 
Doon Matthew, 4 Watergate 
Dougall, J. S., bookseller, jewelleis 
librarian, stationer, &c, Victoria st 
and Gallowgate Post Office; ho, East- 
field, Serpentine rd 
Douglas Arch., 17 Hussell st 
Douglas Miss Margt., East Princes st 
Douglas Misses Jessie and Marion, lleau- 

fort, Craigniore 
Douglas, Mrs. 5 i{oval ter 
DouglasF,169 Highst 
Dow Arch, Battery pi 
Dow Mrs, 76 Ardbeg rd 
D i\v Miss, 5 Albany ter 
Dowell, Mr?, 4 Dean Hood pi 
Dowie Mary S, 11 Mountstuart rd 
Dryburn. Mrs Poe, 17 Kussell st 
Dugcan, Chas., Mt Pleasant 
1 luncan Alex. 14 Mountstuait rd 
Duncan Arthur, Gowanfield pi 
Duncan Miss C L, boot dealer, Bishop st 

ho, 8 Argyle, st 
Duncan Alex, plumber. Mountpleasant 
Duncan Miss C*th. Argyle ter 
Duncan Daniel. Wnodend 
Duncan Dan, chaifeur, 5 Argyle st 
Duncan Daniel, Bi-iercar 7 Academy ad 
Duncan, Dan P? King st 
Duncan Miss Helen. Ballochiroy 
Duncan Miss Henrietta, 53 Mountstuait 

D.incan Jms, 27 Meadow pi 
Duncan Jms, 9 Mansetleld pi 
Duncan James, gardener, Logie pi 
Duncan Jms., mason, Kin garnet, , Ba- 
ron e rd J, 7 Brighton pi 
Duncan J, chaff eur. 7 Union st 
Duncan John, 24 Castlehillst 
Duncan John, joiner, 77 Ardbeg rd 
Duncan Miss Marjory, 21 Ardbeg rd 
Duncan Miss Mary, 77 Ardbeg rd 
Duncan Miss Mary A., 37 E. Princes st 
Dune m Miss MaryE., 53 Mountstuat 

Duncan Mrs, Academy rd 
Duncan Mtth., jun., plasterer, 1 Co, 

lumshili pi 
Duncan N, 74 High st 
Duncan Mrs Ninian. 24 Bishop st 
Duncan Wm., 1 Ardmillan Cticlnon id 

Duncan Miss, stationer, Auchnacloich rd 

Duncan Mrs, 16 Marine pi 

Duncan Miss. 23 Argyle ter 

Duncansnn John H., Mill st 

Dunlop .Miss Ann, 90 Ardbeg rd 

Dunlop Mrs Eliz., Park pi 

Dunlop Turnbull, Armadale ; Ardbeg rd 

Dunn, G, 109 Montague st 

Dunn, J, 38 Ardbeg rd _ 

Dunn Arch. C, draper, 85 Ardbeg rd 

Dunn Misses, 57 Ardbeg rd 

Dunn , car driver, 36 Mill st 

Dykes, Arthur, gardener, Ardencraig 


E»die, 2 Russell st 

Edie Misses, Adelaide pi 

Easton Mrs, 31 Meadow pi 

Edgar Walter, grocer, 2 Castle st ; ho, 

15 do 
Edgar Mrs, 37 E. Princes st 
Elbert Mrs, The Gables, Craigmore 
English Mrs Geo, Stuart st 
Ewing Andw. , 86 Montague st 
Evving James, 78 Montague st 
Kwing K, 34 Columshill st 
Evans Mrs Mary, 16 Castle st 

Fairlie, Henry, 20 Bishop 3t 
Falconer Miss A, 1 Union st 
Faiman. Chas., 17 Bishop st 
Farmer D, gardener, Mill bank 
Faulds Mr.i, 89 Montague st 
Faulds Mrs Mary, 4 Ardmory rd 
Fell, Mrs, Ferguson pi 
F .niton D, 22 Russell st 
Kenton Robt., wool mercht,74 Ardbeg r 
Fergus Dr Fieeland, Ciichton id 
Ferguson Mrs Agnes, 27 High st 
Ferguson Alx., painter. 23 Roslin pi 
Ferguson, Alx, slater, 21 Columshill st 
Ferguson Mrs Ann, 20 Staffa pi 
Ferguson Dune, 11 Bridge st 
Ferguson Mrs Geo. Mill bank,Ascog 
Ferguson Mrs J., Mill st 
Ferguson John, postman, Clifton, Ar- 
gyle pi 
Ferguson Neil, heritor, lo Bridge st 
Ferguson Kobt, 98 Montague st 
Ferguson, Mrs 19 Gallowgate 

Established 1880. 

Published Annually in August. 

Our Local Directory 




THE HE are (or were) other BUSINESS DIEECTOEIES* 
(printed outside) which include some references to Buteshire, 
but our Publication contains far more information about our 
Anniversaries, Institutions, Officials, Householders and Business 
People than all the others put together, and is cheaper than any. 

PRICES for> Next Issue (s tine as precious years) : 
b ul I- Buge Advertisement 
Half- Page 


Eighth- ,. 

Sixteenth ,, ,, 

Line ,, 

Private Address in Business Section. 
Business Address in Householders' Section 
Name printed in Prominent Letters 
Copy of Directory to Subscribers 
., ,, Xon- ,, 


A.<leertb32in?)its r-ceiued early are placed next reading 'matter : — 
For the special benefit of Keshieuters ami Visitors, copies of the Directory are 
sent to the Buteshire Post OHices on payment of postage. 
We will continue our complimentary circulation among the Principal Public Libraries- 
throughout the British Isles. 
We make a loi.g and diligent search for alterations in present public institutions- 
throughout Buteshire, and shall be glad to have notification of same, and also list of 
•fnce-bearers of any new society. We wish no interest to be overlooked in our little but 
both popular and select county. This reference year-book is the only one for our 
shire: it is found not only throughout hut beyond it, and we wish to make our compila- 
tion as correct as possible. To make for efficiency, ple:ise send all commications earl// 
Prospectuses, of course, are free: after their issue and before the Directory is 
printed the Public may be called upon by a representative from this office, but then, 
it will be too late to choose positions for Advertisements or make large additions. Now 
is the time to give orders and prevent disappointment. Alterations can be made later. 
All the type is kept standing, and the forms are delivered to t lie machine room at 
one time, promptly printed and the sheets smartly delivered to waiting bookbinders. 

Those who only desire a copy of the Directory should not fail to send in an order 
before we go to press ; otherwise they will forfeit the concession and perhaps fail ti> 
get a copy at all. 

*\Ve warn tlie Public against being beguiled by strange canvassers who pretend 

to be associated tvitli us. 
All communications sent to 22 Bridge Street, will have careful attention 
Kothesay, July, 1931. 

^ c — 







W c 3 5 

C n & < 



-•en el, s; 



^ "5 jC ° a 



% 3 ~3 



so 3 ~g a 

„ <J 

■ S 1' £ « 




5 cr — • o 
"Z — 3 

,. (I 




5 g 2 **"■• 

» ° 


s--" * 

>. o 


H OUSE H OLD E RS— Rothesay, 

Ferguson John, Meadowcap 
Ferguson Miss, Inkennan ter 
Ferguson Peter, tailor, Osborne pi 
Ferguson, Miss, Concord villa 
Ferrari D. Meadowcap 
Ferrier, A, 109 Montague st 

Fraser Wm., blacksmith, 4 Mackinlay st 
Freckleton, Mrs Chas. W Princes st 
Freckleton Chas, 27 Bridge st 
FrecHeton .J, 70 Montague st 
Freckleton Eliz. Wyndham park 
Freebaim, C.T, Plantation villa, Argyle 

Ferrier David, Kockhill Castle, High Freebaim T, Bellmont, Argyle ter 

Craigmore Freeland Mrs Win, 40 Osborne p 

Ferrier, Mrs Margt, 84 Montague st Friel Hugh, labourer, 161 High st 

Findlay Wm, grocer, Mansefleld pi; ho, Friel Mrs, 10 Mill st 

Fulton Mrs Eliz., 40 Crichton rd 
Fulton, Miss Barbara, 1 Mt Pleasant 
Fulton, Miss A, 3 Mansfield pi 
Fulton John, painter, S Gallowgate 
Fulton Mrs Robert, 5 Argyle st 
Fullerton Mrs Wm., In verity le, M'Kin- 

lay st 
Fyfe Geo, Good Templar Hall, Tower st 
Fvfe Miss Ann, Wilkie homes 

00 High st 

Findlay MrsM, 10 Minister's brae 

Finlay David, Pointhouse crescent 

Fiblay Mrs I, Crichton rd 

Finlay Misses Janet & Jem., CO Mount 
stuart rd 

Finlay miss May, 47 Mountstuart rd 

Finlay Miss Mary, 3 Victoria st 

Finlay Peter, grocer, Wyndhain rd 

Finlay Kbt., gardener, (11 Mountstuart id Fyfe, Dundas, 36 Columshill st 

Finlay Thms, 24 Watergate garage, 50 High st 

Finlay, '24 Bridge st Fyfe A Nelson, J Mountstuart rd 

Finlay Mrs M, 23 Crichton rd Fyfe Mrs. Cambridge house, Craigmore 

Finlayson Edwin, seedsman, Craigmoie Fyfe, Miss Jean, 38 Cricbton rd 
nursery, Crichton rd 

Fisher, A. 13 Ardbeg rd 

Fisher James, grain merchant, Kb g's 
and W. Castle st, and King's Mil], 
Mill si, ; ho. Orlington, J 3 Ardbeg rd 

Fisher, Mrs Kobt. Burns, Thornhill, Ar- 
gyle st 

Fisher miss, 16 Mountpleasant rd 

Fleming And., clerk, Adelaide pi 

Fleming Mrs Cth., Baronerd 

Fleming Gavin, journalist, Auchnacloicl 

Foote Misses, Glenbeg 

Forbes, Henry, 25 Bridge st 

Fordyce John, upholsterer, 75 High st 

Fordyce Mrs Margt., 73 High st 

Forfar Miss, 1 Battery pi 

Forrest, J, Kir bld.-.s 

Forrest, Rebec' a, 8 K Princes st 

Forrest jir-, 40 Osborne pi 

Forsyth Mrs Jeane, Argyle pi 

Foulds Mrs Eliz M ., 45 Ardbeg rd 

Foulds Mis Margt., 07 Montague st 

Foulis Robert, mason. 1 Billhouse id 

Fowlis Miss Agnes S, Eastlands rd 

Fox, J. auctioneer, 5 Argyle st 

Fox Peter, 7 W. Prince3 st 

Foy Mrs, 27 Columshill st 


Galbraith Miss. 16 Hillhouse id 
Galbraith, Arch, 103 Montague st 
Galbraith Mrs Cath., 77 Montague st 
Gallacher John, 6a Castle ot 
Galbraith Miss, Craigmore cot 
Galloway A, 17 E. Princes st 
Galloway Edw., solicitor, Montford 
Galloway Wm, Bogany id 
Galloway Mrs, Montford avenue 
Gardiner John, baiber. Fergu^son pi 
Gardiner, Peter, 20 Columshil st 
Gardner John I., 9 Baronerd 
Garry Buchan, Auchnacloicii rd 
Geddes G., 11 The Terrace 
GeddesGeo., tailor, Barone rd 
Geddes, John C,, Crossbill villas 
Geikie Mrs Janet 17 Kussell st 
Gemmill Thms, 19 Stuart st 
fierrat John, 8 Tower st 
Getty Miss Helen, Gownnfield pi 
Ghilhardie Paul, 105 High st 
Gihb D M, Ardmory cot, Ardbeg 

Frame Boht, dep. fiscal, 56 Ardinory rd Gibbon Mrs, 34 Mountpleasant rd 
Frankie, Mis W M., 26 Argyle st Gibb John E., engager, 33 E Princes 

Gibb W. p c, 3 Bishop let br 
Gibbs ms, Crossbill villas 
Gilchrist Mrs Aim, 110 High st 

Fraser Isabella, 17 Mountstuart rd 
Frasei capt James, 17Ciichton rd 
Fraser J, 63 Montague st 
Fraser, Jms, police srgt, 11 E Princes 

Gilchrist. David, purser Havelock ter 
Gibbi, Mrs Margt., 14i Marine p 


Typical Views of Scottish Scenery, 

[Vidajoj Karakterizaj de SCOTLANDA PEJZAGO]. 

Beautifully Printed from Photographs. 

First Published in Commemoration of the Third International Esperanto Congress. 

held in Great Britain in 1907, and re-published occasionally since. 
Thirty-four full-page Views, besides Descriptive Letterpress, Price, Is: postage, lid 


The first-printed National Guide-Hook in the International Language, being a trans- 
lation of the introductory pages of Bonnie Scotland's Resorts. Price 2^d, post free 


I he original publication, extending to 140 pages of profitable and pleasurable read 
ing, can be had for 4d and Is. Postage, |d and lid 

Scottish Post Cards, &G., in English, and in the Universal 

Language. Prici! 2d each; six for 9d, post free. 
Auld Lang Syne (four different style's, including the one by which foreigners sing t. 
in .Scots). 

A Man's a Man for a' that (La Erateco de la Homo — the Brotherhood of Man). 
Sweet Rothesay Bay (visited by a deputation from the Third International Esperanto 

Congress) with View, and verse, " It's a Bonnie Bay," in English and Esperanto 

The Scot Abroad (la Skoto Alilande), with Illustration. 
Carry On! Post Card or Book Mark, being a Chronological List of Outstanding 

Historical Events of the Christian era. Price 2d ; three post free. 


Alphabet, with examples of pronouticiation. 2d per doz. 

Pronouns Classified. Devised to refresh the memories of the wayfarer, and 
enabling them to take a firmer grip of this grammatical language. 2d per doz. 

Correlated Words, being a tabulated reproduction of the cleverly-arranged adjec- 
tives, pronouns, and adverbs, culled from chaos in other languages, and methodi- 
cally arranged by Dr ZamenhofF ; with additional guiding-lines for the assistance 
of other than classical scholars. Price, 3d per doz. 

showing at a glance the usefulness and efficacy of the Prefixes, Affixes, Nouns 
Adjectives, Plurals, Adv erbs, Verbs and Participles. Extremely handy for refer- 
ence by students, t'ri ce, 3d each; 2s per dozen. 

A nelentinn of above,, post free for Cd 


H OUSE H OLDE US— Rothesay . 

Gilchrist Jms. Y. , sculptor, 25 Colums- 
hill st 

Gilchrist John , 18 Colum.-liill st 

Gillan Robert, 2 Wyndham pk 

GiilanHobt.. moulder, Wyndham id 

Gillan Thomas, 70 Ardbegrd 

Gillan Mrs, ftowanbrae, Columshill st 

Gillpspie J, 65 Victoria st 

Gillespie James, Westboiune, Crichton 

Gillies Mrs .Jms., 24 Ladeside st 

Gillies John. 2S Montague st 

Gillies Tohn, cemetery superintendent, 

Gillies John, ironmonger, 45 Montague 
st ; ho, Holyrood, Barone rd 

Gillies Neil, Ormidale. Barone rd 

Gillies Neil, spirit merchant, Guildford 
sq and Montague st 

Gillies Wm, builder. It Staff a pi 

G Hies Wm, 5 Bridge st 

Gillies Mrs Peter, 44 Ladeside 

Gillies Miss, 4 W Castle st 

Gilmour A 35 E Princes sn 

Gilmour, Miss C. 5 Victoria st 

Gilroy Win, J 9 Store lane 

Glen J, 3 Union st 

Glen Mrs Peter, Glebe lands 

Gold Mrs Jessie, 4 Marine pi 

Good Misses, Hierh Craigmore 

Good Jms, 26 Criuhten id 

Goodfellow J, 75 High st 

Goodwin Gavin, 2 Hillhouse rd 

•( lordon. Miss B, Wellparkrd 

Gordon John, 10 the Terrace, Ardbeg 

■Gordon T, dentist, 26 Argyle st 

Gotten Win. 74 Ardbeg rd 

Gowrie Airs. 22 Bridge st, 

'Jrakam Harry, police sergt, High st 

Graham Jms, engineer, SO High st 

Graham Peter, 5 Pishop ter brae 

Graham Mies Rachel, 22 Argvle s 

Granger Mis< Janet, 10^ Ardbeg rd 

Grant A, Cro Beg Ardbeg id 

Grant Charles, Battery pi 

< ^rant James jeweller, 70 Ardbeg rd 

Grant John, warehouseman, 7l-£Ardheg 

Grant Rbt M, joiner, 10 Moimtpleasant 

Grant, William, writer, the Hermitage 

Gray m-s Eliz, Bishop terrace b ae 

Gray ohn, 19 Marine pi 

Gray Mrs, Oakshaw, Argyle ]il 

Gray, Miss C, Kedhurst 

Green, Mrs F, 4 Roval ter 

Green Kdw J, 20 W Princes st 

Green Mrs L, 4 Hillhouse rd 

Gregory A, organist, 


Grierson Rbt , tailor, 1 Bridend st 
Grieve Jiiss Rosa, 5 Bishop st 
Gribben Miss Ame. 16.^ Mountstuart rd 
Griffiths Alex L, 32 Battery pi 
Giindley Miss, Argyle Hotel, Watergate 
Grindley Wm., Columshill st 
Grove Jms., cashier. 5P Mountstuart rd 
Guy Miss, 20 Aidbeg rd 


Hadley J P, 89 Montague st 

Haig John, blacksmith, S Hillhouse rd 

Haig Miss Marv. Seabank bu ldings 

Haig Thos 9 Mansefie d il 

Haitf Thos., 76 Monlauie st 

Haig Wm, baker, 7 Mansefield pi 

Hall Mrs ]>r Andrew J, VV'estlad rd 

Hall Wm. 3 King st 

Halliday Geo., coal and wood merchant, 

Ardlerag, Academy rd, 
Halliday John, wood merchant, Ard- 

daroch. Academy rd 
Halliday Mlcm., contractor. Oak villa, 

Minister's brae 
Halliday, Macdonald, 1 Ardbetr rd 
Hamilton Andw grocer, 2 Bridgend 

st : ho. Meadowview,Barone id 
Hamilton Dvd, 2 Burnside ave 
Hamilton John, moulder, 37 Staffa pi 
Hamilton Peter, 22 Argyle sr, 
Hamilton Mrs, 15 Bridge st 
Hance , 5 Bishop ter br 
Hardie Jms , engineer, Clifton, Hign 

Harding, Thos., 31 Staffa pi 
Harper Rankin, labourer, 3 King st 
Harris Robt. 3 Kingst 
Harrower 'I hos. the Terrace, Ardbeg 
Hart Miss Eliz, 26 Bridge st 
Hart G, 50 Crichton id 
Hart Mrs Jms., Wyndhs-rn rd 
Hart Mrs Mgt, Argyle ter 
Harvie, G, 6a Ladeside st 
Harvey C F M'L, Barone house 
HarveyRevJB. 2 Oicadia 
Harvev Mrs Mary, grocer, 27 IM i 1 1 st 
Harvey Robt, butcher, 32 Criehvon rd 
Harvey Sam, 112 High st 
Harvey Mrs Thos. H., farmer, Windy 

Harvey Wm , barman, 8 Hillhouse rd 
Hay Miss Margt., 15 Bishop st 
He»ton James, spirit merchant, 12 East 

Princes st ; ho. J 7 Battery house 





JIX TION are conducted daring the two Winter Quarters — 
October till December and January till March. 


Shorthand continues to be taught with a view to its subsequent useful" 
ness in Business and Professionally. 

In Typewriting" special attention is devoted to Punctuation and Capital- 
isation — a thorough knowledge of which is absolutely necessary in Practical Printing 
and cannot longer be neglected by those aspiring to be First-Class Typists. 

Esperanto. — This wonderful International Language is already used fi r 
Business and Pleasure in all parts of the world. Mr Higgie is in touch with import- 
ant regions all over the world, and regularly corresponds with persons everywhere 
■ — notwithstanding their different national languages. 

This auxiliary language anticipates the happy time when there will be " Peace 
on earth and good will to men," which is coming yet in spite of the present times of 
" great tribulation" — caused by covetousness, selfishness, greed, and wanton hindrance 
to peaceful re-construction. The efficacy of the International language in tracing miss- 
ing friends and making new ones has been and is being repeatedly evidenced. 

Anticipating the boom in International Trading after the World War, experi- 
ments by means of inter-correspondence in Esperanto are being made by business firms 
throughout the world with eminently satisfactory results. It is not the tyrants but the 
"meek who shall inherit the earth." The blatant, self-righteous and arrogant despost 
were beaten, but Righteousness is yet to be exalted, and frightfuhiess loathed. The 
longed-for League of Nations is evolving, when harmony and good- will shall yet reign 
in spite of all present discord and opposition — but not without many sacrihes, much 
service and suffering. Prosperity will not come through desiring something for no- 
thing, but through universal patient industry for the public good. 

Business— Practical Instruction given in Book-Keeping and other Up-to- 
Date Business .Methods. Advertisement Writing is a Present Day Enviable Pro- 
fession, and the ground-work and minutiae have long been familiar to Mr Higgie, a- 
practical Printer. 

are known, read and appreciated throughout the whole civilised world. Many of the 
contributions are written by up-to-date foreigners. 

Esperantohind is as wide, and communication as easy, as if served by wireless. 

22 Britfg-c street, Rotliessi.y. 


Hen to?) ,Tms 56 Crichtori 'd 
Heiifou John, sadd'er,77 Montague st 
Heator: Wm. M., printer, 9 Victoria st 
Heaton W M, ]'un., resturateur, 22 East 

Princes st 
Henderson Geo, Bogany rd 
Henderson , 23 Mountstuart rd 

Henderson Mrs. James, Bishop st 
Henderson J as, 4 King st 
Henderson Miss, High Craigmoro 
Henderson , i etired postmaster Lily- 
oak ter 
Henderson Mrs, 23 Mountstuart rd 
Hendry Miss Margfc., Eden pi 
Henry Archd., Palace buildings 
Henry Mrs Cath., 72 Montague st 
Henry "Wm., labourer, 28 Mill st 
Henry, Miss Winifred, 3 Russell st 
Herd Wm H., 1 King st 
Hicks Geo. .chemist and druggist. 2 High 
st find 1 Victoria st ; ho, Krithia, 
39 Crichton rd 
Higgie George, printer, publisher, short- 
hand wiiter and teach er,22JBridge st 
Higgins Mrs, Kenmore, Pointhouse 
Higgie Miss Helen M, 20 Bridge st 
Hill Miss Oath., 6a Glenrosa pi 
Hill. Mrs Eleanor, Wyndham rd 
Hill Miss Elora. 64 Mountstuart rd 
Hill Geo., draper, 80 High st 
Hill G G, m ps chemist and druggist, 

15 Castle st. 
Hill Miss J, M'Nab's hr 
Hill Miss, 6g Ardbeg rd 
Hilton J., seaman, 20 Bridgeend st 
Hislop Mrs Kobt., 7 Union st 
Hislop CIihs, bookbinder, 31 Meadow pi 
Hislop J: 3 Bishop ter brae 
Hodge Miss Margt. C, The Terrace 
Hogan. John, 1 Bnssell st 
Hogan Stephen, 8 Oolumshill st 
Hogg, Mrs M K, milliner, 15 Argyle st 

ho, 1 Mackinlay sc 
Hogarth John, coal merchant, Venitza, 

Argyle pi 
Hogarth , 7 Tower st 
Holmes John, joiner, 83 Montague st, 

ho, 3 Brandane ter, Baron e rd 
Horn Samuel, 28 Bi.-hop st 
Hosie Mrs Margt, 17 Bishop st 
Hood John. Sophia cot., 71 Ardbeg 
Hood Kobt. H., tailor, Gowanfield pi 
Hope, Mrs, 14 Gallowgatc 
Houston Mrs Isa. 20 Bishop st 

Houston John, shoemaker, 12 Mill st ; 

ho, 13 Bishop 
Houston MvsMrift. M., 27 Mountstuart rd 
Houston Miss, Wilkie houses , Meadow- 
Houston Robx;., harbourmaster. Acad- 
emy rd 
HonardMis. 29 C'olumshill st 
Howie ]>r T Wilson, 11 Battery pi 
Howie Miss Jnt., 2 Oolumshill pi 
Howitt Jms.. Ardmory rd 
Howitt Mrs Marv, Demerara. Ardbeg 
Hughes, H S, 25 Ardbeg rd 
Hughes Jms. , 98 Montague st 
Hughes Stephen, Argyll mansions 
HumeJms., engineer, Ardmory rd 
Hunter Archd, Brnan, Bishop ter 
Hunter Miss A.. 2 Orcadia 
Hunter Mrs AnnieY., 43 Mountstuart rd 
Hunter, Mrs Cath, 22 Columsliill st 
Hunter Christina, 6 Hillhouserd 
Hunter Miss EHz., Adelaide pi 
Hunter Jms., blacksmith. 24 Argyle st 
Hunter John R , mason. 11 Castle st 
Hunter John, jun, b'ksmith, 27 Colmns- 

hill st 
Hunter Miss Mart , 12a Argyle pi 
Hunter Miss Mart., 1 The 'IVrrace 
Hunter P.W. 34» Columsliill st _ 
Hunter Hobt A, tailor, Palace bui ng 
Hunter .mis Wm., Marionslea, Minis- 
ter's br 
Hunter Wm, Belltield, Barone rd 
Hunter Mrs, lO^Ardbeg rd 
Hutchison Miss, 20 Argyle st 
Huxtahle J, 14 Battery pi 
HyndmanMrs And., 4 Minister's br 
Hylidman Dan, slater, Belirue rd 
Hyndman Jms,, slater, Colbeck pi ; ho, 

3a Victoria st 
Hyndman Peter, p c, 2 King st 
Hyndman Kobt, 10 the Terrace 

st; ho. 24a Columsliill st 
Hyndman Mrs Isa, Argyle mansions, 
Hyndman Wm, Glebe lands 

Inglis Wm, 2 Manserield pi 
Irvine, Daniel, 7 West Princes st 
Irvine Joseph, 87 High st 
Irvine Miss nurse, Eastlands 
Iversen Fred', 22 Watergate 
Izett Miss, Barone rd 


International Publications. 

In tlie English Language. 


Introductions to National Characteristics, etc. 

This "Dainty Literal-. Dish" & " Really International Publication" 

was conceived abroad, ami printed and published on our Manager's 

return to the Homeland. 

It is appreciated by Scots and their friends everywhere. 

J 'rices, Id and Is. Postage, Id and 2d, 

( Inly a few Copies left. 


The Introductory pages of the above publication printed in 

Simplifyd Speling in Commemoration of the Sentenary of Sir Izak 

Pitman, Speling Roformerand Inventor of Phonography 


An Inspiration to other Countries. Appreciated Everywhere. 


Beautifully Printed from Photographs, 

witli Descriptions in English and Esperanto. 

Re-Issued in commemoration of the Ititernacia Esperanto Kongreso, 

in Edinburgh, in 1026. 
Price. One Shilling. Postage, 2d 

The First-Printed Guide-Book in Esperanto. 


A translation of the introductory pages of the above parent publication 

into the International Language, Esperanto. 

Price 2d ; posted, |d. 

"An Imperishable Novell y." 
Golden Greetings printed on 


To Commemorate Interesting Occasions. 

Highly appreciated wherever seen. 


Mounted on .Motto Cards, from Id, 2d, 3d, 4d and Gd each, 

Packets of Assorted Cards from Is, 2s, os, 4s and 5s upwards. 

Fuller Particulars mi application 


Jack, Caps. Wm.. Fauldmore 

Jack , Argyie ter 

Jackson, Ohas, Senga, Skeoch wood 

Jackson Mrs Flora, Thoinhill, Argyle st 

Jackson, Wm H, banker, 43 Ardbeg rd 

Jackson H,2 Mansfield pi 

Jackson, Mrs, Janefield, Wyndham rd 

Jenkeiws, Dune., Mc ISab'sbrne 

Jamie.-cn, Kobt. , 20 Bishop st 

Jamiesoii Arch, 70 Aid I eg rd 

Jamieson Mrs Jeannie. 24 Bishop st 

Jamieson V\ m, 48 Ladeside st 

Jamieson J., Munsefieldpl 

Japp David, 7 West Princes s 

Jaivey, Mrs Geo., Post Office buildings, 

Store In 
Jefferson, H, Glenhead Cottage 
Jeffrey, Alex, fisherman, Gowanbrae 
Jeffrey, Mrs Robert. 24 Bridgend st 
Jeffrey Mrs, Staffa i>l 
Jenkins D, joiner, M'Nab's Ir 
Jenkiiis. Wm., Glenburn cot 
Johnston, Chs, 38 8taffa pi 
Johnston Mrs Dan., restaurateur, 82 Mon- 
tague sc : ho, 84 d<> 
Johnston. Mrs Georgina, 38 Bridge st 
Johnson H , joiner, 37 JVI ill st 
Johnston, J, 109 Montague st 
Johnston, Jains, tailor, 26' Montague st; 

ho. Believe rd 
Johnston Jrns, 9 Chapelhill rd 
Johnston J F, Madras House, 17 Craig- 

more rd 
Johnston Wm., Delhi House, 19 Craig- 

more rd 
Johnston Wm, 24 Mill st 
Johnstone, Hiss Agnes, 29 Barone rd 
Johnstone Jrns, 10 the Terrace 
Johnstone, D. tinsmith, 37 Staffa pi 
Jones, Miss, 18 Battery pi 
Jones John, butcher, 79 High st ; ho 

Albany rd, Craigmore 
Jones Mrs, Hawthorn pk 


Kane Mrs Harriet, Adelaide pi 
Kay Misses, 52 Mountstuait rd 
Kean , 17 Batterv pi 
Keay, H R, County Registratio officer, 
Castle st 


Keith, Mrs Jrns, Store In 

Keith, John, storenian, 4 Mill st 

Keith R, fisherman, 8 Mill st 

Kell John, baker 30 Ladeside 

Kell Joseph, 20 Bishop st 

Kell Wm, 74 High st 

Kelly, Dan., carpenter, 36Staffapl 

Kelly Thos., coachman, 5 Victoria st 

Kemp Wm, I Oroadia 

Kennedy A, 36 Oolumshill st 

Kennedy, ^., 87 High st 

Kennedy Mrs Arch., 22 Columslshill st 

Kennedy And, 7 W Princes st 

Kennedy Ang, cabman, 22 Columshill s 

Kennedy David, Gowanfield pi 

Kennedy, Mrs. 98 Montague st 

Kennedy, Jms., shipmaster, 13 Marine pi 

Kennedy, Mrs My., 13 Marine pi 

Kennedy, Mrs, 16 Castlehill st 

Ker, Miss Agnes, 12 Marine pi 

Kernahan H, 1 the Terrace, Ardbeg 

Kerr, Bernard, 16 High st 

Kerr B, 17 Bishop .*-t 

Kerr.Mrs C,Craigmillar, Mountstuart rd 

Kerr Daniel. Ivy cot, Bridge st 

Kerr Donald, 8 Columshill pi 

Kerr, Miss Grace, Springbank 

Kerr Hu., coachman, 13 E Princes st 

Kerr Hi)., grocer, Abbotsford, Barone r 

Kerr, jus Hugh s. l Mountpleasant rd 

Kerr Jms M., Hillhouse rd 

Kerr Miss, Ha 'iallowgate 

Kerr Miss, 4 Hillliouse rd 

Kershaw Miss, Ardmory rd 

Ividoch, Mrs Wm.. lointhouse crescent 

Kilpatiick John, 11 The Terrace 

Kinchin, JuhnT., heritor, 15 Craigmora 

King Cha*, 12 the Terrace 

King Geo G, Bridge st 

Kirk, James, 75 Aidbeg rd 

Kirk, Kev Kobert L, Bridgend manse, 

Bishop ter 
Kirkhope J a, sculptor, Bute mansions, 

E Princes st 
Kikhope, Mrs Wm, Townhead 
Kirklhope Wm, 2 Eden pi 
Kiikaiid , Bed House, Craigmore 

Kirkwood Charles, 5 Union st 
Kirkwood Miss Jessie, 8 Montague st 
Kirkmood Thos, 42 Osborne pi 
Kirkwood , 13 Argyle pi 

Knox John, boatman, 32 Mill st 
Knox Jms, painter. 77 Montague st 
Knox Mrs Fealte, Crichton rd 
Knox Mrs, 7 E Princes st 
Kyle J., Marine pi 

Peace, honor and §ood 

More than Christians believe that the Whole Human Family 
will yet live together as Brethren. 

THE GREAT CREATOR OF ALL made of one blood all races of Humanity 
but our forefathers got separated and estranged. The confusion of tongues 
did not cause them to be irreligious, the phenominal success of the Boy Scout move- 
ment, generaled by Sir Robert Baden Powell, demonstrates that latent good-fellow- 
ship, gratitude and honour can grow and mature. Long ago, the Prophet Zephaniah 
foretold the coming Gf a perfect language — which, in these latter times, the people 
are longing for in order to overcome misunderstandings and know and enjov mutual 
intercourse in business and pleasure. The walls of Jericho fell very simply, and the 
Jiugual walls which have hitherto divided the nations, need no longer prevent all 
people that on earth do dwell — whatever their creeds, colour or idiosyncrasies — from 
sat sfactorily communicating with each other by means of 

The International Language. 

•Up-to Date Mariners use the International Code of Signals at sea. 
Up-to -Date Musicians use the International Staff Notation for Music 
4Jp-to-Date Businesses use the International Arithmetic everywhere. 

Up-to-Date PePSOHS all j ^ ^ , nternatj0na| Lan&ua&e i for i,n ™" 
over the World \ ° ° ( munication. 

Esperanto, like English, is made up from oilier languages: its roots are taken 
rom the same jungle, but scientifically treated in a garden pro bono publico. 

The 1 1 tli Annual International Congress was to have been held in Edinburgh in 
1915, but the Great War, which prevented the holding the J Oth ill Paris the previous 
year, was the means of causing the transfer of the 11th to San Erancisco. To com- 
memorate the opening of the Panama Canal a big Exhibition was heldjthere, and a Tuta 
Pacifika Esperanto Kongreso developed into the 11a Tuta ilondo Esperanto Kongresoa 
The 12th Kongreso Internacia was held at th Hague., Holland in 1920; the 
13th at Prague, in 1 *J 2 1 ; the 14th at Helsingfors, Finland, in 1922; the 15th at 
Niirnbergin 1923, the 16th at Vienna in 1924, the 17th the following August again at 
Geneva; and the 18th at Edinburgh, in 1926 (when the Holy Bible, in 
Esperanto, was dedicated in St Giles' Cathedral). National congresses are held .an- 
nually in all civilised conntries, and international congresses in both hemispheres 

Esperanto— the language of Peace on Earth and universal brotherhood — is steadily 
spreading. It is much easier to learn and comprehend than any national language, and 
does the work of all. On the Continent during the Great War it was an incalculable 
blessing to Red Cross work and tracing the missing. It was a veritable open sesame 
into everything good. The world-wide Boy Scout movement has taken up the study 
•of la kara lingvo. It is used at the great and happy international Jamborees- 
meetings so harmonious that they are appropriately closed by the singing of "Auld 
Langsyne. ; ' 

Esperanto has been adooted by the League of Nations, League of Religions, and 
numerous business firms, tourist organisations and scientific societies everywhere. 
It is, of course, regularly broadcast by wireless. 

The pronunciatiou of English is demonstrated by adoption of the new Esperanto 
letters, which are known throughout the world. Sorts can be had at ordinary prices 
from typefounders everywhere. 


Laid law, Mrs, dairy keeper, 11 Bishop st 

Lf-ird Mrs Isa, 86 Ardbeg rtl 

l-aing Mrs Agues, 30 Castle st 

Lamb A, 13 Victoria st 

Lamb AIpx. 3 Russell st 

Lamont, Daniel, 48 Ardbeg rd 

Lamont Dan., jun., grocer, 2 Bellvue, 

Barone rd 
Lamont Dan , School cot, Hig st 
Latnont, Mrs Isabella, 6 Mansetield pi 
lamont Jas, gas inspector, 48 Avdbeg 
Lamont, J., Windsor pi 
Lamont, John, 1 and 2 Wimbleton 
Lamont Norman, 58 E Princes st 
Lantr, J, 2s Bridge st 
Lang Mrs, Craigard, Ascog 
Laugh ton, Mrs C, 7 Wyndham rd 
Lauder A'ex. H , Thornhill, Argyle pi 
Lauder, Miss Cath, 11 Auchnacloich rd 
Lauder Dn F, mechanic, 19 Montague st 
Lauder, Hugh, jeweller, 8 Albert pi; ho 

1 Crichton rd 
Lauder Misses, Ballochgoy 
Lauder, Mr" Maria, 3 Stuart f.j 
Lauder, Misses, Townheid 
Iauder, Robt., draper, 7 Albert pi 
Lauder, Miss. 1 Belle vue re' 
Law Alex, 55 Barone rd 
Lawrie,.Tohn, 2 Mansefi.eld pi 
Lawrie.John M, Carlowrie, 3 Batter}' pi 
Lawrie, Mrs T, ironmonger, 3J Water- 
gate ; ho, Kir buildings 
Lawsun Davd, restaurateur, Victoria st 
Lawson, Mrs Dvd., Ivy Bank, Bridge st 
Lav/son, Mrs, Sunset view, Crichton rd 
Lawson Jms, 14 Battery pi 
Lavson, Win J, 59 Mountatuart rd 
Leadbeater Mrs Cath. 36 Bridge st 
Leckie, Mrs Jms, 9 Bishop st 
Leckie, Wm. J\L, slater, 31 Bridge 3 
Le es Robt., tobacconist, 51 High st 
Leigh John, E N, Ueanhood pi 
Leitch Dune, cerpenter, Wyndham rd 
Leitch, Ceo, 17a, Bishop st 
Leitch, Mrs Hy, restaurateur, r £ Argyle st 

ho, Academy rd 
Leitch, Jms., carter, T enniehall 
Leitch John, 21 Russell st 
Leitch Prof , the Cables, Crichton rd 
Lennox, Mrs A, F., 22 Uallowgate 
Lewis, Mich, tailor, 2 Bridge st 
Liddle, Ann, 4 Castle at 
Lightbody J, baker, 3 Bishop ter 
Lindsay, Mrs Agnes, 4 W Castl st 


Lindsay Mrs, 11 Mountpleasant rd 

Lister Andrew, Columshill st 

Lister Jessie, 11 Columshill st 

Little, Mrs Robt, 27 Argyle st 

Livie Mrs Jms, Ardbeg 

Livingstone, miss Jane, Artluirlie, 

Mountpleasant rd 
L'vingstone, Ptr, p. constable, Colbeck p 
Livingstone. Rich., saddler. 14 Castlehill 

st; ho, Arthurlie 
Livingstone Robt, 34 Mil' st 
1 .ogie , 46 Wyndham rd 

Lochhead Jms, shoemaker, 35 Barone r 
Lochhead Robert. Craiymore rd 
Lockhart, Mrs Ma,rgt.,2 King st 
Lockhart, Mrs W. , Columshill st 
L ocknart Mrs, Arddarroch, Academy rd 
Longniuir J, 5 Argyle 
Lornie mis, 5 Mountpleasant rd 
Love, Mrs Jms. Govvanlea, Columshill st 
Lowe Miss Jane, 41 Argyle ter 
Lowrie Wm, 3 Mill st 
Lugton, Wm., seaman, 2 Minister's br 
Lumsden Thos, chaffeur, Wyndham rd 
Lusk Misses Cath and Mary A, Wilkie 

houses, Meadowcap 
Lyle, Miss Bessie, Auchnacloich rd 
Lyle, Mrs J, Lome Hotel, Guildford sq 
Lyle, Misses, George Temperance Hotel, 

Argyle st 
Lvle, Hobt., buildsr, Townhead 
Lyle, Miss, Townhead 
Lye, Wm., chemist and druggist, 13 E 

Princes st ; ho, Springbank 
Lyon, Miss Eliz, 48 Mountstuart rd 
Lyons, Miss Louisa, 5^ Gallowgate 


Mair, Mrs M, 67 Barone rd 

Mair, Wm, 94 High st 

Maitiand Andw., tailor, — Victoria st 

Maitland Mrs Cath., 12 CrosshiR villas 

Maitland Mrs Dan., 129 High st 
Maitland Miss Eliz, — Victoria st 
Maitland Geo., gasfitter, 1 Ladeside 
Maitland, Jms, 119 High st 
Maitland John, portei-, 11 Mill st 
Malcolm Rbt., cabman, 22 Watergate 
Maitlaud, Mrs Thos, 60 High st 
Maitland Wm, 16 King st 
Maltman Mrs Arch., 24 Mill st 
Maltman Ths. M, Brandane ter 
Mann, Wm, Balmnryroad, Ascog 

S 1C O T T 1 C I8MZ. 


Twelve Numbers, being issued periodically, 2s 6d post free. 

The Contents include the following interesting items : — 

Biographical and other Sketches — Historical and Legendary. 
Travels and Adventures of Scots— Distinguished in the past 
and those still Shining Throughout the Wide World : 
Some Grave, some Gay, but all Instruciive and Appreciable. 
The English and Scottish Languages are in Common Spelling 
The Psalms in the Braid Auld Scottish Tongue 
The Fonetik Typ showz how each word iz pronouncet korektli, 
at sight, by those who learn the extended alfahet and Spelling. 

This accomplishment was enjoyed by the more intelligent of the 50.000 of the 

World's Boy Scouts at the International Jamboree, held in Britain, in Aug,. 1929. 

Set up according to the Alphabets of the 

Common, Reformd Speling", Fonografi and Espernate, 

and Dedicated to 

mmiTWMw si@fs 


Enjoyed in Scottish Homes wherever seen. 
The first number, dated November, 1929, was printed before Saint 
Andrew's Day (the Scotsman's Holiday throughout the World, 
the second number was issued as a Christmas and New Year Card 
and the third wi' Januar' win' which blew ban'sel in 'on Robin. 
The subsequent issues will have association wiih other memories. 

The Glasgow '■ Bulletin," of 2nd August, 1929, had the following : 

"A Scottish Nked. — The decline in American tourist traffic in Scotland is, according to a 
tourist agent wjtli whom I have had a'chat,due to our failure to advertise our country's spec- 
ial attractions. A new generation is growing up in U S. A which knows not Scotland, and hu g 
never heard of Roderick Dim, Fitz .lames, Bonnie Prince Chairlie, and Mary Queen of Scots. 
Thea gent suggets the establishment of a well-organised Scottish Tourist Publicity Agency. 
which would broadcast the fame of the Lowlands and Highlands in the U.S.A. and on the 
Continent." The idea is spreading as time advances. 

Trips home are now becoming popular among voluntary " exiles " and their descendants 
which adds to the spread of good fellowship. 

Eight Numbers of this publication have been issued ; these and the four 

to follow will be sent to any address for postal order for 2s 6d. 

Book Orders Now. 

From HIGGIE & CO., Publishers, Rothesay, Scotland. 


Manners , Hillside. High Craigniore 
Marsh Chs., painter, 20 Russell st 
Marshall John IN., M.D., 7 Battery pi 
Marshal iibr, 42 Bishop st 
Martin Mis Alex, 12 Argyle st 
Martin, Brye, 34 Mont igne st 
Martin, Mrs Klizabeth. 22 Bridge st 
Mai tin Miss Jes.-ie, 67 Monnlstuart rd 
Martin John, motor-hirer, Academy rd 
Mai tin J, 10 Columshill pi 
Martin, Jms., Palace buildings 
Martin Thus, plasterer, 86 Ardbeg rd 
Martin , joiner, Havelock ter 
Martin, 2 Mont ford ter 
Mas"n Miss, Braemar 
Mason Dvri,retired,30 Mountpieasant rd 
Mathers, J. Maose.tiald pi 
Mathieson John, II Brkltrond si 
Matthew Bdwa.i-Q', ma, Wyndham 
Maxwell Alex M'L. Bishop isv br 
Maxwell Samuel. 17 Gaiiowgate 
Maxwo I Miss Alderside. 2 Uraigaiorts 
Maxwell Lady Ardm ..r t rd 
May Mrs, 26 Castle st 
Meikle Aich Invergyle. 4 Mackinlay st 
Meikle Miss Helen 17 Bridge st 
Meldruin Wm,, chemisG and druggist, 43 

Victoria st; ho, Thistlebank, 
Melvin Mrs, 12 the Terrace 
Menziss, J, 14 Mountstuart rd 
Menzies Mrs Eliz., Wyndham ok 
Middleton W, 133 High st 
Middleton Mrs, 17 Bishop st 
Millar M'S Andw. M.. grocer, 1 Argyle st 

ho, Argyll mansions 
Millar Vm. 83 Montague st 
Millar Win C, farmer, Little Barone 
Millar sirs, Glenhead, Ballochgoy 
Miller And, 4 Mans^held pi 
Miller Mrs Ann, 25 Staffa pi 
Miller Mrs Cth., 21 Columshill st 
Miller, Oapt. George, 12 Mountstuart rd 
Miller, Hannah, 4 Battery pi 
Miller Mrs Isa., 36 E Princes st 
Miller Jms., slater, Craigagoil 
Miller Jms., slater, of J Miller & Sons, 

Columshill st; ho, Argvle ter 
Miller, Jms H., 17 Battery pi 
Miller John, 22 Watergate 
Miller Miss Margt., 13 Mountstuart rd 
Miller Neil, 9 Mansfield pi 
Miller Peter, slater, Ambrisbeg 
Miller K obt & Co, drapers, 48 Montague 

st ; ho. Alma ter 
Miller, Wm, i6 Windsorpl 
Miller Wm.,chimy. sweeper, 13 Stuart st 
Miller Miss, Barone villa 

q 97 

Miller Miss, 8 Klysimn 
Millhouse Mrs L. Hilhouse 
Milligan Miss rliz., 34 Argyle st 
Milligan Mrs, Eastlands 
Mills, John ri., 27 High st 
Milne, John, 84 Montague st 
Milne Js, Havelock ter 
Milne Misses, 44 Cnchton rd 
Mincher Joseph, ironworker, 10 Terrace 
Mitchell Mrs A ndw. , 20 l 'richton rd 
Mitchell Miss Cecilia W, 31 Crichton rd 
Mitchell Geo, chemist, Towerhill 
Mitchell Win., 2 Dean Hood pi 
Mitchell, Miss, Edgermont, 9 Brighton st 
Moffat Mis Helen, 19 Store In 
Moffat Mrs He'en, Ardmorv rd 
Moffat Michael. 103 High st 
Moir Mrs E B, Glenfaulds, 
Monaghan Thos., postman, 26 Ardbeg r 
Money Miss 10 Mansefield pi 
Montgomerie, And, 11 Mountpleasnt rd 
Montgomerie Mas Jean, Amsifield, Ba- 
rone rd 
Montgomerie Miss Ellen, 17 Gallowgate 
Montgomerie, Frank, Barone id 
Moodie Miss Cath., Mountstuart rd 
Moodie Robert, veteiinary surgeon, 23 

Bridg -■ st 
Moodie Mrs Wm, 19 Mountstutart rd 
Moore J, 16 Hillhouse rd 
Moore Mrs W., Broomhill, Montford 
Morgan Mrs Dvd ,19 Ardbegrd 
Morison Mrs Christina, 32 Marine pi 
Morris, Mrs Helen, 16 Hillhouse rd 
Morris James, baker, 35 Barone rd 
Morris John, Ian villa, Academy ter 
Morris, Mrs Mary, 71 Victoria sc 
Morris , 27 Marine pi 

Morris Miss, Brandane ter 
Morrison Alex., 17 E Princes st 
Morrison Alex., Battery pi 
Morrison Archd., hairdresser, 92 Mon- 
tague st ; ho, 3 King st 
Morrison Ach., plumber, Stewait villa 

Barone rd 
Morrison Bros., plumber :i, Wuter^ i 
Morrison Donald, 3 King st 
Morrison M ; ss Isa, 14 Barone rd 
Morrison Jms, plumber, 33 E Prinecs st 
Morrison Miss, 5 Argyle st 
Morrison Mrs J, Hazlecliff, bos, Ardbegr 
Morrison John, upholste.ter 14 Tower st 
Morrison John, (i Watergate 
Morrison, J, 6a Castle st 
Morrison Joseph, 27 Ardbge rd 
Morrison Mrs M C, Ellcnsdale, Upper 

Morrison Bobt., joiner, Chapeihill 


Morrison Tho&., joiner, kc, 18 Mill st ; 

ho, Mountpleasant rcl 
Morrison 'I', Ga Cattle st 
Morrison Wm., 08 M.u'.tague st; 
Morton John H., draper, 29 Barone id 
Motley Mrs, 5 McuntEtuart rd ' 
Muir, Annie. 9 Bishop st 
Muir mm Chris., Ahbotsford, Barone rcl 
Muir Chs , baker, 17 High st, 17 Argyle 

st ; ho, Ardnamara, Academy id 
Muir C Sheriff, baker, the Nook, Auch- 

naeloich rd 
Muir Colin, Manseiield pi 
Muir Colin K, postman, 11 Manseiield p 
Muir David, 8 Gallowgate 
Muir 1 >, 3 Gallowgate 
Muir Hu., bus driver, Staffa pi 
Muir, Jins, 72 Battery pi 
Muir Miss Janet. 5 Argjde pi 
M nir, J, 7 Mansetied pi 
Muir, Mrs Mary, 17 Oallowgate 
Muir, Mil Matilda, Thornhill, Argyle pi 
Muir R. 10 Manseneld pi 
.Muir Mrs 8 Kast Princes st 
Muirhead Thos., Silverknowe, 57 Crich- 

ton rd 
Monro Arch, Cruden cor, Bishop ter 
Muir Wm. C., draper, 19 Montague st 

ho, Ahbotsford. Baronerd 
Murdoch Ang., shomakr, 24 Watergate ; 

ho, Castle st 
Murdoch John, plumber, 7 Manseneld 

Murdoch R, 85 Baronerd 
Mare Bobt. M, 7 Wvndhani rd 
Murray Miss Ann, 60 High st 
Murray And. joiner, 17J> Marine pi 
Murray. Mrs Cecilia, 13 Argyle pi 
Murray M<-s Kliz , II Manseneld rd 
Murray John, heritor, Eastlands 
Murray Mis Maiy, 17 Marine p 
Murray Thos., joiner, Bellevue rd 
Murray Wm, 9 Bishop st 
Murray Wm.. joiner 36 Columshill st 
Murray Mrs, Mount pleasant 
Mutch, Jh W, postman, 66 Montague st 
Mylne Miss Mrgt. M., 73 Ardbeg rd 


McAleese J. F Auchnacloich rd 
.McAleese Misses, 5 Bridge st 
McAlpine Duncan, 2 Chapelhill rd 
McAlpine Mrs, 103 High st 
McAlpine , 25 Columshill 3t 

McAmiiew J. 22 W Princes st 
Mc \rravy Jas, Healtheries. Canada hill 
McAia Miss Chris. 25 Crichton rd 
McAra, . Dunara, .? Brigton ter 
Mc Arthur Miss Chis., Firwood 
McArthur Mrs Dan., 1 Coluu.shill pi 
Mc Arthur Robert, 18 Ladeside 
McArthur Ed., ex-postman, 14 High st 
Mc Arthur Jas, l J ointhouse, Ardbeg id 
McArthur Jms, 2 Ladeside 
McArthur Miss Mary, 2 Craigmore rd 
McArthur Peter A, , Alma ter 
McArthur Robt; 4 Mountpleasant rd 
McArthur 1'oht, Auchnacloich rd 
McArthur Wm., slater, Gowanbrae 
Mc \ulay Mrs Mary, 1 Columshill pi 
McAulay Mrs Mary, 26 Mountstuart rd 
McAuslan VVm. A., inland revenue ofcr., 

Skeoch villi, Argyle ter 
McBirnie MrsTs, AYoodview, (ilebelands 
McBride A ,s, j p, Carmondthu, East- 
McBride Mrs Mary Jane, Hi. Craigmore 
McBride Rbt., b acksmith, John st ; ho, 

Sumnierlee, Hi. Craigmore 
Mc Oafferty, J, 1 Columshill pi 
McCallum Adm, 2 Bishop ter 
McCallum Adm, EHerslie, Serpentine rd 
McCallum MS Ann, 2J> Battery r 
McCallum Mrs Ann.Holyrood, Baone rd 
McCallum Miss Cath., 58 Crichton rd 
A]cCallum, Mrs Colin. 4 Mountplesant rd 
McCallum Misses, S Battery pi 
McMrs Donald Barone rd" 
McCallum Duncan, Ardbeg 
McCallum John, banker. Savings bank, 

7 Caste st ; ho, 1 Bishop ter 
McCallum Mrs Mary. 74 Ardbeg 
McCallum Neil, 16 Hilihous- rd 
McCallum Thos., blacksmith, 9 Mill st 
McCallum Wm., 3 King st 
McCa'lum Mrs 4 Columshill pi 
McClure Alex. Gowanfieid pi 
McColl John, 26 Columshill st 
McCol 1 , Malcolm, river steamer captain 

Barone rd 
McColl Peter, jun., Meadow pi 
McComish , 7 VV Princes st 
McCannechy miss Mrt, nurse, 21 Uoslin p 
Connell John. 9 Chapelhill rd 
McCord Mrs John, Craigielea, Ardbeg 
McCormick , 41 AVatergate 
Mc'Jra Miss, Craigmore 
McCree Miss, Montford cot 
McCready, Mrs , 83 Montague st 
McCrindle Robt, 29 Ardbeg rd 
Macrone Jms., draper, Townhead 


Macrone siiss Jeannie, 15 High st 
McCrone John, tailor, Bishop ter be 
McCione Miss, teacher, 47 High st 
McUruden, Peter, 8 Mansefield pi 
McOulloch 4'i Ardbeg id 

McCulloch Jms, flesher, Bellevue, Bat- 
tery ]>1 
McCulloch John, 21 Battery pi 
McDade Mrs A. nes, 20 Marine pi 
MoDermott Sam., 103 High st 
McDhee Donald, 8 Tower st 
Macdonald ]\irs Grace, 30 Battery pi 
McDonald Hu , 52 High st 
McDonald Hugh, 19 Russell st 
McDonald J., 8 Mill st 
McDonald J as, coi fectioner, 20 Bishop 
Mc Doug all, John, Hi Castle st 
McDonald John, gardener Ardencraig 
McDunald John, stoker, High st 
McDonald .lohn, teacher, 4 Battery pi 
McDonald John, writer, Asco^ 
McDonald Miss Margt. High Craigmore 
McDonald, Muvd, 38 Bishop st 
McDonald. Peter, 41 Victoria st 
McDonald Mrs, Ferguso ; pi 
McDonald Mrs, 31 ColumshiU st 
McDonald Miss, J 7a Battery pi 
McDonald , K Princes st 

McDonald Mrs, IS Gallowgate 
McDoiigall Alex, Westw<.od, Argyla rt 
M'Dougall Mrs Ann, 2 (Jhapelhil! rd 
McDougall Dan. , carrier, 22 Watergate 
McDougfdl Dn., shipmaster, 21 Argyle 

P 1 

McDougall Miss Janet, Park pi 
McDougali John, teacher, Montford 
McDougall Miss J Kainv, 24 Argyle st 
McDougall J, 71 Victoria st 
McDoimall Misses, Montford house 
McDougall VI av, Palace buildings 
McDougallRobt, Wyndham Park 
McDouualLThs ex p-o- overseer, Easter- 
lea, Hsgh Ciaigmore 
McDougall Miss, Fearnoch, High Craig- 
McDougall Mrs, 35 Wyndham rd 
McDowell, Miss Janet, 87 Ardbeg rd 
McDowell Mrs, Gallowgate 
McBlhaw , Park place. Bridge st 
McEwan Miss Catli., Ardbeg 
McKwan Colin, 5 the Terrace 
McEwan Dun., Ardmorag, Crichtonid 
McKwan John, plumber 16 Bridge st 
McEwan Wm, 2 Chapehill rd 

McFadyen John, gardener, 10 Terrace 
McFadyen M, 15a Marine pi 


McFarlane Mrs Annie, 26 A i gyle st 
McFarlane, Mrs Agnes, 54 Ladeside st 
McKarla-ie Mis Arch, 4 Colbeck pi 
McFarlane Mi<s Cth., 4 Aidii'ory rd 
McFarlane Miss rt A D, 31 Bitter.y pi 
McFarlane G., boat-hirer Academy id 
McH'arlnie Robt., inspector of }iostmen 

8 Argyle st 
McFarlane i)r Wm. , Fastlands rd 
McFarlane , Bellavue, Bitterypl 
McFarane , cottage, Wimble ton 
McFeat .lohn, 31 E Princes st 
McFie *rch, hui gh worker, K den pi 
McH'ie Jms., florist., 34 E Princes st 
McFie Misses Janet & Sarah, Thornhil 

Argyle pi 
McFie Capt John, 37 Ardbeg rd 
McFie John, carter, 19 Castle st 
McFie John, painter, Barone rd 
McFie Robt, house painter, 65 High st ; 

ho, Inkerman ter 
McFie Kbt., Mountpleasant rd 
McFie Mrs Sarah, Palace buildings, 24 

Princes st 
McFie Wm, carter, 16 Mill st 
McFie Win., joiner, Croft lodge 
McFie Mis, 4 Mountpleasant rd 

McGallagiay Cornelius, pawnbroker, 

Belle /ue id 
McGarrity, Wm., 22 East Princes st 
McGaw Alex., joiner, Mountpleasant rd 
McGeachy Miss, 43 Barone rd 
McGiltvary Arch, farmer, Eastlands 
McGilivary Mrs Chris., 2 Mansefield pi 
McGilva'-y Mrs Duncan. 64 High st 
McGilBary Hector, 16 Hillhouse rd 
MGilp, Daniel, carrier, 3 Tower ai, ; ho, 

Albert mansions 
McGilp Dan jun, 5 Bisnop rjr \\v 
McGlashan Mrs Pats'-, 6 Hillhousa ■ d 
McGough John, Havelocis ber 
McGowan Hugh, Waw.-g-ite 
.VIcGovern John, J25 High, si 
McGowan Mrs Mary, 22 Wfbtseg&'ie 
McGregor Ah-x 7 Mill st, 
McGregor Mrs Hectr, : 4 Bridgend st 
.McGregor H jun. 7 Mill st 
McGugan Mrs Dan., 59 Ardbeg rd 
McGregor ur J Stewart, Battery lodge 

Battery pi 
McGregor, 31 Gal'owgate 
McGiigan Jas, 1 Bridgend st 
McGuiie D. 58 Lades'de 
MaGuiie Mrs John, 19 High st 
McGuireF, 119 High st 
McGuire Thos., blacksmith, 19 Castle st 


McGuire Jms, 19 Castle &t 
McGuiie Mrs, broker, 31 Mill it 
McGurk Mrs 11, Albert pi 

Mclh'oy Jms., stoker, 76 Montague st 
Mcllroy Win, mason, 19 Store In 
Mcllroy Mrs, 5 Bishop terrace brae 
Mcllvary Thos, Auchnaeloich rd 
Mclnnes Mrs KHz , Wyndham rd 
Mclnto-h B, 28 Montague st 
McIntoshjL»or.., engineer, Pointhousecr 
Mcintosh Mrs Iss., « xenford, Barone rd 
Mcintosh Jms, joiner, 40 Bishop st 
Mcintosh Mi s Magt., 8 Bridw st 
Mcintosh, Mrs Rachel. 6 Watergate) 
Mcintosh Mrs Stuart, 22 Craigmore rd 
Mcintosh Mrs 4 Mansefield pi 
Mclntyre Alex., 14 Staff a pi 
Maclntyre Mrs AUtr, Bellevue. Marine p 
Mclntyre Chas., 98 Montavuest 
Mclntyre David, 22 Watergate 
Mclntyre Dan, Ke>;al View. King st 
Mclntyre Jms., flesher, 81 Montague st 
Mclntyre John, 2 the Terrace, Ardbog 
Mclntyre Mrs Jn., Marine pj 
Mclntyre Mrs Mai., 23 Barone rd 
Mclntyre Mrs Maigr., 41 Victoria st 
Mclnt ish John, iuspeotor of police; 44 

Hi^h st 
Mclver Allan, 14 Ku^sell st 
Mclver Mrs, boat hirer, 15 Argyle pi 
Mclver Neil, quarrier, Broadci of t In 

McKay Arch., 45 Watergate 
McKay Mrs A. Elm Bank, Ballochg >y 
McKay Chas, 1 'aklands, Mount Stuart rd 
McKay Mrs, 9 High st 
McKay Mrs John, farmer, Barone rd 
McKay, Kenneth, Academy parade 
McKay Neil, 21 Columshill st 
McKay Mrs Win., Glebe lands 
McKay Wm, 3 Logie pi 
McKay Wm.. Minister's br 
McKay Mrs, 22 Staffa pi 
McKechnie Mrs John, Gowanueld pi 
McKechnie, Mrs Margt, 17 Bishop st 
McKellar Miss 40 Mountpleasmt rd 
McKellai Mrs Agnes, 26 Argyle st 
McKellai Chas., plasterer, 55 Ardbegrd 
McKellar Duncan, shipping agent and 

contractor. Victoiia villa, Barone rd 
McKellar Hector, shipping agent and 

contractor, Sprinyhank, Chapelhill rd 
McKellar James, Eden cot, High st 
McKellai John., 38 Bishop st 
McKellar sirs Margt., 43 Ardbeg rd 
McKellar Mrs Margt., 90 Montague st 


McKellar Mrs Peter, Burnbmk ter 
McKellar Kobt, 13 Columshill st 
McKellar Kobt., 33 Crichron rd 
McKendrick Miss, grocer, Watergate; ho 

15 Castle st 
McKondrick Wm, travV, 29 Ardbeg rd 
McKendry Ach , 7 Union s>t 
McKendry Jms, 4S Ladesiclc 
McKenzie Miss Jessie, 32 Bishop st 
MeKenzie, John, journalist, Crichton rd 
McKenzie, John, 11 Columshill st 
McKenzie Mt< May, 4 Columshill pi 
McKenzie M & Son, publishers, Kxpreas, 

11 Montague st ; 
McKenzie R. , 16 Windsor pi 
McKenzie Thomas, 23 Bridgend st 
McKenzie Miss, Mountstuart rd 
McKenzie Miss, ex-matron, Moimtpleas- 

ant rd 
Mackie Janet, 18 Battery pi 
Mackie, Thomas, Mountpleasant 
McKillop Mrs Ann. 27 E. Princes st 
MKillop, Miss, 16 Castle st 
McKinlay A. M.. architect, 6 Castle st 

he, Inkerman ter, Ballochgoy 
McKinlay John, Havelock ter 
McKinlay Misses Margt. and Marianne, 

Ferguson pi 
McKinnon Chs., boilermaker, 10 Marine 

McKinnon Mrs Ellen, Havelock ter 
McKinnon Geo. insur agent, Westwood 
Mackinnon James, accountant. 11 Albert 

pi ; ho, Royal ter 
McKinnon, Mrs Janet, 17 Bishop st 
McKinnon Mrs John, grocer, 6 Montague 

st ; ho, Barone rd 
McKinnon Sarah, 3 I ogie pi 
McKinnon Mrs, Lilyoak ter 
McKinnon Mrs, Ardmory rd 
MKiunon Mrs, Meadow < ottage 
McKinnon Mr.", 33 Victoria st 
Maikiunon Win., auctioneer, 29 Water- 
McKirdy Mrs Geoigina, York ter 
McKirdy Mis Hugh. Mackinlay st 
Mackirdy Taggart, coal merchant, 34 

Bi-hop st 
McKirdy Wm., 16 Kin/ st 
McLachlan Mis Agnes, 12 Argyle st 
McLachlan Alex. T., 42 Bishop st 
McLachlan Arch., 26 Cc'umshill st 
McLachlan Dan., 5 Bridge st 
McLachlan Du/, 2 Mountstuart rd 
Maclachlan John, hatter, 67 Montague 

st ; ho, Barone rd 
McLachlan Mrs iVL.ry, 41 Victoria st 


McLachlan Robt., Columshill st McLeod Miss, 3 Craigmore rd 

McLachlan Robt., J8 Columshill st McLintock Geo. M., architect, 5 High 
McLaclilan Walter, W 7 Princes st st ; ho, Pointhouse crescent 

McLachlan Win. labourer. 19 Russell st McLuckie Miss, 10 Wyndham rd 

McLachlan Miss, Burnbank ter, Ardbeg McMenamy D, 16 Windsor pi 

McLachlan , Adelaide pi, Mount- McMillan Arch., barber, 7 High st; 

stuart rd 
Maclagan Thomas, writer, 28 Castle st 

ho, Wellpark 
McLaren Miss Annie, 29 Argyle ter 
McLaren John, nurseryman, Braeside 
McLaren Wm., 17 Russell st 
McLaughlin John, 32 Castleat 
McLauchlan, John, flesher, 41 Watergte 
McLay John, coalmastr, 32 Mmiiitstuart 

McLay Wm, salesman. Bridgend st 
McLay, miss, Fealte, Cr.chton i-d 
McLea, Miss Jane, dressmaker, 39 Ar- 
gyle st 
M- Lean, 103 High, st 

McLea ?.ii*s, Havelock ter 
Mi: Lean Andw., saddler, 7W Princes st 
McLean, Don, Toward view, Ardbeg rd 
McLean Mrs Don., 16 Jjadeside 

McMillan. Archil, Alma ter 
McMillan Mrs Cth., 4 W. Princes st 
McMillan Mrs < 'hris., 9 k JO Argyle pi 
Macmillan JO ben R, J P, master mariner, 
business address, 13 Argyle st; 'phon,92 
McMillan D, 10 Aidbeg rd 
McMillan James, manager, McKirdy & 

McMillan, carriage - hirers, Albeit 

mansion. 1 East Princes st 
McMiTai Mrs Jane, 88 High st 
McMillan Juis <, 2 Elysium 
McMillan Mrs Jn. 20 W Princes st 
McMillan John, Farmer, Knockanreach 
McMillan Mary, 12 The Terrace 
McMillan Thos. quarriei, 16 Store In 
McMillan Wm, grain mercht, Millbrae, 

McMillan Mrs Wm, Manserield pi 
McMvlan Wm., 22 Bridge st 
McMillan Win.. Poinhouse cr?s 

McLean Mis Fd, 17 Uallowgate 

McLean, Henry, brgbwrker, 66 High st McMillan Mrs Wm.. 12 The Teirace 

McLean Hugh, 2 Biidga st McMillan Mrs, 30 Castle st 

MLean Jms, Toward view, Ardbeg rd McMurchie John, 1 Union st 

McLsan John, 3 Mansefield pi McMurray Miss Siisn. 36 Mountstuartrd 

McLean Jms., inspectoi of slaughter McMurray Thos., 4 Klysium 

House, 14 Lade-ide McMurray . 7 Gallowgate 

M"cLean Mrs Jessie, 2 Chapelhill rd McNab Alx., joiner, &c, 24 Watergate, 
McLean John, 10 Columshill st ho, Holyrood, Barone id 

McLean John, 87 High st McNab Alex M, PI), Auchnacloich rd 

McLean M-ilnm, carter, E. Princes st McNab, Colin, 4 Bishop st 

McLean Male, shopman, 29 Columshill st McNab Chas, 30 Castle st 

McLean Mrs Mary, 19 Castle st 
Mel ,ean Neil, Kden pi 
McLean Neil 34 Mill st 
McLean Petei. clerk, 2 Mackinlay st 
McLean Simon, Barone rd 
McLean Ths., blacksmith 9 Battery pi 
Mel ean Mrs Wm., 34 Columshill st 
McLean Mrs, 46 Montague st 
McLellan Mr? Ann, J 7 !>idge st 
MoLellan Dvd., 27 Columshill st 
McLellan Mrs Don. 90 Montague st 
M tLellan Mis John, 84 Montague st 
McLellan Male, postman, 27 Argyle st 
Mi. Lei Ian Misa Mary. 27 Aryyle st 
McLellan Mr-, Achnacloicb rd 
McLalland Mrs Ellen, 11 Bridge st 
McLeod Mrs Donald, 6 Battery pi 
MeLeod mis John, 1 Union st 
McLeod Miss Miy, Adelaide pi 
McLeod Mrs, Argyle ter 

McNab Hamltn.. grocer, 84 High st 
McNab, Harry, Lilyoak. Ballochgoy 
McNab, Henry, joiner, Clutha villa, Ba- 
rone rd 
McNab Mrs, 25 Montague st 
McNab, Jas Orr, Clyde v,v, Eastlands 
McNab John, tinsmith, W. Princes st 

ho, Inkeiman ter 
McNab John W., tinsmith, Lilyoak ter 
McNab Russell, postman, 4 Bishop st 
McNab W, 21 Ardbear id 
Macnair, Mrs D, 26Argyle st 
McNair Mrs, 36 Bishop st 
McNally Miss, nurse, 38 Columshill st 
McNaught, MrsEuph.. McNab's br Miss. 145 High st 
McNeil Ann 31 Mounti-tuart rd 
McA'eil! Mrs Annie, 11 Mansefield pi 
McNeil Don. 46 Montagu* st 
McNeil James, 19 Castle st 


McNeill Miss Jane, 24 Axgyle st 
McNeill John, car driver, 1 The Terrace 
McNeill Mrs Josephine, E Princes st 
McNeill Kobt, Orcadia 
McNeill Thos., cabman, 7 Bishop st 
McNeil Thos. H.. 28 Argyle st 
McNeill Miss, Clifton boarding house; 

Argyle ter 
McNeill Miss, Hillside 
McNeil Mrs, 46 Montague st 
McNeil Miss, 30 Mountstuart rd 
McNicol Miss Agnes, 4 E Princes st 
McNicol Duncan, ~> the Ten ace 
McNicol Finlay, 37 Argyle st 
McNicol Jms., baker, 87 Montague st 

ho, Auchnac'oich rd 
McNicol Neil, baker, 81 Hicb. st 
McNicol Peter, 1 Coli.mshill pi 
McNicol Miss M., 17a Battery p 
McNicol Miss, tobacconist, Bishop st 
McNicol Sirs Veni'za, Argyie st 
McMven Alex., 70 Aniheg id 
McNiven.Alex., factor, 36 Bishop st 
,'icPlnil Miss Agnes, 6 Watergate 
McPhail D.«n., Westwood 
McPhail Join., 47 Argyl 
McPhail Nei 1 , Columshill st 
McPhee Mrs Hn., 2 Argyle st 
Mcl'hee Male, farmer, Lochly 
McPhee Ptr, coachman, E Princes st 
McPherson . 29 W Princes st 

McPherson Mrs, 30 Bishop st 
McPherson Mrs Hu., 3 Logie pi 
Macpherson Alex, 30 Castle st 
McPherson, John, 08 Montague st 
McQuilkan, 113 High st 

McRa Misses Jessie and Mary, 6 Craig- 

more rd 
McRitchie Mrs R, Union st 
McSeveny, Isaac, 37 Bridge st 
McSitay J., shoemaker, J3 Briilgend st 
McStay Mrs Peter, 87 High st 

McTavish Edward, Firwood 

McVake Robert, 19 Russell st 
McVicar Jessie, 1.6 Battery ]>l 
MuVicar Donald, agent, Bank of Scot- 
land, Guildford sij ; res, Lonsdale, U 
McViiar, Mrs, 18 Battery pi 


Napier John. 3 Hillhoaso rd 
Napier Thos*., plumber, and itonn.onger, 
i '•& .Montague st ; ho,, Ivy cot, West- 
land id 
N&yic Win., restaurateur, 111 Mou 

tape si 
NaDJer A. gas worker, 83 High st 
Napier Win, 90 Montague st 
Neill Mrs Jessie 1). Orcaaia 
Neill Mrs Eliz, 6 Gas le st 
Neill Tnos, 7 *V Princes ;-t 
Nelson Mrs Allen, Gracefield, Craigmore 
Neilson Miss Ann, 5J Mountstuart 
Neilson Jms, 71 Victoria st 
Nelson , 2(i l.adeside st 
Neilson Miss Janet, 73 Ardbeg r I 
Neilson Mi3s Margr.., 20 Ardb-g rd 
Neilson Mrs F, 91 Ardbrg rd 
Neilson, Mrs Maigt., 4 "\V Gustiest 
Neilson Mrs Mary, 87 Ardbeg rd 
Neilson Thomas, house factor, ^r&beij 
Neilson Mrs, 44 Argyle st 
Nelson John, 72 Ardbeg rd 
Nelson M G,«ccountar.t, Ardbeg rd 
Niblock Mrs Thos, 2 Mansfield pi 
Nicol Donald, 109 Montague st, 
Nichol Mrs Helen, 41 Ardbeg 
Nieho son John, commission a^ent, 

A rdbeg id 
>"ieholson Kobt, postman. 42 High st 
Nicholson Neil, seaman, 37 E Princes st 
Nisbet John, cabman, 6 Bridge st 
Nisbet Miss, Mayflower, Barone rd 
Nisbet , 3» E Prineesst 
Noble James, shop manager, 4 Montford 

Noble, Ths, burgh foreman, 110 High » 
Nugent, Nath., tailor, homson home 

Oaten Jas, 17 Bishop st 

Ogilvie Mrs Thos , 18 Columshill st 

Oiiphant Geo. iS. , shoemaker, 18 Uus- 

sell st 
Oiiphant Joseph, IS Russell st 
O'Hara Patrick, grinder, 83 Montague .+ 
O'Neill, H, 19 High st 
O'Neil Jms, engineer. Palace building.-* 
O'Neill J., 125 High st 


Peters , 27 Battery pi 
Pettigrew J M, Tighr.amara, Mcr.ifr.rd 
Pettfcrew Miss Margt,, 45 Ardbeg id 
Pinkerton Mrs Majrfi,. Concord villa, 

Columshill at 
Pinker t on Jas, . mason, 10a Bridaond st 
Pirie Mrs M, Osborne temperance hotel. 

87 Victoria st 
Pluntpton Alex, Delhi House, 19 Cra'g- 

inore d 
Pollock, .las, 12 Argyle st 
Park Geo.. >u>, P. »e-an-iiime, Albany tr Pollock Win C, Laurels, Craigmore r.l 
Park Miss Isa, 89 Barone rd Ponton Arch., Mountpleasant. rd 

Orkney Miss, Orcadia 

Orr John, blacksmith, 6a Castle st 

Orr VVm. Ynill, Ciiehton r<i 

Orr, .Mrs, EHerslie, High Oraigmore 

Owens, Miss Ella, 22 Bishop st 

Papple Ths., 3 Russeli st 

Park Jms, bleacher, Albany rd 
Parker T:, joiner. 16 Mill st 
Parker , MansefleM pi 

Pateison Mr.', 15 Marine pi 
Paterson Mrs Ann, 16 Castle st 
Pateison Unas., 19 Argyle pi 
Paterson Gee. 76 Montague st 
Paterson (ieo. H., West wood 
Paterson Mr-: He'en, 7 Chapelliill rd 
Paterson John, gas stoker, Columshill st 
Paterson John, 24 Argyle st 
Paterson John, slater, 15 Bishop st 
Paterson Miss, 2!) Victoria st 
Paterson Mis L, Nettlebrae cot, Ardbeg 
Paterson Mrs Margt W., 3 Royal ter 
Paterson Mrs M., 72 Ardbeg rd 
Paterson Robt., cartel, Seabank bldiys 
Paterson Kobfc., slater & cement woiker, 

50 High st ; ho, C-oft lodge, Argyle st 
Patersni Robert., 8 Tower st 
Paterson Mrs,, 1 7a Battery house 
Paterson Mrs, Desmond bank, Wellpark 
Paterson Mrs, 4U Mountpleasant rd 
Paterson Mrs, nr, 15 Marine pi 
Paton Aug. carpenter, 96 High st 
Paton Arohd, 60 Ardmory rd 
Peacock Alex. K., plumber, 5 

ho, Barone cot 
Peacock Mrs, Annie Mary, 17 Battery pi 
Peacock Geo., 21 Battery pi 
Peacock Duvald, G emle mot cot, High 

Peacock Miss,Tane, 25 Wyndham rd 
Peacock Mrs M, 2 hoyal ter 
Peddie Robt., printer, 6 Mai sefipld pi 

Porter Ben, auctioneer, 5 Argyle st 
Porter John, accountant, Kastlands rd 
Porter, John, 22 Matine pi 
Portree, , Lilyoak ter 

Powell J. P., Ardsloy, Craigmore 
Pratt Miss, Auchnacloich rd 
Pratt Mrs Jn Hnry, Lochview, Barone rd 
Prentice Andrew, Pointhouse crescent 
Prentice Miss. 63 Ardbeg rd 
Proud"oot Miss, Mounts uart rd 
Provan C. N., 30 Castle st 
Puddy Sidney, 58 Montague st 
Pnllar Mis, Olenrosa pi 
Pullen Chas J, Bock villa. Ardbeg 
Purdon Miss, Toward view. Ardbeg rd 
Purvis Ale.v, painter, 34a, Columshill st 


Quin Mrs Jane, 9 Bishop st 


Ramsay Mrs Dvd, 97 Montague st 
High st; Ramsay nev D J, Chaplehill Free Ch 

Ramsay Hu., tobacconist, 20 Argyle st 

Braemar. Academy rd 
Ramsay Mrs Margt.. 10 Olenrosa pi 
Han kin e Miss Isa., J9 Store In 
Rankin J., Park pi Bridge st 
Rankine. Jms, 84 Montague st 
Rankin Mis ■< Jessie I)., 1 Albert pi 
Rankine Mrs Jane, 10 Ardbeg rd 
Pendreu'h John, labourer, Rankin Peter. Kir buildings 
Pendreigh Wm., 25 Gall>wgate Rankine Jhn, laundry man, Ardmory id 

Penney OH, gardener. 18 Mountstuart id Rankine John, stewaid, 34 Montague st 

Penuicuik M is, Kastlands 
Perrie Mrs Mary. Koslin pi 
Perston Alex., Palace buildings 
Perston D 13 K Piinces st 
Perston Gavin, postman, 54 Ladeside 
Perston Thos, linesman, 24 Bridge st 
Perston Mrs Wm., 3 Bishop ter br 

Rankine Peer, 109 Montague st 
Read Mrs, Riversdale, 36 Airyle st 
Reid Mrs, Shepton, 13 Battery pi 
Reid Mrs nr, Greenbank 11 Ardbeg 
Reid Miss Jane, Mountpleasant 
Reid Mrs Henrietta, 76 Ardbeg rd 
Reid Mis, 72 Ardbeg rd 
.tieid J, 5 Maiine pi 



Reid, sir John, engineer, Ardeacraig 
Reid Mrs John, 71 Victoria st 
tteid Jlrs Magt., Wyndham pk 
Reid Miss, Auchnacloich rd 
Keid Mrs, 10 the 'IV-rraoe, Ardbeg rd 
Reitzelier Chas., Tigh ua Mara, Ardbeg 
Renwick Mrs Eupli. , Ardwell, Craigmore 
Reston G, Royal hotel, Albert pi 
Reynolds, Jms, 76 Montague st 
Reynolds Mrs, ]o<.) High st 
Rhind Mrs, 32 Bishop st 
Richmond Mies Mary, 22 Battery pi 
Richardson Geoige, 16 Hillhouse rd 
Richardson Mrs, l;esmond bk, Craigmore 
Riesbeig Miss, Clan vJ, Bridge st 
Rippie Jms, S Mid st 
Rippie Mrs Wm.. 28 Mill st 
Ritchie And. T, farmer, Gartnakeillj 
Ritchie Mrs Peter, 12 Argyle st 
Rittman, Mrs A, 27 Ardbeg rd 
Ritchie, Mrs b ffie, Craiglea, Craigmore 
R'>bb D, Eden pi 

Robb, Wm, grocer, 22 E Princes st 
Roberts, Mrs 32 Battery pi 
Robertson Al*x. Mountstmrt rd 
Robertson Alx. Janefield, Wyndham rd 
Robertson And., heritor, 16 Marine pi 
Robert-on Da:i., mechanic Glenburn 
Robertson H., Glenburn cot 
Robertson H, 10 Wyndham id 
Robertson Mi-s Is i, S3 Ardbeg rd 
Robertson Miss Isa, 15 Mouncstuurt rd 
Robertson John, baker, 5 Mountpleas? 

ant rd 
Robertson John j iner, Abercorn 
liobertson John, 38 Bi-hop st 
liobertson .John, upholsterer, 10 Bridge s 
Kobertson, J C, 1 Columshill pi 
liobertson l.'oberr, Wyndham rd 
Robertson Mrs Susan, Wyndharc rd. 
liobertson Thos., baker, Barone rd 
Robertson Wm., spirit mercht, High st 

ho, 17a Battery house 
Robertson Win., 78 Montague st 
Robertson, Wm, 32 Mill sc 
liobertson Mrs, Wvndham pk 
liobertson Miss, 31 Gallowgate 
liobertson Mrs, King st 
liobinson, Mrs Tims., 27 Bishop st 
Rodger David, organist, 9 Victoria st 
R-.e Jonathan. Matanri-h, 14 Crichton r 
Kconey. Mrs KHen, 54 L ideside 
Rose James, w.s.. deimte Town clerk, 

'•'enallen, Glebeiands 
'toss, Mrs Jessie, 21 Roslin pi 
Ross Mrs, Glenbeg, Ardbeg rd 


Roy Mrs Eliz , Store In 
Rush Miss Ann, 40 Bishop st 
Russell Mrs Ann, 2 Bridge st 
Russell Jms. M., engineer. 3 The Ter- 
race, Ardbeg 
Russell John, Gowan brae 
Russell Mrs Margt., 3 Stuart st 
Russell Wm. , clerk, 3 Mountstuart rd 
Russell Miss, Ardfern, Montford 
Kussell Miss, 10 Mansefleld pi 
Rutherford Samuel. 10 Ladeside 
Rutherford Win., Russell st 

Salmond, P W JB Drumclog, Anlmory 

rd, Ardbe.r 
Saunders Mrs Frank, 22 Argyle st 
Scobbie Mrs Isa., 2 Ardbeg rd 
Scott, Arch N, boat hirer, Argyle p« 
Scott Geo. , drawing master, Academy, 

ho, Argyle mansions 
Scott Ms-tin. B., Wyndham rd 
Scott Robti, engineer, 46 Ladeside 
Scott Robt., stationer, 11 The Terrace, 

Scott Miss, Eoin villa. Montford 
Scott, Mrs Wat, biathirer, 13 Argyle pi 
Scott, Wm., !) Argyle te- - 
Semple James, 2 Mtnsefleld pi 
Semple Miss, Kureka, Montford 
Shand Win., 3 Bishop ter br 
Shand Mrs, Auchnacloich rd 
Shanks Tins., W Castle st 
Shanks John, 12 The Terrace 
Sharp nr, Mossbank, Marine pi 
Sharp Mrs Agnes, 5 Marine pi 
Sharp Mrs Cath , I Wyndham rd 
Sharp Miss Tsa., 15 Mountstuart rd 
Sharp M s Jane, 4L Watergate 
Shaw Arohd, farmer, Bush 
Sinew Daniel, 32 Battery pi 
Shaw Dnniel jun, blacksmith, Croft In 

ho, Argyle tr 
Shaw John, joiner, Inkorman ter 
Shaw aiss Mary. Montford 
shaw Neil, carter, 27 Bri Igend st 
Shaw Peter, butcher, 2 Ladeside st 
Shaw Mrs, Columshill si 
v haw , 4 Mountstuart rd 
Shields John.h.bourer. 12i Mill st 
Shields Mich. 21 High st " 
Shields Patrick, porter, 55 Montague st 
shiplrls liobt. 21 High st 
Short Mrs Sarah, 76 Montague st 
Slllars Win, engineer, Staff a pi 
Sim Dan., Canada cot 


Sim Wm, Larkhall, Westland rd 

Simpson Miss Agnes, 14 Kins st 
Simpson Alex., 70 Ardbeg r<i 
Simpson Alex, 41 Victoria st 
Simpson A T, Bishop ter br 
Simpson Jms., gasfitter, 7 Tower st 
Simpson Win., 12the Terrace 
Simpson, Miss , Lome Lodge, Mount- 

stuart rd 
Sinclair Donald, 86 High st 
Sinclair Mrs D, 45 Watergate 
Sinclair 1' D, stationer. 20 K Princes st 
Sinclair Mrs D\V, iHiurossness Craigmor 
Sinclair Geo. W., cashier, 20 Mount- 

stuart rd 
Sinclair Mrs Jean. Glen Tslay, Argyle st 
Sinclair John, 24 Bridge st 
Sinclair John, Hillcre.-c. Crichton rd 
Sinclair John, builder. Eastlands rd 
Sinclair John, joiner, 63 Barone rd 
Sinclair Jn, shipmaster, 12 W Princes st 
Sinclair John K., 9 Castle At 
Sinclair P., 129 High st 
Sinclair Mrs, Hillcrest, 5 Crichton rd 
Sinnot Mrs My, Glenara, 53 Crichton rd 
Slaven Hny, Hawtliorn Park, Argyle pi 
Slaven Jms , fruiterer, 10 VV Princes so ; 

ho, 12 do 
Slaven John S, fishmonger, 22 High st 

& 61 Montague st ; ho, 12 Bridge st 
Slaven Maurice, labourer, 74 High st 
Slaven Henry, 20 Russell st 
Sloan, Mrs Annie, 2 Mansefield pi 
Sloan Mrs Hu , Rr»ndane ter 
Small John H, 18 Argyle pi 
Smellie, Rev W T, ube, ma., the manse, 

Minister's brae 
Smellie Miss, Aid beg rd 
Smith Alex, 17 Bridge st 
Smith Alex., upholsterer, 17 Bridge st 
Smith Arch., 119 High st 
Smith Arch., postman, 33 Argyle st 
Smith Chas. insurance agent, Montford 
Smith Mis Dun., 17 Bri Ige st 
Smith Mrs Henry M., 32 Bishop st 
Smith .1, 43 Mountstuart rd 
Smith Jms., j"ine'', 15 Bishop st 
Smith Jms. M , 87 Ar Ibeg id 
Smith Mrs John, 33 Victoria st 
Smith John, tailor, 78 Ardhes rd 
Smith Rev Malcolm, ma, rector, S Pauls 

York ter 
Smith. M I', architect, Wyndhain hk 
Smith RoWt, 6 Mansefield n I 
Smith Robt, fishmonger 35 Victoria st 

ho Argyle mansions 

Smith W J, Westwood, Argyle ter 
Smith Miss, Hawtliorn park, Arygle pi 
Smith Mrs, Melbourne cot., Craigmore 
Smith Mrs, 7 Wyndham rd 
Smith , 78 a rdbeg rd 

Sneddon A., 11 Watergate 
Soles, Alex, 80 Higli st 
Someis David, printer, 8 Wyndham pk 
Somerville Mis Helen, 11 Chapelhill rd 
Somerville Ms, Woodbine, Hi. Csaigmore 
Somerville Jn, Woodbine. H. Craigmore 
Somervil e Mrs, Park pi, Bridge st 
Speirs Miss Annie. Ardbe,' 
SpeiisChas S, Auchnamara.14 Marine pi 
Speirs Mrs Helen, 12 Wvndham rd 
Speirs J., gas worker, 179 High st 
Speuce Geo., Stewart Swimming hatha, 

Battery pi 
Spence Mrs John, Gle 1 beg 
Spence Susan, 15 Bridgend st 
Spence Miss Isa, 50 A rdbeg rd 
Sprowl Robt., joiner, 49 Ardbeg 
Sprowl Win., foreman, Express; ho- 

Lilvoak ter, Ballochgoy 
Squair Mrs Frank H., Barone rd 
Squair Robert, Ab^orsford, Baronerd 
Squair Mrs Wm. H, flesher, 5 Gallow- 

gate; ho., Glenfaulds, Mountstuart rd 
Stagg Wm., chimney sweeper, 2 King st 
Stark John, jun. p inter and decorator, 

6 Chanellrll rd ; ho. Wyndham rd 
Stark, John, sen., Dalcraig, High Craig- 
Steed John, 38 Columshill st 
Steel 'I'hos., 31 Bishop st 
Steel Thos., constable, 2 Columshill st 
Steel, Wm, 11 Montague st 
Steele James H, heritor', Gragelea, 

Mountstuart rd 
Steeples Ge.»,Derby ho, Serpentine rd 
Stephen Alex, mister of works, — High 

st ; ho, 34 Harme rd 
Stephen Mrs Jessie, 23 Maiine pi 
Stephen Mrs Margt, 23 Marine pi 
Steven David, butcher, Columshill st 
>tevenson Cha-s. M, manager, Bnteman 

res, Ardmory r«', Ardbeg 
Srevenson, Douidas, 7 ' oiumshill pi 
Stevenson Jms, Dai-y h ank, Glebe lands 
Stevenson, T. , 9 Bishop st 
Stevenson Wm, 16 Hillhouse rd 
Stevenson Mrs. Ballochgoy 
Stewart Mrs Agnes Y\ Catherine bank 

Stewart Alx, 19Arayle st 
Stewart Andw, 3 Bishop re'- br 
Stewart Chas. R, 63 Mountstuart rd 


Stewart Donald M, Beil-Trees mansions, 

7 Mount stuart rd 
Stewart Eliz., 11 E Princes st 
Stewart Gilbert, painter, Battery pi 
Stewart Harry J, Glenfaulds 
Stewart Misses, Elysium 
Stewart Mrs Isa., 23 Mountpleasant rd 
Stewart Mrs Isabella, 7 W Princes st 
Stewart,J., 3 Bishop ter br 
Stewart Mrs J B, Eellvue, Barone rd 
Stewart. .Tins, salesman, 17 Bridge st 
Stewart James S., 20 Russell st 
Stewart Misses Jane & Mary, Upr. Craig- 

Stewart Miss Jane*, 52 Ardbeg rd 
Stewart .Mrs Janet, 18 Ardbeg id 
Stewart John, boatman, 12a Mil! st 
Stewart John, porter, 90 Montague st 
Stewart John B., 3 Bishop ter 
Stewart Peter, 27 Meadow pi 
Stewart Kobt, grocer, 17 Bridg« st 
Stewart Hbt., miller, PJ Bridge st 
Stewart, J, poul'ry farm, Westlandrd 
Stewart Mrs, 30 Bishop st 
St>-achan Misses Isa., 8 Hillhouse rd 
Stirling, J. & ftl. Ivy cot, Bridge st 
Stilling John, firemaster, 77 Montague st 
Stirrat, Jms Meadowcap 
Stirrat Aigvle st 
Stone Jos., grocer, 2 Colmshill st 
Storer Mrs Aixnes, Argyll mansions 
Storrie Kobina, 1 Ardbeg rd 
S'r.mgMrs, nurse, PJ Argyle st 
Stiain Wm, Pointhouse crescent 
Struthers, Hobert, 17 Gallowgate 
Stuartj 22 Bridge st 
Stuart Mrs John, Castle st 
Stuart Miss May I,., 10 Bridge st 
Sturgeon Kobt, coal merchant, 20 Mill 

be ; ho, do 
Sutherland Airs Ann, 24 Marine pi 
Sutherland Dona'd, tailor and clothier, 

10 Gallowgate ; ho, Achnacloich rd 
Swan .Mis Mt. .Auchencairn SBrghton rd 
Sw; n (Jeorge, Giencoe. Moutford 
Sw.n-iio'i is avi.l, 11 Mill si 
Swanston Jhn B., grocer, 20 W. Princes 
st ; hi>, 3 Crossbill villas, Glebe lands 
S Winston, Miss, Serpentine rd 
Sweeney Jas, shoemaker, IC CnstJehill s, 
Sweet Mrs Ags, White lodge, Battery pi 
S*eet, Chs, photographer, white studio, 

19 Battery pi 
Symes llobt., 27 Argyle st 

Tait John, 20 Columshill st 

Tait Matthew, Glebe lam's 

Tannahdl , Union st 

Taylor Mrs A, 14 Bridge st 

Taylor Andrew. 10 the Teriace 

Taylor Ach., brush maker, 5S Montague s 

'I aylor Edward, joiner, Kerryciuisaclr 

Taylor-. James G.. boatman, Esplanade 

ho, Bisnop ter br 
Taylor Mrs Je-sie, 71a Ardbeg - rd 
Taylor John, 08 Montague so 
Temple Mrs Jeannie, 109 Montague st 
Terris A, Gr.iigmore house 
Terris Tom, Ardyne, Mountstuart rd 
'J horn Miss Jane, 70 Ardbeg rd 
Thompson Angus, shoemaker. 94 Mon. 

tague st ; ho, Claremont, Argyle ter 
Thompson Miss, 34 East Princes st 
Thomson Alex., 71a Ardbeg rd 
Thomson Alex., 3 Logie pi 
Thomson Ax. G., stationer. 51 Ardbeg rd 
Thomson A. R ss, inspector ot poor, 35 

Bishop st ; ho, 15 Mountpleasant id 
Thomson, Mrs And. 11 Bridge st 
'1 homson sirs Chas. 7 Wyndham rd 
'Ihomson Ddii, fisherman, 1(5 Store In 
Thomson M sses Eliz, Mrgt. and Mry. A, 

29 Ardbeg id 
Thomson Ernest, dentist, 1 Argyle pi 
Thomson, Miss Hln. E, Ashgrove, Mont- 
Thomson Miss, 25 Bishop st 
Thomson, Jms Laundry, 36 Bridge st 
Thomson Jms., labourer, 100 Montague s 
Thomson Mrs Jessie, 24 Ardbeg rd 
Thomson Miss Jessie, 20 Battery pi 
Thomson J. H. engineer, 6a Ardbeg rd 
Thomson Mrs John, 152 High si: 
Thorns n John, resident. 2(5 Ardbeg id 
Thomson Mrs John, Statfa pi 
Thomson Mrs Mary, 2 (Jastlehill st 
Thomson Peter, 30 Bridge st 
Thomson Mrs Bebecc*. 31 Battery pi 
Thomson, Mrs, Inkerman ter 
'I horlium Angus, Abbotsford, Barone rd 
Thorburn Arch, printer, Castle st 
Thorburn David, 19 Chapelhiil r<>ad 
Thorburn Wm, fish merchant, 18 West 

Princes st ; ho . 4 Bishop st 
Thorburn Js., 4 Co'bec pi 
I'll tburn Robt., 30 Golnmshill st 
Thorburn Win., Montague st 

H OUSEH01 iDERS— Rothesay, 

Thorbmn Mrs. 32 Castle st 

Tickle Thos, 1 Eden pi 

Tickell Win., baker, 21 Haveloek ter 

Timmins .Tas, 83 Montague st 

'I odd Andw., 7 W Princes st 

Todd John, coal merchant, 27 Bridge st 

Tonner J F, plasterer, 5 Barone id 

Tonance, 11 Hillhouse rd 

Trescowthick Wni H, 114 High st 

Trivet Mrs. 117 High st 

rurnbull J., Ashbnrn, Mountstjartrd 

Tuinbull Jnis,U>8 Ardniory id 

Turnbull Miss Margt.. Ascog 

Tuinbull Miss, 76 Ardbeg rd 

Turnbul] Mrs, Dunniore, Crichton rd 

Turner, capt. A., Ardniory rd 

Turner Colm \',., Fiona vlla, Craigmore 

Turner Mis May, J 2 Marine pi 

Turpie Mis Alice, 29 Mill st 

Tweedley Allan. 7 Mill st 

Tweedley John, fisherman, Stuart st 

Tweedley John, jun, 8 Mill st 

Tynan, , 11 E. Princes st 


Urquhart Mrs J A., grocer, 13 Argyle st 
J histleliank, Argyle ter 


Yint Mrs Marii n, 7 Glenrosa pi 
Vogt Alfred, Stewart villas 


Waddell Dvd., boilennakr, 32 Ardbeg rd 
Waddell John, 33 Bridge st 
Waddell Mrs, Demerara pi, Ardbeg rd 
Walker David, draper, 9 Croshill villas 
"Walker John, blacksmith, 113 High st 
Walkinshaw, E., Adelaide pi 
Wallace Mrs Mary, 15 Crichton rd 
Wallace Mrs Mary, 75 High st 
Wal'ace Mi<s, Orcadia 
Wallace Wm., 16 Marine pi 
Wallace , Gravel bank, Wellpark rd 
Waller Sidney, 3 Oread a 

Waller M V, 17 Bishop st 
Warren, Mrs Margt. , 25 Argyle ter 
Waters A E, Afton, Mountsfruart rd 
Wateisou Alex., engineer, 19 A i gyle st 
Waterston, jus, stationer, Montague st 
Watson Mis lJaniel, Bellevue, Battel y p 
Watson Hugh, 1-11 High st 
Watson Mrs Isa , 41 ^lgyle ter 
Watson Miss Jane, 56 iMountstnart id 
Watson Mrs Jessie, Margaretslea, Ba- 
rone rd 
Watson Jn ,blacl- smith, 1 Barone rd 
Watson John, t-kench villa, Argyle ter 
Watson, John, spirit merchant, Gallow- 
s' ate ; ho, Abbotsford, Barone id 
Watson Mrs Jos., 141 High st 
Watson Mrs Kbr., Upper Craigmore 
Watson Wm.. Bute Arms Hotel, Guild- 
ford square 
Watson Wm., 32 Ardbeg rd 
Watt Alex., measurer, 45 Ardbeg rd 
Watt , Clandale, Kastlandsrd 
Watt Archibald, postmaster, Alt-an- 

Aros. Ardbeg' 
Watt .Mrs, 20 Marine pi 
Waugh Miss, 76 Ardbeg rd 
Waugh Mrs Isa , 38 Argyle st 
Webster J C. Terra Nova, Albany rd 
Weir Alex, gardener, 14 Argyle pi 
Weir Daniel 1*'., 11 Wyndhani pk 
Weir D. seaman, 2 Minister's br 
Weir John, 157 High st 
Weir John, gardener, Itobertson Stewart 

hospital, High st 
Weir, Mrs M, S3 Barone rd 
Weir Martha, 27 Argvle st . 
Weir, It, 13 Argyle pi 
Weir Bobt, bootmaker, Montague st 
Weir libt , carter, 4 Mountpleasant rd 
Weir "Wm, Weirhohn, 23 Battery pi 
Weir Wm M, hamlies-er, 3 Bridge st 

ho, 13 Bridge sti 
West Wm T, 20 W Piinces ft 
"White, Alex, 21 Bussell st 
White J, 111) highst 
Whiteeross Miss Jane,Argyle ter 
Whiteford. James, saddler, 29 High st; 

res, 11 Columshill st 
Whiteford .In., omp., 24 Columshill 
Whiteford Kbt., photogapher, 23 Argyl 

st ; ho, 11 Columshillsc 
Whiteford II, 16 Kusse'l st. 


Whitef >rd T, mason, IS Russell st 
Wbiteford Miss, 112 High st 
"Whitehead, Joseph, marine and motor 
engineer, 16 Watergate ; res, 2 Acad- 
emy ter 
WhitelawDvd., designer. Wyndhamrd 
Whitelaw Geo, 31 Bridge st. 
Whitelaw Jas R., comp., 3 Mansfield pi 
Whitlaw Win, butcher, 2 Ladeside 
Whiteside Ptr,musician. 77 Montague st 
Whiteside A. Mansefield pi 
Whyte Alex, 19 Russell st 
Whyte Dune-, gardener, 80 High st 
Whyte iMiss 19 .Bishop st 
Whyte Robt. D., Town Clerk, Castle 

st; ho., 1 Elysium 
Whyte Mrs Wm., 12 Wyndham rd 
Whyte , Daisy bank, Glebe lands 

Wilkie, Miss, 5 Mountstuart rd 
Wilkie, Hu., gas worker, 4 Mansefield p 
Wilkie Jms , joiner, 46 Ardbeg rd 
Williamson, Mrs Agn°s, 19 Highst 
Williamson, Georg-, Park pi 
"Williamson John, tailor, 23 Mill st 
Wilson Mrs Christina 32 Battery pi 
Wilson. D., 11 the Terrace, Aidbeg 
Wilson Harry, sen, Barone rd 
Wilson, Harry, jn, cganist, 4 Bishop st 
Wilson Misses Chapel hill ho. 
Wilson Miss Helen S, 32 Battery pi 
Wilson, J, 27 Argyle st 
Wilson, Mrs, 16 King st 
Wilson Mrs, 1 M'Kinlay st 
Walton T ; Pointhouse cres 
Winton N, 4 King st 
Wise Alex, 5 Castle st 
Wood A E, 31 M adow pi 
Wood Donald. S3 Montague st 
Wood, James, 2 Hillhousa rd 

Wood A Thomson, agent, Boyal bank, 
Victoria st; res, Alexandria, Craigrnore 
Wood Robert H., tailor, Bellevue rd 
Wren Mrs Cath., 70 Aidbeg rd 
Wright A., blacksmith, 70 Ardbeg rd 
"Wright Alex., M a, schoolmaster, 25 

Ardbeg rd 
Wright John Yorville, Montford 
Wright Mrs Jms, 22 K Princes st 
Wright Miss Jane 17 Argyle pi 
Wright John, 5 Bridge st 
Wright Mrs, 13 Victoria st 
Wright Mrs, staymaker, 47 Aigyle st 
Wyllie, John. 10 Watergate 
Wyper, John, engineer, 9 C.hapelhi rd 
Wyper Hbt., K Princes st 
Wyatt Geo., 1 MoKiulay^t 

Yates Jms, tiilor, Ardbeg rd 

Yeates Mrs J B, Gracefield, Crichtonr d 

Yates Walter, 39 ^'ill st 

Yoikston Alex, Ferguson pi 

Young, Mrs Agnes. Ballochgoy I.o 

Young Mrs Helen 73 Ardbeg rd 

Young, J^ne, 15 Bridge st 

Young Robt, church officer, 20 Castle st 

Young E, L M S, Bishop st 

Young Wm, 36 E Princes st 

Young Miss. 2 Montford avenue 

Young Miss, Cro-mor, Ardbeg rd 

Young Mrs, 70 Ardbeg rd 

Young Miss, Hillfoot, Argyle st 

Yi.ung Mrs, 2 A'dmilian, Crichton rd 

Young Miss, Lilyoak ter 

Yuille James T., heritor, Ardclutha, 

59 Cricbtor. rd 
Yule J G., Hillhouse rd 

Parish of North Bute. 

Including the Village of Port Bannatyne. 

Alexander Archd, Iona pi 
Alexander Jms, Melbourne pi 
Alexander Jms, jnr, seaman, Stewart st 
Alexander John, plumber, Iona pi 
Alexander Mrs Jn, Hawthorn v 
Anderson John, Gladscone pi 


Baird David. Rosebery pi 
Black, capt. Dugald, Laniont pi 
Blaikie Miss, Schoolhouse, Kildavannan 
Boag Wui, farmer, Airdscalpsie 
Bowie Jms, dentist, Iona pi 
BrownArch, baker. Bay view 
Brown Arch, Victoria pi 
Brown Mrs, Strone view 
Brown John, gardener, Karnes bank 
Brown Tlios, lnveryne pi 
Brown Wm, G aditone pi 
Buchanan Geo, Fern Bank 
Buchanan M 14 Gr-iy, Ettrickdale 


Calder James, contractor, Marine rd 
Cameron John, Koyal, Shore st 
Campbell A'ex, Appin villa 
Carniichael Wm, farmer, Craigberoch 
Clark Jms, Stratford 
Cook l,achlan, clerk Iona pi 
Craig Eobt, lnveryne pi 
Crawford John, farmer, Acholter 
Crichton Alex, fisherman, Govandale pi 


Crocher Mrs, Laurel via, Pointhouse 
Currie Mrs Dun, Maiine rd 
Carrie John, Gaybicok villa 
Currie Mrs John, Marine rd 
Currie Robert, labourer 


Dallas Wm, baker, Strone view 
Dickie Jhn, farmer, Cransla^vourity 
Dunbar Bros, farmers, E St Colmac 
Duncan Mcs Ninian, farmer, Little Kil- 

Duncan Robert, farmer, Kilwhinlec 
Dunn Geo, gardener, Mason's land 
Dunn John, Buckingham ter 


Edmund I!, Mrs Victoria pi 

Fairgrieve D, boilermakr, Govandale pi 
Frame Dvd, grieve, S St Colmac 
Fyfe Cbas, carpenter, Ebenezer pi 
Fyfe John, boatbuilder, Ardmalish 


Garden Jos, postman, Royal pi 
Gardner, Alex, Govandale pi 
Gibson Cbas, shopmman, Castle st 



JTaddow Miss, Hydropathic cot 
Halliday, Georgejun, merchant, George pi 
Hamilton John, Inveryne pi 
Hamilton, mis ltobt., Eoselea 
Ilardie, Robert, merchant, Castle st 
Harper, Alex. K. , Pier ter 
Henderson Wm., jnn., Old Hafton pi 
Henderson Mrs Wm.,Govandale pi 
Hogarth, Arch., yachtmaster, Bayview 
Hogarth, John, fisherman, St Ninian's 
Hogarth. Mrs Male, Marine id 
Howatt Jas C, Gladestone pi 
Hunter, Miss, Springwell pi 
Hyndman, Robt. .labourer. Meikle Kilmory 
Hunter, John, farmer. Stuck 
Hunter, Wm., farmer, Upper Ettrick 
Hutchison, Alex, Appin villa 

Jamieson John, 42 Marine id 

Harvey. Tom, farmer, Shalunt 

Jamieson Mgs, Burnside avenue 

Jenkins, Donald, gamekeeper, Craigandun 

Johnston James, Castle st 

Johnstone, John, Govandale pi 


Kean, Miss Helen, Pointhouse Cres 
Keay II k, Crnck-an-ra 
Keith Miss Cath., grocer, Inveryne pi 
Keith, Duncan, Khenezer pi 
Keith, Mrs Mary Castle st 
Kelso Miss, Pointhouse cres 
Kennedy, Win, ploughman, Kilmichael 
Hillock, Miss, Pointhouse crescent 
Kinnie mis. West End house 
Kirkwood, Miss Jessie. Stonefield 

Leitch, Miss, IShore st 

McPhail Mi3s, Marinerd 

Linden James, 4 »tewaitst 

Loch, Wm. boatman, West End house 

Loch Miss, Royal pi 

Lochliead. Thos, Kildavannan farm 

Lyon Dugald, joiner, SpringwellpI 

Lyon, George, farmer, Drumachloy 


Malcom, Agnes, George's pi 

Malcom Archibald, joiner and Doatbuilder, 

Shore st; ho Saudringhuiii ter 
Malcom, James, carpenter, Posebery pi 
Malcom James P., farmer, Edinbeg 
Malcom, Miss Mary, Castle st 
Malcom, Pobt., carpenter. Albion pi 
Marshall, Miss Grace, Alpine vil 
Martin, Arch, engineer, Scarrel 
Martin John, TUhantraigh 
Martin, John, j'mi., farmer, Scalpsie 
Meldrum, Mrs,' 41 Castle st 
Meldrum John. Edinmore 
Middleton John, car driver, Lome pt 
Miller. Hugh, fanner, Inchmarnock 
Miller JohnS, George's pi 
Montgomerie Alex., fanner, Auchenteene 
Morrison, Miss Janet C, Melbourne pi 
Morrison, Mrs, farmer, Rulliecheddan 
.Morrison, Mrs. Lome pi 
Muir, Miss, Pier ter 
Middleton. James, farmer, Milton 
Munn misses, Ardenlea 
Munsie, Mrs, Lome pi 
Murray Mrs Agnes, Shore st 
Murray, Alex. Gova r daie pi 
Murray, Miss, Stonetield 
Myles Mrs, Wester Karnes 
Mylne Mrs Alfred, Ponoma ho 


Lhinont, Miss Annie, Tighantraigh 
Lamont, sirs Cath., Hafton pi 
Lamont, Jas., fencer, Cuilnashamrag 
Lamont, Jn. M'N., writer, Ardentigh 
Lamont John, Cuilnashamrag 
Lamont Win 1), Fir Cliff 
Lawrie, Lewis, residenter, Inveryne pi 
Leitch, Colin, Shore st 

McAlister, Mrs, fanner Meikle ICilmciy 
M'Arthur James. Pointhouse 
McAithur, sirs John D., Straad 
McArthur Mrs Marion, Melbourne pi 
McAithur, Robt, fishermen, liallycurrie sh 
McArthur Mrs, Ballycunie shore 
McAithur, Thos. .tisherman. Ballycurrie sh 
McCallum. Colin, Upper Ardroscadale 
McConnechy. Ilnry, farmer, Largivreehtan 
McDermid, Henry. labourer'Angus pi 
McDermot Chas, painter, Ettrick bank 
McDonald, Dugald., farmer. Auchavoulalg 
McDonald Ronald, 8 Burnside avenue 
McDonald Wm., woodman, Cuilnashamrag 


McDougall, Dun.. Castle st 
McDougall, Jus., fisherman, Straad 
McDougall, Miss, dairy, Castle st 
McDougall, Thomas, fisherman, Straad 
McDougall, Wltr., fisherman, Bally curriesh 
McDougall, Win., fisherman, Bally currie sh 
McFarlane Cluis, fanner, Cranslagmory 
Maclie, M, farmer, Mid Park, Inchmarnock 
McFie Duncan, gardener, Karnes castle 
Macfie, Hugh's heirs, farmer, Ballycanl 
Macfle, Jolin, farmer, Lower Bttrick 
McGlashan Dug , yachtmaster. Stonefield 
McGregor, mis KHz., Pointliouse cres 
McGregor Mrs, Sardinia pi 
Mclliaith, Mrs, Edina villa 
Mlutosh, Don., Pointliouse cres 
Mclntyie Andrew, farmer. Glenmore 
Molntyre Alex., farmer, Dunalunt 
Mclntyre, Arch, farmer, Ballanlay 
Melntyre John, engineer, Pointliouse cres 
McKinnon Arch, Angus pi 
McLean Dugald, farm manager, Mechnoch 
McKay Mrs John, farmer, Barone Park 
McKay Mrs, 1 Stewart st 
McKenzie capt. R, Angus pi 
McKellar Peter. Hlioda 
MeKenzie Miss, Stella Maris 
McKinnon mi's. Quay st 
McKirdy Gilbert, carter, Angus pi 
M.-Kirdy Wm, Straad 
McLean, Hugh, Castle st 
McManus, Thomas, golf course keeper, 

McMillan Duncan, joiner, Castle st 
McMillan Mrs James, Burnside ave 
McMillan, Peter, retired, Pointliouse cres 
McMillan Mrs Sarah. Angus pi 
McPhail John, moiorman, Buckingham tei 
McPhail, Mrs Mary. Iona pi 
McQueen. Andrew, carpenter, 26 Castle st 
McQueen Neil, labourer. Brown's land 
McVicar John, Kilmichael 


Niven lames, Ulva pi 


O'X'eill John, Glenie 

ROBERTSON Arch., tramway manager 

Pointliouse Residence, Oortons 
Robertson Jas, Marine id 
Robertson Jas. , miller, Green an 
Robertson Robt. , Gieenan farm 
Rodger Miss, Rose cot 
Rodger Wm., saddler. Baniiatyne Mains 


Salmon Mrs, Govandale pi 
Semple J. C, chemist, Lamont pi 
Sharp, Daniel, surfaceman. Iona pi 
Shaw Daniel, blacksmith, Straad 
Shaw Neil, blacksmith, Castle st 
Shaw Neil, ploughman, Kdinmoie 
Simpson, jus and Hugh, farmers, West St 

Colm ac 
Simpson John, farmer, Mid St Colmac 
Sinclair, Dugald, seaman, Inveryne pi 
Skinner H, constable, Lome pi 
Smart A, gamekeeper, Tighantudor 
Smart James, Royal pi 
Smith Mrs Georgina J, Sardinia pi 
Smith Mrs, Creek drive 
Smith John, blacksmith, Ettrick 
Sr.alker Gilbert, tracker, Lamont pi 
Stalker Gilb , yachtmaster, Lamont pi 
Stevenson mis Janet, farmer, Kilbride 
Stewart Alex. & Robt., farmer, Nether 

Stewart, Arch., blacksmith, New Hafton pi 
Stewart Harry, boat hirer, Sardinia pi 
Stewart Mrs Mary, Nether Ardroscadale, Wm, church officer, Glenlea 
Stewart, Win.. Marine rd 
Stewart Mrs. Cuilnashamrag 
Stirling Robt, Angus pi 
Summers, Archd, Melbourne p 1 

Paterson Mrs, Marine 

Paton Mrs, Victoria ]il 

P-itrie James, cabinetmaker. Govandale pi 

Prentice, Andrew, Pointliouse crescent 


Tennant, Andrew, IS Victoria pi 
Thomson David, blacksmith, N Hafton p] 



Thomson, James, mnulder, Govandale pi Welsh mis Geo, baker, Melbourne pi- li«r 
Thomson mis Margt. , Eoyal pi Beechbank, Bannatvne, Mains rd 

Thomson Nurss, Stewarthall Wotherspoon John, draper, Ulva pi 


Waters mis Helen, Marine rd V 

Yuille, Arthur H, Kamesbank 





i$larriagc anti -{funeral printing a 5bpcctaltm. 

Remember Friends at a Distanea 


S60TS Eliflllig 

Worked in Buteshire Heather and nther Wild Flowers. 


H I G G II E & COY, 
International Printers & Publishers, 


Parish of Kingarth 

Including the Village of Kilchattan Bay). 


Allan James, Albeit place, Kilchattan Bay 


Ballantync Hobrt, Ascog bank 
Begg James, blacksmitli, Kingarth 
Begg , gardener, Ascoabank 
Beitli Miss J, Kilchattan Bay 
Beil Mjun., Kilchattan Bay 
Back D, Windsor cot, Mountstuart 
Black Daniel, joiner, Kerrycroy 
Black Robertroadman, Kilchattan Butts 
Blackwood m, A, Kilchlttan Bay 
Bhisbane Ascog hal 
Biyes J R, Kingarth Schoolhouse 


Campbell Archd, Ascog 
Campbell A A (of GifTnock), Kilchattan By 
Campbell, Colin, farmer, Ascog 
Campbell Mrs Win., Kilchattan Bay 
Christer Dvd labourer, Kil. Bay 
Clapperton W., traveller, Kilchattan Bay 
Connell Edward, traveller, Kilchattan Bay 
Cowie itev A li, U F Church, Ascog 
Cowie L., Mountstuart 
Crawford John., farmer, Little Kilchattan 
Crawford, Thos., fanner. Langalbuiuoch 
Crawford Win., farmer, Langalchorad 
Crawford Win., hotel keeper, Kingarth 


Farmer David, gardener, Millbank 
Ferguson David, farmer, Ardnahoe 
Ferguson Duncan, Piperliall 
Ferguson Dun grain merchant, Kilchattan 

Ferguson Miss K, Wee Bay, Kilchattan Bav 
Fleming Rbt.ssc, Oaktield, Kilchattan Bay 
Fisher James, Kilchattan Bay 
Fisher Wm, postman, Kilchattan Bay 


Gemmell Wm, farmer, Kerrytonlia 
Gill Hugh, labourer, Kilchattan Bay 
Gill James, Kingarth 
Gillespie W., Gilroy, Kilchattan By 
Gihnour Thomas, tilemaker. Kilchattan By 
Gordon Robt.. gamekeeper. Mountstuart 
Gracie Wm, Home farm, Mountstuart 


Doll Jas, vineries, Ascog 
Heron mis Michael. Mountstuart 
Hill Jack. Inglefield. Kil. Bay 
Milishilwood J, Ascog cot 

Jamieson J, Burnside, Ascog 

Jardine mis, Balmory 

Johnston Alex, joim-r, Mountstuart 


Davis Miss Jeanie, Kilchattan Bay 
Dean Adam, quarryman, Kilchattan Bay 
Dott Angus, Culevin 
Duncan Miss Bella., Kilchattan Bay 


Keith Mrs Dan., Mountstuart cots 
Keith Duncan, Mountstuart cots 
Kelso Malcolm, Kilchattan Bay 
McKay Robert farmer, Bruchag 
McKay mis Robert, Kilchattau Bay 


Esplin W. T., registrar Braudane ho. 

H 113 

Lsmont Andrew, joiner, Mewfarm 
Lamont Jas.moiecatcher, Kilchattan Butt 
Lawson ohn, St Blane s hotel 
Littie Rev J Ekron, the Manse 
Lucas Jas, teacher, Kilchattan Bay 

HOUSEHOLD*] RS— Kingarth. 


Middleton Angus, Newfarm 
Mlitdleton Robert. Mounts tuart 
M orrison .lames, baker, Kilchattan Bav 
Morrison .lohn, Ashgrove, Kilchattan Bay 
Morrison Jolin, fisherman, ,, 

Morrison, Robt, „ 


Railway Convalescent Home, Aseog 
Robertson Arch, fanner, Birgidale Knock 
Robertson .lames, Kilchatian Bay 
Robertson R., Kilchattan Bay 
Rose .mis David, Newfarm 


McArtliur A J, Kilchattan Bay 

MeArthur Donald, R II, K 15 

Macbeth Miss Mary, Aid Ascog 

McDermot D, Mountstuart 

McDougall Jn, fisherman, KB 

Macewen Mrs, South Garrachty 

McFarlane Mrs, st Margaret's, Ascog 

Macfie Dan, Kinirarth 

Mactie, Dan. seaman, K B 

Macfle Robert, K B 

Mclntyre Arch, K B 

McKenzie John, gardener, Stevenson home 

McLeod N., gardener, Milibank, Ascog 


Napier Wm, Kilchattan Bay 

Shelds Jas.. engineer, Mountstuart 

Smith, mis Millbrae, Ascog 

Speirs Mrs, Piperhflll 

Steel Robert, tilawork lab., Kilchattan 

Stewart Thos., farmer. Ascog 

Stuart John, Marquiof Bute, Mou 

stuart House 
wan George, r •■ i 

Thomas John, trapper. Kilchattan 


Walker T, Kilchattan Bay 

Wallace Dan, gamekeeper, Piperhall 

Wilson Hugh, Kerrycroy 

Potts Donald, Kilchattan Bay 



Estimates Furnished on Application. 
All Orders Punctually Attended to. 

PART I'll. 




Frasev R W, 73 Victoria st 
Miller, Peter, C\.,1S Watergate 
M'Bain, A G C A, 43 Watergate 
Mackinnon Jms, cra, ll Albert pi 
Paterson James, fsaa, fcis, Public 
Auditor), IS Castle st 

iErated Water Manufacturers 
Cunningham & Co., Palace bldg 

Architects ' 

DewaP, Duncan, 15 Castle st 
McKinlay, Andrew M. 6 Castle st 
MeLintoek, George M., High st 


McArthur Peter, Mid Pier 
JDewaF Duncan, 4 Mansfield pi 
Alontgomerie, Frank, Albert pi 
Mackinnon Wm, 47 Watergate 

Ban- George G, 30 Montague St and 

25 E Princes st 
Dick. Campbell S, 69 Montague st 
•Co-Opepative Soc. 54 K Princes st 
Lightbody, 23 Gallowgate 
Morris, .lames, 72 Victoria st 
Muip, Charles, 17 High st, 17 Argyle st 
McNicol, James, 87 Montague st 
McNicol, Neil. 81 High st 
'fait John, 17 Columshill st 

Billiard Rooms 

LaWPie, John M Gallowgate 


Allen David, 45 High st 

Baipd, Andrew B., 113 High st 
M'Bride, Robert, John st 
Shaw Daniel, Croft lane 
Watson D & Sons , 11 Castle st 


Boarding Houses and Camps 

Academy Terrace— Miss Stewart 
Ard well. Craigmore— Mrs Renwick 
Apdyne-Elysium, Craigmore 

Ascog Hall— C. M. Brisbanet 
Bpeadalbane, 1 Mountstuar rd— A. 

Neilson Fyfe 
Carndhu, 6 Battery pi-- Mrs M'Leod 
Co-Opepative Camp, Canada Hill 
Craigmore Hotel and Pension — Mr 

Faipfleld, Craigmore— Mrs Campbel 
Cpaigmope House, near Pier— Arch 

B Terris 
Craig-nethan. Craigmore, Miss Kerr 
Craigiiea, .Ardbeg— Mrs McCord 
Delhi House, 19 Craigmore road- 
Messrs Johnston & Plumpton. 
Empire, 5 Battery pi — Mrs Bain- 
Greenbank, Ardbeg, Mrs Dr Reid 
Helenslea, Crichton road — Misses 

Ivy House, A M Boyd, 8 Argyle pi 
Madras House, 16 Craigmore rd 

J F Johnston 
Pension Craigmore— S Blaikey 
Roekby, Elysium— Campbell 
Roekvale -Clifton, Argyle ter— 

Miss M'Neill 
St Margaret s, 2 Royal ter— Mrs M 

Peacock 'Phone. 46 

Tighnamapa,Ardbeg-C M Reitzler 
Wavepley, Argyle st— Mrs Johnston 
Whiteiodge, 19 Battery pi— sweet 
Windsor Boarding House, 27 Bat- 

terv pi— Mrs Jean Bird 
Woodbank, 38 Ardbeg rd— Misses 

YWCA, 20 Battery pi 

Boat Builders 

Cooke Wm., Bridge st 

Dewap Francis, Church lane, High st 

M'Farlane George. Mill st 

Tayiop Jas., Ladeside 

TRADERS- Kothesay 

Boat Hirers 

Campbell John, E. Princes st 
Dewap, Francis, Esplanade 
Fracklecon John, Esplanade 
Knox, Duncan, Albert pi 
McFarlane, George, Esplanade 
Mclvep, Jas., West Bay 
Scott W, West bay 
Symes Robert, Esplanade 
Taylor, Jas, Esplanade 
Weir, Ardbeg 

Booksellers, Newsagents, 
Stationers, &c- 
Buchanan Andrew, 49 Montague st 
Clay, T. M., 11 Victoria st 
Craighead Mrs, Guildford sq 
Scade R M.8 Pridge-end st 
Doug-all J S., 21 Victoria st, and 33 

Duncan, Miss Argyle st 
Fairlie W, 58* High st 
Lyle, Miss 1 Montague st' 
Mackie William, 22 Mill st 
M'Slicol Miss, 6 Bishop st 12 Albert pi 
Robertson, Marion, 45 High st 
Sinclair, T & M, E Princes st 
Stewart, Misses M. & F., 80 Ardbeg 
AVaterson, Mrs, Montague st 

Boot and , Shoemakers 

Dick, R & J, Ltd , 44 Montague st 
Edwards E, 75 Ardbeg rd 
Greenlees & Sons, Montague st 
Houston John, 12 Mill st 
Murdoch Angus, 24 Watergate 
McKay , 5 W Princes st 
McLean T, 10"> Montague st 
M'Stay Joseph, 6 Ladeside 
Stead & Simpson, 71 Montague st 
Sweenie J, til High st 
Thompson A R, 92 Montague st 


Dewar Francis, Church lane, High st 
Faulds Wm., 11 & 13 M st 
Morrell. John (second hand goods) 6 

Shields Pat, 48 Ladeside 


Bone, Robert, Russell st 
Duncan James, 13 Mill st 
Hunter John R <fe Sons, Castle st 
Lyle, Robert, Townhead 


Cabinet Makers 

Archer Samuel, Higli st 
Findlay Creek drive. Ardbeg 
Smith, James, 13 Bishop st 

Rothesay and Glasuow— 
Birnie, Wm., mo Montague st ; Glas- 
gow— 37 Mitchell st, & 31 Hutchison st 

M'Gilp, Daniel, 3 Tower st ; Glasgow 
— 84 Virginia st.,104 E. Howard st.. 
and 17 Miller st Tel 396 

Rothesay, Pokt-Bannatyne and 


Faulds, W. Mill st 
M'Gilp Daniel, 3 Tower st 
Shaw & Gillies, Quay 

Carting Contractors 
Faulds W, U Millst 
Meikle & MeKellar, Quay 
Mackirdy Taggart, 34 Bishop st 
Shaw & Gillies Quay 

Car t\v rights 

Kipkwood, David, 111 High st 
Mc Bride James, John st 
Morrison Robert, 18 Mill st 
Robertson, John, Watergate 

Chemists and Druggists 

Hicks Geo & Son, 1 Victoria st 
Lyle, Wm., 13 E Princss st 
MeldPUm Win., 43 Victoria st, and 

Tait Barbara, 94 Montague st 
Wilkie Chas, 20 Argyle st. 'Phone 168 

Drug stores. 
Hunter's Photo store, 19 Bridgend st 
Roobuck C W, 19 Coluinshill st 

Chimney Sweepers 
The Slaters 
Miller Wm., 13 Stuart st 

China & Earthenware Dealers 

McNab J W & Sons, 1 Albert pi 
McRae, J, 29 Gallowgate 
Scade R M, 6 Bridgend st 

Coal Merchants 

And\ - ews J, Church lane, High st 
Dixon, Wm., Limited, 13 King st 
Gillies John, Bridgend st 
Halliday George Ltd., Stuart st 
Hogarth, John, Venetzia, 
Mackirdy Taggart, 38 Bishop st 
Sturgeon, Robert, 20 Millst 
Todd John B, 25 Bridge st 

T RADARS.— Rothesay. 


Allan, Mrs E. R., 03 Victoria st 
Bonaccopsi, B, 21-20 Watergate st 
Buchanan. I. <fe M., Victoria st 
Cameron Evan, 9 Gallowgate 
Cornelli, Montague st, Dean Hood pi, 

Gallowgate & Victoria st 
Dobbie. Miss J., the Pier 
Haig. Mrs, Kiosk, .Meadows 
Law-son Mrs, 17 Victoria st 
McColl R S, 3 Victoria st 
M'Dougall Robt, 6 Argyle st 
McGhee Robt, 22 Bishop st 
Mc Vicar, Miss, 24 West Princes st 
Parkhill Miss, 15 Gallowgate 
Reid, Alfred, 5 Mill st 
:Suffedini G, 11 High st * 26 E Princes st 

Cycle and Motor Agents 

Aird, David, 1 Mill st 
Caldep brothers, 99 Montague st 
Gillies John, 45 Montague i-t 
Graham .1, 99 Montague st 

Dairy Keepers, etc. 

Buttercup D;tiry Co., Montague st 
Callan, Mrs, E Princes st 
Crawford Mrs, 10 'Power st 
Laidlaw Mrs, 11 Bishop st 
Lauder Mrs. Carlton Cafe", 19 Argyle st 
Love, Miss. 3 Dean Hood pi it Bridgend s 
Maypole Dairy Co.. 56 Montague st 
M< Dougall Miss, 1 Gallowgate 
McDuff Tins T, 4 E Princes st 
M'Feat John 14 W Princes st 
McMillan John, Watergate 
Stone, Mrs Joseph, 2 Columshill st 
Shaw, Miss Jean, Croft, 97 High st 
Weir Mrs, 9ti Montague st 
Young*, Miss 13 Wyndhamrd 

Gordon T, Gartmore. 28 Argyle st 
Mclllraith, James R, Edina villa, 

Thomson E Purvis, lds., RCS, Edin, 

1 Argyle pi 


Astle, 1 <>6 Montague st, and 2. 4.6 

Dean Hood pi 
Brown A & Son, 31 A 33 Montague st 
Brown Miss, Albert pi 
Caldwell Brothers, 1 and 2 Albert st 

and 13 Montague st 
Hill Mrs Susan, 78 Montague st 
Lauder, Misses J & A, 88 Montague st 
Lauder, Rbt., 9 W Princes st, & Albert p 
Miller A Co., 48 Montague st 
Muip, Wm. C, 19 Montague st 
McAleese J, Argyle st 
Walkep,' David, 3i Gallowgate 



Henderson Miss, Bute mansions 
Haig, Miss, Seabank buildings 
Higgie, Miss H M, 20 Bridge st 
Pinkei'ton Miss, Columshill st 

Dyers and Cleaners 

Castlebank, 48 & 53 Montague st 
PullaPS, 6 Dean Hood pi 


MeFie, Miss Mary, 23 High st 


Opaham, Jas, 9 Montague st 
Maitland Geo, 7c Bridgend st 
McNab J W A Sons, 24 Watergate 

Engineers (Motor) 
Bpown & Gracie, 14 Ladeside 



Ashfiekl . 





Kncckanreoch and 

Little Barone 
Little Grenach . . 

Meikle Grenach. . 

Mrs Alex Currie 
J M Baxter 
A & J Bodys 
Duncan Currie 
Archie M'Gilvary 
Andrew T Ritchie 

John M'Millan 
Win C Millar 
Jas M'Intyre 
Peter Canning 
Malcolm McPhee 
W Craig 
Mrs John Currie 
MrsT. H. Harvey 


Rothesay Firewood Co, High st 

Fish Curers 

BaPP, Peter A Sons. Ltd., Watergate 

and 76 High st 'Phone, No. 169 
Slaven John S, West Castle st 
Tweedley John, 17 Stuart st 


Jeffrey, A & L. 117 Montague st & 

Tower st 
Slaven, J S, 22 High st and 61 Mon 

. tague st. 
Smith, John, 35 Victoria st 
ThoPbupn, John. 18 W. Princes 

TKADERS— Rothesay 


Brownlie Win., Watergate 
Canning J <fc A, ]9 Watergate 
Crawford Brothers, 19 Gallowgate 
Cupple John, US Montague st 
Currie, Duncan. 3 Bishop st 
Donaldson Wm, 65 Montague st 
Harvey, R, 23 Montague st 
Jones John, 89 High st 
Munpo Alex, 57 Montague st 
M'Culloch , Albert pi 
M'Intyre Jas & Son, 74 Montague 
Squair, Wm. H., 5 Gallowgate 
Wilkinson James, 99 High st .t 74a 
Ardbeg rd 

Florists, Nurserymen, Seeds, 
men, and Market Gardeners. 

Finlayson Ed, Nursery, Criehton iv) 

Hall James. Vineries, Ascog 

Lister, Alex., Meadowbank, Barone r 

shop, 11 High st 
M'Laren John. Braeside 
MeRae Eden Nurseries, High st ; and 

Earl Park Gardens, Ardbeg rd 

Fruiterers and Greengrocer. 

Beattie Miss M., 9 Argyle st 
Biaek Mrs M, 12a Bridgend st 
Burgoyne, Mrs. OS Montague st 
Chisholm Miss, Wyndhamroad 
Currie. Miss. 15 Argyle st 
Leigh A W, 6 Gallowgate 
Lawson Mrs, 17 Victoria st 
Lister Miss , High st 
H'Aleese , Dean Hood pi 
M 'Donald * Hannay, 25 Gallowgate 
M 'Dougall Miss, 1 Gallowgate 
M 'Nicol, Miss, E. Princes st 
Rankin, Misses. Albert pi 
Slaven James 10 W Princes st 
Slaven John, Stuart st 
Swan George, 79 Montague st 

Funeral Undertakers. 
Dundas F.yfe & Sons, 50 High st 
Dobbie& McDonald, 3 Ladeside st 

General Dealers. 

Ferguson E M, 25 Rridgeud st 
Scade B M, 8 Bridgend st 

Gentlemen's Outfitters. 

McAleese James, 7 Argyle st 
Mackay Charles, 31 Victoria st 
McLaehlan.John,C>7& 85 Montague s 
Prentice George, 25 V r ictoria st 

Murray D. C. <fc Co., 86 Montague st 
also several Painters and Joiners. 

Grain, and Potato Merchants 

Fisher, James, King st, W Castle st & 

King's Mill, Mill st 
Ferguson Duncan, 10 King st 
McEwan. Duncan, 08 High st 
Stewart Robert, John st 

Gramophone Agents. 
Calder Brothers. «1 Montague st 
Graham Jas, 9 Montague st 


(Licensed marked lu 
Barclay Mrs Margt,,Wyndham id 
Baxter, .John M., 19b Argyle st 
Bryce Alex.. Barone rd 
Brown, Mrs Alex. 34 Columshill st 
Cameron , K Princes st 

Cameron Evan, 9 Gallowgate 
Cooper & Op's Stores Limited, 14 High 

st & 24 Montague 
Cunningham And, 47 Victoria st 
Cunningham. DanlSS Montague st 
Currie, Miss, 14 Castle st 
/Edgar Walter, 2 Castle st 
Findlay. Win., 137 High st 
Finlay, Peter, Wyndham rd 
Hamilton, Andrew, 2 Bridge-end 
Harvey mis B , 27 Mill st 
/Duncan Arthur, Columshill st 
Inglis James, 6 Gallowgate 
Laidlaw Mrs, 11 Bishop st 
Lamont Daniel jun. 92 High st 
Lipton, Ltd., Montague si 
Maltman, Tom, Mill st 
JWillas?, J W,i Argyle st 
Z.Moodie George, 30 Mill s: 
JM'Gaw , W Princes st 

M'Kendrick, m's*. 39 Watergate 
Mackinnon John, o Montague st 
McNab Hamilton, 84 High st 
Sloan Mrs J, 8-' 1 High st 
Stone Mrs Joseph, 2 Columshill st 
Stirrat Mr& Mrs, S Dean Hood pi 
/Swanston Arthur & Son, W Prln. 

ces st 
HTrqnhart, J.A. & Son, 13 Argyle st 
Weir Mrs Neil, 96 Montague st 

Cameron, GO* Son., 51 Victoria st 
Dow & Son, 17 Waterjrate 
Lawson, Misses 1 & M, 81 Victoria st 
Miller A & D, Watergate 
Morrison, Arch., 90 Montague st 
M'Millan, Archd. 7 High st 
Weir, W M., 3 Bridge st 

TRADERS Rothesay. 

Hotel Keepers 

l Licensed 
/Apgyle, 27Watergate MissGrindle v 
/Bute Arms. Guildford square— Win 

Bute Private, West Prince street — 

James M'Millan 
Esplanade, Guildford square —J H 

Geopge, Argyle st — Misses J & M Lyle 
Glenbupn Hydro, Mountstuart I'd 
Livingstonia, Guildford so.— J Blair 
i Lonne Guildford square— .John Lyle 
Madeira, 1 Tower st— M C Bryan 
'Marine, Argyle st— John Blair 
Osborne,, S7 Victoria st — Mrs Pirie 
ZRoyal. Albert pi— Keston W 
/Victoria, 57 Victoria st— John Blair 

House Agents and Factors. 
Dewap, Duncan. 15 Castle st 
FisheP lames, W. Castle st 
Millep, Robert C, Montague st 
Montgomerie, Arch , Albert pi 
Mc Arthur I'eter, Pier 
Macbeth & Maclagan, Mount- 
M Callum, John. Savings bank 
McKellap, Capt Peter. Craigmore pier 
Mackinnon Jas , cka. li Albert p] 
Wilson, Alexander & Co., Castle 

House Furnishers 
Moppison John, 14 Tower st 
M'Guire, Mrs, Kussel st 
Robertson, A it Son, 1U1 Montague st 

Insurance Agents 

Campbell, J. R , Clydesdale bank 
Fulcon Win, Castle st 
Grant, Win., Watergate 
Macbeth&Maclagan.M tpleasant 
M'Kay, Chas. .Inn.. 32 Castle st 
Mackinnon, George, Westwood 
Mackinnon James, cra, Albert pi 
McVieaP 1), Bank of Scotland 
Montgomerie, Arch., Albert pi 
M'Callum, John. Savings bank 
Tait M., Pearl, Bishop st 
Turner, Colin B., Craigmore 
Wilson, Alexander & Co., Castle st 
W^ood A Thomson, Royal Bank 


Bpown & Co., 43 Montague st 
Gillies John it Son, 45 Montague sb 
Lawric T., 31 Watergate 
Maitland George, 7c Bridgend st 
McNab J W & Sons. West Princes st 
McRae J., 107 Montague st 
Napier, Thomas, OS Monta gue st 


Bowman, John, 1 West Castle st 
Dobbie, Alex., Bishop terrace br 
Dobbie & Macdonald, 3 Ladeside 
Dodds. John G, Colbeck pi 
Donaldson David, 22 Bridge st 
Finlay W J), Creek drive, Ardbeg 
Holmes John, S3 Montague st 
Jenkins Duncan N, 15 Bridge st 
Johnstone Hugh, Mill st 
Morrison, Robert, Mill st 
McBpide, James, John st 
McNab. Alex. & Son. 24 Watergate st 
Robertson John, 33a Watergate 
Smith James, 13 Bishop st 
Taylor, Edward, Kerrycruisach 

Ladies' & Children's Outfitters 

Astle , 100 Montague st, and 2, 4 

and Dean Hood pi 
Finlay. Miss, 93 Montague st 
Freckleton, Misses, Ornatus ter- 
race, Ardbeg 
Heaton Miss Marion, 75 Montague sc 
Hill Mrs, 85 Montague st 
Hogg, Mrs, 15 Argyle st 
Johnston Oueenie, 07 Victoria st 
Lauder. Misses J it A ^S M ^n'.ague st 
Lauder. Robert, 7 Albert, pi 
Miller & Co.. S3 Montague st 
McApthuP. Miss, 75 Victoria st 
Turpie Mrs, 5 Bishop st 
Sinclair Miss M K, 5ft Montague st 
Macmillan's IS Argyle st ; 

'Phone No., 92 
Mactavish, Jiiss, 53 Victoria st 
Ralston, Mrs, 9a Gallpwgate 
Whiteford, Mrs, 3 Dean Hood pi 


Johnstone Miss, 25 Barone id 

Richmond Park, cambusiang 

Bute Agency, 16 West princes street 

Rothesay Steam Laundry — 

36 Bridge street. Tel No. 255 
Symes, R, 85 High st 

TRADE RS— Kothesay 


Clay.T. M., 11 Victoria st 
Stewapt Institute, .Montague st 

Lime Merchant 

Mackirdy, T., 31 & 38 Bishop st 

Fishep James, the King's Mill, Mill st 


Caldwell Brothers, 13 Montague st 
Maetavish Miss Victoria, st 
Paterson, J., 31 Victoria st 

Music Sellers 
Caldep, Limited, 10 Montague st 

Newspaper Correspondents 
and Advertising Agents 
Fleming Gavin, Auchnacloich road 
Higgie, Geo., Directory and Guide Office 
Mackenzie, John, Express Office 
Stevenson Charles \V. Buteman office 

Motor Hirers 
Dundas Fyfe ct Sons, so High st 
Martin, King's Mill Garage 
M'Garriiy Wm 21 Kast Princes st 
M'Kmly A MMillan. East Princes st 
M'Kellar Capt, Craigmore pier 
Scottish Motor Transpopt Co. 

Vogt Wm & Son, it) High st 

Canning- .las & Son, .Tohmst 
Ferguson Alex., 7 Bridgend st 
Murray, I). C. A Co.. 86 Montague st 
stark John, jure., Chapelhill rd 
M'Fie, Dugald H.. 65 High st 
Stewart J B & Son, 20 Watergate 
Stewart W. & G., 15 Galloyga/$e 


limes, 'George, Queen' st 


Adamson & Son, 23 Argyl ets 
Boll J H, Dean Hood pi 
Rodger. David, 9 Victoria st 
Sweet, Charles & Son. 19Bifcfcs'ry 


Duncan, M Co., Ladeside Phone,25S 
Tonnep I' •(, Oueen st 

Picture Houses. 

De Luxe, off West Princes st 
Palace, Kast Princes st 

Chisholm Wm, nr Fountain, Ardbeg 
Cpuiekshanks, John, 4'j High 
Cunningham, Daniel, 17 Bridgend st 
Gilchrist Robt, 13 the Terrace 
Duncan Alex, 3Colbeck pi 
Miller Jas & Son, Columshill st 
Napier. Thomas, 08 Montague st 
Moppison, Bros., 33 Watergate 
Peacock, A R.,23 High st 


1— Stewart, John, 00 Montague st 
5— M'Lachlan Francis, Columshill st 
0— Dalgleish John, Castle st 
7— James Rinpie. 55 Montague st 
8— James M'Dougall. R"slin pi 
9— Patrick Shields, 55 Montagus st 

10— Maitland John, i) Mill st 


Alexander John, Ardmory rd 
Currie Win, 3 Union st 
Currie H, Eden pi 
Ferguson. J.. Argyle pi 
Gray H, Columshill pi 
Jamieson Robt, 20 Bishop st 
Kean, Colin, 11 Mansetield pi 
Leitch, Colin, Port-Bannatyne 
Monogan 'I', Ardbeg rd 
Mutch, John W., 66 Montague st 
M'Arthur, K., s)i High st 
M'Farlane, R , Argvle st 
M'Gilvarv H, 14 Hillhouserd 
M'Lellan,' M., 27 Argvle st 
M'Nah, Russell, 32 Bishop. st 
Nicholson Robt., 42 High st 
Perstcn D, K Princes st 
Perston Gavin, .18 Ladeside st 
Robertson, John, 1 Columshill, pi 
Smith, Aich,, Croft lodge 
Stewart J, Serpentine rd 

TRADRES— Rothesay. 

Potted Meat Maker. 
Ferguson, Mrs 21 Gallowgate 

Poulterers, etc. 
Jeffrey, A & L, 5 Tower st 
Slaven .18,22 High st 61 Montague st 
Smith John, 35 Victoria st 
Thorburn, John, \\\ Princes st 

Printers and Publishers 

Buteman Ltd.. 10 Castle st— Chaa M 

Stevenson, manager 
Higgle & Co., 22 Bridge st 

Bonnie. Scotland s Resorts 
Belega Skotlando 
Boni Shetland 
Bute County Directory 
The Coast Guide 
La Knamieij'o de la Nacioj 
Scottish Scenery 
Scots at Ha me and Abroad 
Mackenzie M& Son , Express office, 10 
-Montague st 

Remnant Shops. 

Anderson, Miss, 52 High st 
Wlriteford Mrs, Dean Hood pi 

ltestanrants and Tea Rooms 

Allan, Mrs E. J., 63 Victoria st 
Barr, Miss, Bishop st 
Brown Mrs Royal Oak, Watergate 
Cuthill James, 3 Argyle st 
Buchanan, Malcolm, 27 Victoria st 
Buchanan, Misses I. & M, 15 Victoria st 
< ottage 1 ea Rooms. Albert pi 
Donaldson, David, 7 Bridge st 
Ooldie Mrs, E. Princes st 
Heaton, W. H., Jun.. 23 E Princes st 
Johnston, Daniel, 82 Montague st 
Kettledrum, Suffredini.E Princes st 
Kendall Sisters. 106 Montague st ' 
Lawson Mrs, 17 Victoria st 
Leitch, Mrs Henry, Argyle st 
Moretti D, 16 E Princes st 
Morrie, James, 72 Victoria st 
Morrison Misses J & S, Boulevard 77 

Victoria st 
M'Millan Miss, R Princes st 
M'Neil Dougall, 15 Montague st 
M'Quistan Miss, Montague st 
Napier, W., 'Royal," 111 Montagu st 
Palace, Palace buildings, E Princes st 
Kirkhope, Mrs, E Princes st 
Stewart Institute, Montague st 


Livingstone, Rich., 14 Castlehill st 

M hiteford Jas, 29 High st 

Kirkhope, Win & Son, Townhead 

Sheet Metal Workers. 

Maitland Geo , 7c Bridge-end st 
McNab, John & Sons, 24 Watergate 

Shipping and Forwarding 

Miller, R C & Son, Montague st 

Hyndman, James & Son, Colbeck pi 
Leckie, Win. M., Bridge st 
Miller, James & Son, oColumshill st 
Paterson Robert & Son, 50 High st 
Semple Jas K, 20 Mill st 

Spirit Merchants 

Licensed Hotel-Keepers and 

Bell, Duncan, "Galatea" Bar, 3, 5 and 

7 Bridgend st 
Brown David, Black Bull, W Princes st 
Campbell Arch, Tower & Castlehill sts 
Oraig James, 7 Victoria st 
Dewar Charles, 8 Castle st 
Docherty , 4 Bridgend st 

Kreebairn T, 3 Victoria st 
Garthland T V, Castlehill st 
Gillies N, Guildford sq & Montague st 
Harvey , Montague st 

Heaton Robert, 12 E. Princes st 
Munro D, 70 Montague st 
M'Millan, Jas. S., E Princes st 
McRitchie Roderick, 20 Gallowgate 
O'Connor, Martin, 27 Gallowgate 
Robertson Win., 25 High st 
Taylor D. M., Tower st 
Watson John, Athletic Bar, Gall w 

Weir Donald, 15 Stuart st 

Steamboat Agents 

Baxter Jins, (L M S) 
Gillies Neil (Macbrayne's) 
Meikle & M'Kellar (Williamson's) 
Shaw& Gillies (Bute) 
Watson T M, (L N E R) 

TKADEKS— Kothesay 

Tailors and Clothiers 
Glen, T. F. 7 Bishop st 
Huntep R A, Palace buildings 
Johnston, James, 26 Montague st 
McKay, Charles, 39 Victoria st 
Prentice, George, 25 Victoria st 
Sutherland Donald, 10 Gallowgate 


See Official List. 
Higgle, George, -2-2 Bridge st ; Deli- 
cto, Universala Esperanto Asocio 


Booth J Ingram, Park pic, Bridge st 
Christie Arthur S. Crichton id 
M'Kinlay Miss Marianne, Ferguson pi 

Higgle George, 22 Bridge st 

Spenee Geo, Swimming Daths 

Timber Merchants' 
Halliday, George & Co., Limited, 

9 Stuart st 

Sinclair, T & M, 19 East Princes st 
Stewart Misses, SO Ardbeg rd 
Stewart, R. B., Albert pi 
Tait Robert, 83 Victoria st 
Wilson, D., 00 Montague st 

Toy and Fancy Goods Dealers 

Campbell. Misses A & C, Guildford sq 
Clay, Thos. M., 11 Victoria st 
Dougall, & Co., 21 Victoria st, ana 

33 Gallowgate 
Powell, C & M, 102 Montague st 
McNab JW & Sons, 1 Albert pi 
Wilson, R, 2 W Princes st 
Lyle, Miss, 1 Montague st 
tewart, Misses, SO Ardbeg rd 


Currie Duncan, 15 King st 
Fordyce John, Store In 
Morrison John, 15 Tower st 
Robertson. A. & Son, 21 Bridgend 

Clark J W, 36 Bishop st 
Gunn Ltd, 10 Tower st 
M'Kay Chas, Oaklands, Monntstuart rd 

Barclay mis Wyndham rd 
Scade K M, 8 Bridgend 9fc 
Dowell C & M, 102 Monrague st 
Lyle, Miss, 1 Montague st 
McAleese, J F. 4 Gallowgate 
McMillan, , 6 W. Princes st 
Ramsay Hugh, 20 Argyle st 

Watchmakers and Jewellor: 
Coburn J, 17 Bridge st 
Dougall, J. S.. 21 Victoria st 
Lauder, Hugh, 8 Albert pi 
Lawrence, J Barr, 24 Argyle st 

Wireless Dealers 
McAleese James, 7 Gallowgate 

/^UTHBERTSON & CO.. Nurserymen and Sukdsmen, Bogany Road, Rothesay 

— Edwin Finlayson, manager. 

Electric and P'ancy Goods Merchant, Jas Graham, 9 Montague St, 
Potato Merchant — Duncan M'Ewwn, 68 High street 

Parish of North Bute 

(Including the Village of Pokt-Bannatyse). 


Brown Arch. Crown lilfls 
Dick (' S. 3-t Marine rd 
Welsh, George. Melbourne pi 


Smith John, Bttrick 
Shaw Daniel, Straad 
Shaw Frank M, Castle st 

Boat Builders 

Alexander James 
Fyte, John, Ardmaleish 
Malcom, Arch., Marine rd, west 
Bute Slip Dock Coy, Ardmaleish 

Boat Hirers 

Alexander James, Marine rd 
Alexander Jas, jun, ., ,, 
Alexander John, .Marine rd 
Stewart Harry, Maiine rd 

M'Fie John, Crown buildings 

Carting Contractors 
Gray, B W. Castle st PI- one lcl 

Wilson, James, .jun., Old Quay 

Coal Merchants 
Gray, J VV. Castle st 
Wilson James, jun., Old Quay 

Alexander, Miss, Inveryne pi 
Allan M & E, Sandringham ter 


Crawford Mrs, Marine road 

I-adies Outfitters 

Murray, Miss, Inveryne pi 
Bannatyne Miss. Maiine pi 


Meld rum, Win., Marine rd 


Auchavoulaig .. 









Bannatyne Mains 

Barone Park 



Cranslagmory . . 

Cranslagvourity. . 



East St Colmac . . 


Kskechriiggan .. 






Mid Park 

South Park . . 

North Park . . 
Largivrechtan . . 

Little Kilmory . . 
Meikle Kilmory.. 
Mid St Colmac . . 

D. M 'Donald 
James M 'Donald 
John Crawford 
Daniel Boag 
Robert Muir 
James Montgomery 
R Robertson 
Daniel IWacfie 
J. Currie 
D M'Kinnon 
Mrs &, Js D M'Kay 
W Carmichael's hra 
John M'Kay 
Chas. Macfarlane 
J. P. DicMe 
G. Lyon 
Alex. M'lntyre 
Dunbar J. &G. 
James P. Malcom 
J D M'Millan 
D M'Donald 
Andrew M'lntyre 
R Robertson 

{K Kober 
G. Ross 
P. M'Int 

Thomas Duncan 
Hugh Lament 

A.MacfleandT Bel 

Hugh Millar 
John Currie 
Thos Lochhead 
Marquis of Bute 
Robert Duncan 
Henry M'Conechy 
D M'Donald 
Ninn Duncan's reps 
D. M'Lean 
Ja.mes M 'Alistei 
John Simpson 
James Middleton 

Nether Ardroscadale, I) Macalister 

Quogach . . Mrs Gillies 

Rhubodach .. arquisofBute 

Rullecheddan . . Mrs Wm Morr : soa 

Scalpsie .. John Martin 

Shalunt . . John Hnnter 

Stuck . . John Hunter 

Upr. Ardroscadale Colin M'Callum 

Lower Ettrick . . John Macfle 

Upper Ettrick . . Win. Hunter 

West St Colmac. . Jn G Simpson's hrs 


TRADERS— North Bute Parish. 

Alexander, Miss, Inveryne p 
CuPPie Mrs Duncan. -Marine rd 


Alexander Arch. Marine rd 
Blue Mrs, 1 and 3 Victoria pi 
Keith, Cath., Inveryne pi 
M'Dongall Miss, Castle st 
M'Millan Miss, Govandale pi 

Hotel and Innkeepers, etc 
Crawford, Mi*s Eva— Crown 
DuffinH, Royal Hotel 
Hydropathic, Swanstonhill 
McFadyeu Mrs Chas, Anchor Tavern 
Scott Win, Private, Pier ter 
Williamson, Port-Bannatyne Inn 


Marine rd 


Cuppie Mrs Duncan, Marine rd 
MoPhall mis Malcolm, Marine rd 


Finlay W D, Creek Drive 
Maleom, Arch., shore St, West 
M'Millan, Duncan, Castle st 

Motor Hirer 
Jardine Win 

Newsagents, Stationers, ifcc 

Burnside Wm, Marine rd 
CuPPie, Miss, Post Office 


Cunningham, Matthew, 9 Quay 
McDermot C, Castle st 


Welsh, Miss I, Melbourne pi 


Meldrum Georue 


Inland letter postage, l^d under 2 oz. ; each additional oz., id. 

Lettersfor all Foreign Countries (except the U. S. A. ami Tangiers) 2id for first oz 
l£d for each additional oz. British Possessions, l T . S. A. and Tangiers, lid for first 

oz , and Id for each additional oz. 
Post Cards Id eacli ; reply cards, 2d. Five words (of conventional nature) free on 
a picture post card at printed matter rate. 
Printed matter, under 2 oz., id : id for each 2 oz. up to 2 lbs. 

Foreign Postage. 3d for each 2 oz., beginning at the first 2 oz. 
Parcels— 2 lb. Gd ; 5 lb. 9d;'8 lb. Is; notoverll lb,, 1/3. 
Postal Orders— 6d to 2s Gd, Id; 3s to 15s, lid; 15s Gd to 21s, 2d. 
inland Money Orders- £3, 4d ; £10, Gd ; £20, 8d ; £30, lOd ; £40, Is. 

C O. D. 

Particulars of Cash-011-Delivery Parcels will be found in our International Monthly 

" SKOTS at HSM and ABKOD and Wha wi' Hem iVrgecler," 
to be had, post free, for 2s Gd par annum, from llig^ie & Co.. Rothesay. 

Aug., 1932. 

Parish of Kin garth, 

(Including the Village of Kilchattan Bay. 

Jas Morrison & Son, Kilchattan Hay 


Baird, A. B., Kingarth 

Boat Hirer 
Comrie J, Kilchatoan Hay 

Bell Alex, Kelspoke 
Bell, John Millhouse 

Mclntype Jas & Son, Kilchattan By 

Carriage Hirers 
Comrie Jas, >t Blane's Lev 
M'Fie, P., Post Office, Kingarth 
M'Kirdy & M'Millan 


Gill, James, Little Bay 

51 'Fie, Arch., Post Office, Kingarth 

Confectioners & Fruiterers 

Morrison Mrs, Pier house 
Morrison J, Kilchattan Bay 
M'Dougall, E & J, Kilchattan Bay, 
McFie , A., Kilchattan Bay 


Brown, Miss Jessie, Little Bay 
Ferguson, Catherine, Little Bay 








Birgidale Crieff .. 

Biridale Knock, . . 






J. Jamieson's* heirs 
John Martin 
Colin Campbell 
\V M M'Millan 
Win. M'Intyre 
Robt M'Dougall 
R Robertson. 
Robt. M'Kay 
James Howie 
Peter M'Kirdy 
R B Scott 


| Alister M 'Queen 
I Robert Taylor 
^ M M'Kinnon 
Marquis of Bute 
Wm. & Mrs Martin 
W. Gennnill 
'I'hos Crawford 
Wm. B. Crawford 
T. Mathieson 
J Crawford 
Daniel Potts 
A Maefarlane 
Robert M 'Mister 

Kerry la mont 

Kerry meiioch 


Langalbuinoch . . 

Langalchorad ... 


Little Kilcha'.tan 


Meikle Kilchattan 


Nether Stravinnan James Martin 

Plan and Kelspoke Marquis of Bute 

Quochag ... Arch Murray 

Scoulag . . Win Gracie 

South Garorchty Dr J Macewen 

Ceneral Dealers 

McFie Misses E & A, Kilchattan Bay 

Morrison J, Kilchattan B. 'Phon 3 
M'Dougall, Jane, Kilchattan Bay 
MFie Flora, P O, Kerrycrov 
M'Fie, Eliz., Kilchattan Bay 

Hotel Keepers 
Crawford, Wm, Kingarth 'Phon 24 
Lawson Jn. St Bin lie's, Kilchattan B 
Morrison Mrs J. Kiln Temperance house 

Fulton Arch S, K'lchattan Bay 
Logan Ja s, Kilchattan Bay 

Motor Engineer 

Comrie Jas, St. Blane's ter 

Newsagent, &c 

Morrison J, Kilchattan Bay 

M'Manus .Charles, Kilchattan Bay 

Tea Rooms. 

Richmond jiiss.M,: Kilchattan Bay 

Tile Manufacturer 
G lmour Thos , Kilchattan Bay 

Parish of Cumbrae. 

(Including the Burgh cf Millport). 

Allan Hugh, Glasgow st 
Cunningham, Mrs John,ll Guildford st 
Ross John, Quayhead st 
Speirs Allan. 38 Stuart St & 24 Kel- 
burne St 

Graham, Alex, Crawford st 

Boat Builder 

Mauchline Colin, Reid st 

Boat Hirers 

Dunan S. Glasgow st 
Hunter R., Strathwherry 
Mauchline Colin, Strathwherry 
M'Neil J & L , Glasgow st 

Booksellers and Stationers 

Cunningham Jas., 3n Stuart st 
Blackburn J, 14 Guildford st 
Davie C. Glasgow st 
Hunter H. 24 Stuart st 
Kennedy W, Quayhead st 

Boot and Shoemakers 

Little H., Stuart st 
Little H, Glasgow st 
Macdougrll Jean, Guildford st 


Faulds Wm, Dorothy pi 
Morris B, 28 Guildford st 


Maefarlane, J A. Guildford st 
Shields, Thos., Glasgow st 
Templeton. Wm., Stuart st 

Chemist and Druggist 

Mackay David, 37 Stuart st 

Coal Merchants 

Co-Operative Society 
Kepp Walter, Clyde st 
Munro John, Barend st 
Spence J, Cardiff st 


Boyd Miss Stuart st 
M-Nicol Mrs, Stuart st 
Rowatt John, Stuart 3t 
Finlayson Mrs, Glasgow st 
Bam borough, 6 Glasgow st 


Faulds Wm, Dorothy pi 
Maycroft George, 20 Kelburne st 


Caldwell Miss. Stuart st 

Campbell Arch., Glagow st 

Co Operative Society Guildford st 

Mills Mrs, Glasgow'st 

Morton Miss. 54 Stuart st 

M 'limes Miss, Cardiff s 

Rowatt Miss, Guildford st 

Shearer M. * H,. 37 Stuart st 


Mclnnes Miss, Cardiff st 
Rae Miss, Cardiff st 
M'Lachlan Miss, Guildford 

Barbour John, Ballikellet 
Crawford David Ballochmartin 

Crawford Mrs. Karnes mill 
FinnieGeo, Upper Kirkton 
Finnie James Mid Kirkton 
Hall Wm, Breakouph 
Hill James, Pefimachrie 
M'Intyre, A, Figgatoch 
M'Kirdy John, Nether Kirkton 


Boyd M , Stuart st 
Maclachlan Miss. 22 Glasgow st 
Bowatt John, Sitart st 
Smith John, Stuart st 


(Licenced marked I. 
Brown Miss Cardiff st 
Co-Operative Society, Cardiff s 
Graham Jas, Clyde st 
Houston Mrs A, Miller st 
Hunter Ohs, Stuart & Glasgow sts 
McKay John T, Guildford st 
Stevenson A, Glasgow st 

RADICES— Cumbrae Parish. 

fMoLachlan D, 40 Glasgow st 
Wallace Jas, Quayhead 
(Young Robt, Kelburne st 


Hunter H, Stuart st 
Matthewson Miss, 52 Stuart st 


Cumbrae, Stuart st— G Tempini 
Royal Geopge, Quayhead — SI. T. 



GaPPiSOn. Glasgow st — Bolsover 


Davie Chas, Glaigow st 
Kerr I & M, Stuart st 
Leslie Mrs H W, Guildford st 


Duncan Thomas, Kameston rd 
Munro Neil, Miller st 
Taylor John, Barend st 


Cunningham Jas, 35 Stuart st 
Davie Chas., Stuart and Glasgow sts 
Hunter H, Stuart st 


Logie Miss, Guildford st 
Rowatt Miss, Guildford st 
Morton, Miss, 54 Stuart st 
Shearer Misses Stuart st 

Motor Hirers 

Black Robt, 15 Stuart st 

Burnie Wm, "Helenford" 

Frame Robert, 46 Glasgow st 

Little H Glasgow st 'Phone 55 

Morrison John, 2; Cardiff st 

Shearer Jn, Crawford st 'Phone 1"! 


Martin Robt, Viewfield nursery 
M'Lachlan W. Kirkton gardens 
Rowatt John, Glebe nursery 

Hastie Geo, Howard st 
Matthewson Andrew, 40 Howard st 
Crawford Jas, Churchhill st 


Patrick A, Glasgow st 
Wright A <i, Cardiff st 


Faulds Wm., Churchhill st 

Plumbers and Tinsmiths 

M 'David Thos H, Crawford st 
M'Kinnon H, Ritchie st 
Risk James. Howard st 


Connell Arch, 22 Stuart st. 'Phone 30 
Hamilton Miss, Stuart st 
Robertson M, 16 Guildforl st 


Risk James, Howard st 
Faulds Wm, Churchhill st 
Morris B. Cardiff st 

Spirit Merchants 

The Licensed Hotel-Keepers and 

Freebairn J B, Cardiff st 

Hastie Mrs, Glasgow st 

Johnston Mrs J (Kelburne) Stuart st 

Paterson. Mrs Jeannie, Glasgow st 

Steamboat; Agents 

M'Lean Allan. KeppelPier 
Stewart James, Harbour 


Davie Chas, Stuart and Glasgow st 
Dunan Miss J, Stuart st 
Leslie W H, Guildford st 

Toy Dealers. 

Davie Charles, Stuart st 
Graham Jas, Clyde st 
Hunter H, Stuart st 
Kennedy \Vm, Quayhead st 
Leslie, H W, Guildford st 
Copeland R, Stuart st 

Town Crier 

Hunter Robert, Ballikillec 

MotOP Boat Hirer— H. Little, Glasgow St. 'Phone, 55. 

Those whose names are printed prominently patronise the Directory. 
Persons who consult its pages, please remember. 


Wholesale SINCLAIR'S «< ■*" 
Stationers, Tobaeeonists, and 

Fancy Goods Merchants. 


5 King- St, and 5 and 7 W Castle St, and 

The King's Mill, Established 1480. 

Bate and Ayrshire Ryegrass Seed. Seed Potatoes. 

Clover Seeds and Turnip Seeds of the Various Sorts in their Season. 

Special Manures for All Crops, my Own Manufacture and Guaranteed Analyses 
My Garden Manure cannot he surpassed for Vegetables and General Purposes. 

Dog Foods in Variety. Poultry Foods which give Best Results in Egg Production 

~ x „, JAMES FISHER, Merchant. „. f . ' 

Phone No. 2. ' Kstab., 1886 

Printed as Button-Holes 


and afterwards retained as Book-Marks 
Commemorating Extra Pleasant Occasions. 

Only from 

IIi«;c»ie & Coy., Rothesay. 


YOU ean be assured that by purchas- 
ing 1 at our shop you are obtaining* 
the Best Value that ean be g?ot Any- 
where at the Price. 

Our Stock contains the Verv Newest 
Designs of Ladies and Gant.'s Foot 








All Classes of Insurance Transacted. 

Special Attention is drawn to the Company's Scheme 
of Life Assurance without Medical Examination. A 
Explanatory Leaflet will be forwarded on application. 

Glasgow Branch - 200 St Vincent Street, C.2. 

Ayrshire Sub-Office, National Bank Building*, Ayr. 

( Edinburgh— 84 Princes Street. 
Chief Officas 

( London— 61 Threadneedle St., E. C.